Is it possible to apply Troxevasin in pregnancy?

Every woman desires to look good. Every day we put our whole body and face in order, while forgetting about the internal state. But after all, vascular asterisks, pain, heaviness in the legs and edema excite many of the fair sex no less than the right choice of clothes and the first wrinkles.

Before engaging in beauty from the outside, it is necessary to observe it from the inside. Women during their "interesting situation" also strive to be attractive and sexy, and many succeed. But in some cases, pregnancy "takes" all the beauty of a woman, endowing her with oily skin, pimples and black dots. How often we meet a future mother who looks, frankly, not very attractive. On the face there are pigmented spots that can not be masked with creams, hair becomes split and dull, and in the eyes there are vascular expanded meshes. Yes, and the figure, many pregnant women do not shine. Varicose veins, the appearance of cellulite and fat deposits, and if you do not take care of your skin in the first weeks of pregnancy, you can also get stretch marks on the abdomen, hips and chest.

All this can be avoided, it is enough to use the right tools. Troxevasin in pregnancy can save from swelling of the veins, from thrombosis, this drug is able to increase the tone of the veins and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Thus, the agent must be used as a preventive and stimulating action against varicose veins. But Troxevasin during pregnancy does not fit every woman in the situation. It is contraindicated for expectant mothers at an early date, use a gel is recommended, only starting from the second semester.

During pregnancy, troxevasin eliminates the symptoms that so often plague women - swelling, pain, visible wreaths and vascular reticulums. This drug is available in several versions - in the form of gel and candles for external use and as capsules, which must be used inside.

For every baby, mom is the most beautiful and beautiful woman in the world. And in order to maintain such confidence in your child, you need to follow this concept. Not every pregnant woman can boast of excellent health and no problems during the bearing of the baby. But it is during these periods that you need to take care of your health, body and soul several times more. Varicose veins are almost the most common ailment that affects most women. With each month of pregnancy, the body volume increases, thereby increasing the load on the legs. That is why it is necessary to apply Troxevasin during pregnancy, so that after birth the legs remain as beautiful and healthy as they were before.

By the way, this drug is effective not only to combat vascular asterisks. Troxevasin from hemorrhoids helps well, alleviates its symptoms, such as bleeding, itching and pain. This agent also helps to improve blood flow in the placenta. Most often from hemorrhoids experts advise to apply either ointment or suppositories of Troxevasin. But if there are formations in the form of knobs, then it is better to use the same drug on a helium basis.

To avoid being affected by leg diseases, a pregnant woman needs to follow preventive measures. Namely - in the first and subsequent months of its "position" try not to wear shoes with high heels, it should be as convenient as possible;more rest in the supine position;Do not wear weights and be sure to keep track of your weight. It seems to the future mom that the weight gained during pregnancy will also quickly go away, as they did. In some cases, this is quite possible, but most often the subcutaneous fat deposits are not going anywhere. Also it is necessary to observe proper nutrition.