How to calculate weight from growth for an average person

The question of how to calculate the weight from growth for absolutely any person, has long worried specialists in the field of medicine and health. Today, there are many variants of the formula, which allows to solve this problem. For example, according to one of them, the ratio of height and body weight is determined by the general mathematical expression, during which the latter is the result of subtraction from the first, expressed in cm, 100-110 absolute units. The first indicator, as a rule, corresponds to the general formula for men, the second - for women. Naturally, this is an average form of calculation, and it may be inaccurate in many specific cases. For example, ideal values ​​of weight and growth from the point of view of one formula can actually reflect two extremely opposite pictures.

In the first case, there will be a person with an ideal physique, and in the second - a body with an excess of fat mass and the lack of active muscle tissue. On the basis of this, many specialists on the question of how to calculate the ideal weight for growth, redirect questioners to more accurate, but complex forms of calculation. The human body is not such a simple organism that it is possible to maneuver with only one parameter and hope for a proportional addition. So, for example, people with an ideal figure should comply with the established standard, not only height and weight, but also the volume of the limbs, waist, chest, a certain level of fat and many other parameters.

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Here it is necessary to apply an integrated approach. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to calculate the weight from growth can be obtained by using a complex formula or even several of their variants. Nowadays anyone can apply for help in a specialized medical center or go to a nutritionist, as well as a high-level fitness club. By means of complex calculations and various measuring methods, there can be a detailed answer to the above question. In addition, specialists from such institutions will not only talk about how to calculate the weight from growth, but also give recommendations on how to bring the value of the first relative to the latter to match.

Naturally, not all people who care about their appearance and health need such care and connection of such specialists. Therefore, they need to use simpler methods of determining this ratio than indicated above. In this case, as an example for the sample, we can take the formula for calculating the body parameters given in the beginning. However, everyone should understand that he will have to independently evaluate all other indicators of his appearance( proportions, fat levels, etc.).As the statistics show, many people, leading an active lifestyle, attending various sports and recreational facilities, know firsthand how to calculate the weight from growth. Only constant practice and concern for one's appearance will lead a person to a reliable and accurate method of determining these body parameters.