Unjustified aggression in men: causes and methods of treatment

Aggressive behavior in itself is unpleasant, not only to those around whom are suddenly dipped into the negative, but also to the aggressors themselves. In fact, there are not a lot of clinical scoundrels among the latter who are enjoying the emanation of violent emotions on other people or objects. Normal people are also capable of such outbursts, but then they feel remorse, try to make amends and at least try to keep themselves in hand. Especially devastating is the aggression in men, the reasons may be so far contrived and strange that the problem becomes obvious to all participants in the situation.

aggression in men causes

Types and types of male aggression

It should be noted right away that negative emotions with popping out are not exclusively male prerogative. Women just as capable of being aggressors, do not follow their actions and words. The paradox is that male aggression is partly considered socially acceptable. Certainly, extreme displays are condemned, but thus there are many excuses to such phenomenon, as aggression at men. The reasons can be very diverse - from competition to health.

Two main types of aggression that are easily determined even by non-specialists:

  • verbal, when the negative is expressed in screaming or openly negative vocabulary;
  • is physical when there is beating, destruction, attempted murder.

With auto-aggression, the negative is directed at oneself, manifests itself as all sorts of destructive actions. The motto of this type of aggression: "Let me be worse."

Psychologists classify the destructive behavior we are considering into several types according to the following features: the way of manifestation, direction, causes, degree of expression. Self-diagnosis in this case is almost impossible, because in most cases the aggressor seeks self-justification, does not see and does not want to see the problem, successfully shifts the blame on others.

seizures of aggression in men

Verbal aggression

External manifestations of this type of aggression are quite expressive. It can be a furious cry, curses and curses. Often they are supplemented by gestural expression - a man can make offensive or threatening gestures, threaten with a fist, and threaten. In the animal world, males actively use this type of aggression: who growls louder, then declares himself as the owner of the territory, to frank battles it gets much rarer.

However, verbal aggression in men, whose causes can be covered both in mental health and in the pressure of society, is not so harmless. It destroys the psyche of those who are forced to live side by side. Children get used to the abnormal patterns of communication, absorb the pattern of paternal behavior as a norm.

aggression of a man to a woman of cause

Physical aggression

Extreme form of aggressive behavior, when from cries and threats a person passes to active physical actions. Now it's not just a threatening swing of his fist, but a blow. In a fit of rage, a man can seriously injure even the closest people, break or break personal things. Man behaves like Godzilla, and destruction becomes his main goal. It can be like a short burst, literally for one stroke, and a long nightmare, which is why the most dangerous is aggression in men. The reasons are called the most different - from "she provoked me" to "I'm a man, I can not be angry."

Asking about the extent to which this is permissible, it is best to take the Penal Code as a benefit. There it is written in black and white that the infliction of bodily injuries of varying severity, an attempt on murder and deliberate infliction of harm to personal property are all crimes.

Features of unmotivated male aggression

Conditionally, it is possible to divide the manifestations of rage into motivated and unmotivated ones. It is possible to understand and partially justify the aggression manifested in a state of affect. This is often called "righteous anger".If someone offends the relatives of this man, encroaches on their life and health, then the reciprocal aggressive reaction is at least explainable.

The problem is such attacks of aggression in men, the causes of which can not be calculated at a glance. What's gotten into him? I was just a normal person, and suddenly I was replaced! Approximately so say witnesses of sudden unmotivated rage, which breaks through in any form, verbal or physical. In fact, any action has a reason, explanation or motive, just not always they lie on the surface.

Aggression in men causes and treatment

Reasons or excuses?

Where lies the line between causes and excuses? An example is the phenomenon of male aggression towards a woman. The reasons are often the most ordinary attempts to justify, to shift the blame to the victim: "Why did she stay behind after work? She probably changes, she needs to specify the place!", "Did not have time to serve dinner, it is necessary to teach a lesson" or "Allows himself to show discontent, provokesaggression ".

Behind this behavior can be both personal hatred for a certain person, and banal misogyny. If a man seriously considers women to be second-class people, then is it worth to be surprised at the vicious attacks against them?

However, outbreaks of aggression can take place not because the man is just an evil type. In addition to far-fetched excuses, there are also compelling reasons, caused by serious factors that can be identified and eliminated.

