Sick aching

Sacrodynia is what doctors call a process in the human body when a sacrum, a large bone in the form of a triangle, is located between the coccyx and the lumbar vertebra. The sacrum is sometimes confused with the coccyx, and when there is pain in this department, the backs feel that the problem is in the coccyx. But these are different parts of the spinal column. Only an experienced specialist( manual therapist, surgeon, gynecologist, orthopedist, neurologist, traumatologist, urologist, etc.) can correctly diagnose the disease and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

The causes of pain in the sacrum can be different. Pain in the sacrum and lower dorsal areas may occur after a spinal injury. If a person is in a state of rest, the pain will be gone within a few days. Sacrum also hurts if spondylolisthesis develops( displacement of the fifth lumbar vertebra).

Why does a woman have sores? In gynecological diseases, for example, endometriosis, in which the pain in this department of the back increases in the menstrual period and weaken after the end of menstruation. Among other causes of pain syndromes in the sacrum of the female body are hormonal disorders, chronic posterior parameters, varicosity of the pelvic veins, weakening of the uterus supporting the uterus, abnormally located uterus, etc. In labor, pain in the sacrum occurs if the fetus presses on it( occipital or posterior presentation) or changes its position( for example, from the rear to the front).

Sacral pain in men, if there are problems with the prostate gland or rectum, as well as when inflammatory processes in the pelvic region occur, the spine is deformed in this place, etc.

Thrombophlebitis of pelvic and iliac vessels, osteoporosis, disorders in the transitional lumbosacral vertebra also lead to the fact that a person suffers from a sacrum. The pain can appear suddenly, give back and the sacrum after sharp inclinations from side to side, increased physical exertion, strong falls, reckless movements, etc. In case of infectious diseases( Koch's stick, coliform bacteria, staphylococcus, etc.), oncological tumors in the breast, prostate, lungs, thyroid gland, in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and other organs of the human body, pain also appears in the sacrum.

If you are concerned about pain in the sacrum, do not delay with the referral to the doctor, as the pain may increase with each passing day. The pain will begin to bother when sitting, getting up quickly, tilting, lifting heavy things, etc. This pain can also be felt in the lower back. Sometimes such pains are simply unbearable, at times to such an extent that a person loses sleep, working capacity, limited mobility of joints. But self-medication with the use of only folk remedies is extremely dangerous. A thorough examination of specialists is required. After the examination, which includes a roentgen of the spine, a special study by specialists in gynecology, gastroenterology, urology, neurology or orthopedics, the doctor can prescribe analgesics, massage, blockade, acupuncture, manual therapy, physiotherapy, even wearing a special corset selected by the size of the patient. An integrated approach to the treatment of the problem, when the sacrum hurts, allows to normalize the lymph drainage in the pelvic region and circulation, relieve tension and pain.

Sacrum is one of the most moving parts of the vertebral column of a man, consisting of five vertebrae. On it the departments of a backbone located above, and also a head and other parts of a body rely. All their weight falls on the pelvic region and lower limbs. That is why it is so important to preserve the health and performance of the sacrum. Take care of it, because too much depends on it in your life.