How to take "Dufaston" during pregnancy in the early stages?

During the gestation period, the fair sex representatives are particularly attentive to their well-being. In most cases, there are no problems during the whole period. However, sometimes it happens that a woman has to take certain drugs. It should be immediately said that you can do this only after consulting a specialist. One of the often prescribed drugs is "Dufaston".In pregnancy( early and later), it is taken according to a certain pattern. Any departure from the recommendations may result in unforeseen consequences. This article will tell you about how to take "Dyufaston" at an early pregnancy is correct. Also you will learn about the opinion of doctors on this issue.

Dyufaston in early pregnancy

Duphaston in early pregnancy: medical reviews

This medicine is hormonal. Doctors say that for many women, the drug helps to normally endure and give birth to a baby. It is prescribed for the correction of pathologies, which are provoked by insufficient isolation of progesterone.

Reviews of doctors say that the drug "Dyufaston" during pregnancy( in the early and later periods) must be drunk according to a certain scheme. The technique of correction is chosen depending on the nature of the pathology. That is why, before you start treatment, you need to undergo a certain examination.

When should I drink the drug while the child is waiting?

When do doctors prescribe Dufaston in the early stages of pregnancy? Physicians, and also the instruction speak about the following situations:

  • detachment of membranes from the endometrium;
  • bleeding from the genitals;
  • pain and cramping in the abdomen and lower back;
  • pregnancy, which occurred against the background of correction of the insufficiency of the second phase of the cycle;
  • in vitro fertilization.

In addition to the above indications, the drug can be prescribed for correction of other hormonal pathologies.

Dyufaston in early pregnancy reviews

Duphaston in early pregnancy: side effects of

As with any drug formulation, the active ingredient and the additional components of the described tablets can cause unexpected reactions. It happens quite rarely. However, this situation is quite serious and requires replacement of the selected therapy. Before you drink "Dyufaston" in the early stages of pregnancy, be sure to read the following situations:

  • headache, migrating to a migraine;
  • allergic reaction of a different nature;
  • exacerbation of liver disease;
  • mammary gland reaction to excess progesterone.

How do I take the medicine?

The drug "Dyufaston" during pregnancy( in the early stages) is prescribed quite often. As you already know, he makes up for the lack of progesterone, which normally stands out in the second phase of the cycle. This substance is produced by a yellow body located in the ovary, and the adrenal glands.

The drug is always used in an individual dosage according to a certain scheme. It is worth noting that the drug should be divided into several doses, which you will drink at regular intervals. In this case, the effect of treatment will be maximum. The preparation is washed down with ordinary water in sufficient quantity. The use of the drug is not dependent on food intake. Let's consider the basic schemes of reception.

Dyufaston in early pregnancy is a side effect

If you are at risk of miscarriage( in case of bleeding)

If you have not previously prescribed Dufaston, pregnancy( early) may cause bleeding. In most cases, it indicates that there is a hematoma that goes out. The principle of pathology formation is as follows. The uterus begins to contract because of insufficient production of progesterone. As a result, a fetal egg exfoliates from the wall of the genital organ and a cluster of blood forms between them, a hematoma. It can emptying or dissolving with increasing time.

With this bleeding, the use of four tablets of the drug is administered once. This amount is equal to 40 milligrams of dydrogesterone. After this, the patient should take one tablet( 10 milligrams) every 6-8 hours. When the symptoms disappear and the condition stabilizes, the medicine is canceled completely. It is worth noting that during the period of such correction, the future mother should observe complete peace and avoid stressful situations.

Habitual abortion of

There are situations when a woman does not have bleeding. However, the doctor is still talking about the threat of termination of pregnancy. It happens if the future mother experiences pain similar to a spasm in the lower abdomen. In parallel, unpleasant sensations can spread to the lower back. This situation in most cases is associated with the same shortage of progesterone. Treatment is carried out according to the following scheme.

A pregnant woman is prescribed a dose of 20 milligrams per day. In this case, the amount of the drug should be divided into two doses. Remember about equal breaks. So, it is advisable to take the medicine at 8 am and 20 pm. This course continues until about the 20th week of fetal development. To cancel a medicine it is necessary under the certain scheme or plan.

how to drink djufaston in the early stages of pregnancy

Pregnancy in the background of correction of the second phase of

Sometimes the drug "Dyufaston" is prescribed for the treatment of certain hormonal abnormalities. However, on the background of admission, pregnancy may occur. In this case, the patient must take the medicine before the third month. Doctors set a more specific period of 12-15 weeks.

The drug is used at a dose of 10 milligrams once a day. In this case, you need to transfer the reception to the evening time. This is due to the fact that in the morning the woman develops her own progesterone. If the corrective dose at which pregnancy occurred exceeds 10 milligrams of dydrogesterone, it can never be self-diminished. In this case, the doctor chooses a solution to continue the therapy after some tests.

how to take duhfaston in early pregnancy

How can I cancel Duphaston?

So, you are taking this hormonal drug. Such correction can not continue until the end of pregnancy. In most cases, the expectant mother does not need additional progesterone after 18 weeks of pregnancy. This is due to the fact that the placenta is already functioning at this time. She assumes all the responsibilities of supplying the fetus with the necessary substances. However, many doctors recommend starting the drug cancellation only after 20 weeks. How correctly to take the pill when the dosage is reduced?

It is necessary to cancel the medicine in the morning. Reduce the dose to 5 milligrams. If you drank a whole pill, then take only half. In this mode it is necessary to stay one week. Then the second part of the pill is canceled. Similarly, wait for the specified time and begin to reduce the evening dose. If at this time there were unusual sensations: pain, discomfort, bleeding and so on - you need to take the usual dose of the drug and see a doctor.

duhfaston in early pregnancy

In conclusion. ..

You have learned how to drink Dufaston while you are pregnant. Remember that the drug can be replaced with similar drugs. This is done when a woman has adverse reactions. Take the medicine according to the prescriptions given to you. Be healthy!