Hormonal background

A large proportion of aggressive manifestations account for hormonal imbalance. Our emotions are largely determined by the ratio of the main hormones, a lack or excess can lead not only to violent outbursts, but also to severe depression, to a pathological absence of emotions and severe psychiatric problems.

Testosterone is traditionally considered a hormone not only of sexual desire, but also of aggression. About especially sharp and spiteful men quite often they say "testosterone male".Chronic deficiency of dopamine and serotonin leads to an increase in dissatisfaction, makes a person predisposed to negative manifestations. Outbreaks of aggression in men, the causes of which lie precisely in the hormonal imbalance, must be treated. To do this, tests for hormone levels are submitted, a disease that leads to disorders is identified. Symptomatic treatment in this case brings only partial relief and can not be considered complete.

aggression in a man of 35 years

Middle age crisis

If earlier such cases were not observed, sudden aggression in a man of 35 years most often can be associated with a crisis of middle age. The age of maximalism is behind us, and the man begins to weigh whether all the decisions made were right, was not this a mistake. All is literally under question: is this the family, is this the woman, is the right direction chosen in your career? Or maybe it was worth going to another institution and marrying another then, or not marrying at all?

Doubts and hesitations, an acute sense of missed opportunities - all this shakes the nervous system, reduces the level of tolerance and communication. It begins to seem that there is still time to change everything by one jerk. All the surrounding seemed to have conspired, do not understand this spiritual impulse. Well, because they can be put into place by force, if they do not understand good. Fortunately, the crisis of middle age sooner or later passes. The main thing is to remember that the periods of despondency are normal, but this is not an excuse to break down your life.

Pension depression

The second round of the age crisis overtakes men after retirement. Women often endure this period more easily - a solid part of their daily worries remains with them. But men who are used to their profession as the central part of the life story, begin to feel unnecessary, abandoned. Life stopped, the respect of others disconnected with the receipt of the pension certificate.

Aggression in men after 50 years is closely related to attempts to shift responsibility for a failed life to others. At the same time, objectively, the man who suddenly caught the demon in the rib of the man is all right, but there is a certain dissatisfaction. At the same time, all sorts of health problems can be added, fatigue, lack of sleep - all these factors exacerbate the situation. Aggressive attacks begin to seem a natural reaction to everything that happens.

aggression in men after 50 years

Psychiatry or psychology?

To whom should I go for help - to a psychologist or immediately to a psychiatrist? Many men are afraid of their aggressive motives, not without reason, for fear of doing something irreparable. And it's very good that they are able to comparatively soberly assess their actions and seek help from professionals. Who is engaged in such phenomenon as aggression in men? Causes and treatment are in the psychiatrist's office exactly until he confirms that his profile does not have any problems for the patient. This is exactly the right approach to treatment for such a specialist: you can safely sign up for a reception, without fear that you "will be ridden to the insane."A psychiatrist is first and foremost a doctor, and he first checks to see if any physical factors affect the patient's psyche: hormones, old injuries, sleep disturbance. A psychiatrist can recommend a good psychologist if the patient does not have problems that require medication.

unjustified aggression in men

The first step to solving the

problem In many respects, the strategy for solving the problem depends on who exactly takes this decision. Aggression of a man. .. What to do to a woman who is nearby, lives with him in the same house, brings up common children? Yes, of course, you can fight, convince, help, but if the situation develops in such a way that you constantly have to endure assault and risk losing your life, it is better to save yourself and save the children.

From the male side, the best first step is to acknowledge the existence of a problem. It's worth being honest with yourself: aggression is a problem with which the aggressor must first be dealt, not his victims.

Possible consequences of aggression and complex work on oneself

It is necessary to recognize that in prisons often there are prisoners who have this particular defect - unjustified aggression in men. The reasons call for elimination, but the justifications have no strength and weight. It's worth picking yourself up, but do not rely solely on self-control. If outbreaks of rage are repeated, then the cause may be covered in the violation of the hormonal balance. It can be fatigue, chronic lack of sleep, depressive manifestations, as well as the pressure of society, an unbearable rhythm of life, age changes, some chronic diseases. To turn to the doctors is the right step, which will help to cope with destructive behavior. Separate the reasons for excuses, this will help outline the initial plan of action, and soon life will sparkle with new colors.