Spray "Allergodil": reviews, instruction

How to apply and what do they say about the drug "Allergodil"?Instructions, reviews about this tool will be presented just below. Also, from the materials of this article, you will learn about the form in which the medicament is made, how much it costs, what properties it possesses, whether it has side effects and contraindications. allergodil reviews

Form, package, description and composition of the preparation

At present, you can purchase this medication in the following forms:

  • Eye drops "Allergoodil".Experts say that the main component of this drug is azelastine hydrochloride. It also contains auxiliary ingredients in the form of 70% sorbitol, hypromellose, benzalkonium chloride, disodium edetate, purified water and sodium hydroxide. For sale, a transparent and colorless 0,05% medicament comes in polyethylene bottles with a dropper( 6 ml).
  • Spray "Allergodil".The doctors say that the active component of this form of the drug is also azelastine hydrochloride. As additional substances used hypromellose, citric acid anhydrous, disodium edetate dihydrate, purified water, sodium hydrophosphate dodecahydrate and sodium chloride. Transparent and colorless medicament can be purchased in glass bottles with a dispensing spray( 10 ml).

Pharmacology of the preparation

What is the local medicine "Allergodil"?Experts say that this drug belongs to selective blockers of H1-receptors.

According to the instructions, it has a membrane-stabilizing and antihistamine action, and also helps to reduce the permeability of capillaries. In addition, the drug in question prevents the release of active ingredients from mast cells( eg, serotonin, histamine, leukotriene), which cause bronchospasm and various allergic reactions.

What are the properties of the drug Allergodil( nasal spray)?The doctors say that after its introduction into the nose, its congestion is markedly reduced. Nasal discharge and allergic sneezes are also eliminated. allergodyl spray nasal reviews

The therapeutic effect after the use of the drug is observed after ¼ hours. At the same time, all the accompanying symptoms subsided. The action of the medication continues for 12 hours and even longer.

What features does the preparation "Allergodil"( eye drops) have? The experts' comments indicate that when instilled in the eye this agent shows an anti-inflammatory effect. With regard to systemic exposure, it is expressed only slightly and only with local use.

Pharmacokinetics of the drug

What pharmacokinetic parameters does the preparation "Allergodil"( nasal spray) have? Reviews say that when introduced into the nose, the bioavailability of this drug is 40%.For 3 hours, the blood reaches its maximum concentration. By the way, it is 8 times lower than that observed when the drug is taken orally inward.

In patients with allergic rhinitis, the concentration of the drug is higher than in healthy people.

Is the local drug Allergodil( eye drops) absorbed? The reviews report that when using this medicine at a dosage of 1 drop four times a day, its maximum concentration in the blood reaches low values. allergodyl eye drops reviews

Indications for use

At what indications nasal spray "Allergodyl" is prescribed? Feedback from specialists indicates the following conditions of the patient:

  • non-allergic or so-called vasomotor rhinitis;
  • rhinitis is allergic to non-seasonal or seasonal.

As for eye drops, they are prescribed for the following pathological conditions:

  • seasonal allergic conjunctivitis;
  • diseases of the eye are of an inflammatory nature, which have a different origin, including post-traumatic;
  • allergic conjunctivitis year-round.

Contraindications to the use of

What conditions of the patient forbid the use of spray and eye drops "Allergoodil"?The doctors' comments report the following contraindications:

  • period of gestation;
  • hypersensitivity of the patient to the drug( to its components);
  • time of breastfeeding;
  • renal failure( only for nasal spray);
  • the age of the baby up to 6 years( only for nasal spray);
  • the age of the baby up to 4 years( only for eye drops).spray allergodil reviews

How should I use the Allergoodil nasal spray?

Patients' comments about this tool can be found at the very end of the article.

Nasal spray "Allergodil" has a special dispensing nozzle, which greatly facilitates its use. Before the first use of the drug should be sprayed several times in the air. Further, the required dose is required to be injected into each nasal passage. In this case, the head should be straight( not in an inverted form).

With rhinoconjunctivitis and allergic rhinitis, adults and small patients( from 6 years old) are prescribed a dose of 1 dose of medicine( i.e., a single pressure on the nebulizer) in each nasal passage in the morning and in the evening. If necessary, this amount of medicine can be increased( children after reaching 12 years) to 2 doses in both nares twice a day.

How long should I use the Allergodyl spray? The reviews say that it is necessary to use this medication before all symptoms of the disease stop. It can be used for a long time. However, without interruptions, the spray should not be sprayed for more than 6 months.

For vasomotor rhinitis, adults and adolescents( from age 12) are prescribed 2 doses of the drug in each nasal passage in the mornings and in the evening. Apply the spray preferably until all symptoms stop. The duration of continuous treatment with such a disease should not be more than 2 months.

Method of application of eye drops "Allergodil"

According to the instruction, this form of the drug is buried in the conjunctival sac. drops allergodil reviews

For seasonal allergic conjunctivitis, adults and small patients( from the age of 4) are prescribed 1 drop of medicine in both eyes in the mornings and in the evening. If necessary, the drug can be used up to 4 times a day. With the mentioned disease, the drug "Allergodil" is used not only for the purpose of treatment, but also for prevention.

For allergic conjunctivitis, non-seasonal adults and adolescents( from age 12) are prescribed 1 drop in both eyes in the mornings and in the evening. It is also possible to use it up to 4 times a day.

Side effects

The use of eye drops "Allergoodil" can cause the following adverse reactions:

  • edema and redness;
  • increased tear;
  • itching;
  • irritation and soreness;
  • hemorrhage in the eye;
  • vision impairment;
  • sensation of foreign body;
  • blepharitis;
  • dry eyes.

Systemic manifestations of this form of the drug are extremely rare. The most common of these are the difficulty of defecation and difficulty breathing.

As for the nasal spray, it can cause the following undesirable effects: allergodyl price reviews

  • epistaxis;
  • sneezing, burning and itching in the nose;
  • skin itching and rash;
  • weakness and dizziness;
  • nausea due to ingestion into the nasopharynx( only with the administration of the drug with the head thrown back);
  • gastralgia and dry mouth;
  • chest tightness.

The drug "Allergodil": price, reviews

The cost of this medication depends on the manufacturer. The average price of a nasal spray fluctuates around 370-610 rubles. As for eye drops, their cost is about 320 rubles.

If you compare the two forms of the drug "Allergoodil", the nasal spray has the advantage. It is more economical, evenly distributed over the mucous membrane and is easy to apply.

Using this form, you can create fairly high concentrations of medication in the outbreak. This is evidenced by the reports of most patients.

Nasal Spray has a quick and lasting effect. It is also well tolerated for patients and is highly effective even with small doses. allergodyl instructions reviews

As for drops, they are also popular, but only for people who have eye problems.