Acne on the back of men: how to fight?

Many people suffer from acne on their back regardless of age and sex. However, most often men and adolescents are exposed to the eruption of these formations. At teenagers they can be absolutely harmless: after all acne quite often become consequence of disturbance of a hormonal background. However, adults should pay attention to their health if there were acne on the back. Men have questions: "How to get rid of acne on the back and shoulders?"

If the back is a reddish petty rash, this is a consequence of an allergy. Go to an allergist, who will immediately take care of your problem. But if the rashes are larger and uneven, look for other causes.

The main reason for the appearance of such skin defects is problems in the work of the sebaceous glands. Usually this is due to a violation of the diet and too oily skin of the back. Acne on the back of men do not pass because of the very active friction of the body washcloth, but on the contrary, multiply. The attempt to "erase pimples" negatively affects the natural balance of the skin, causing it to become even greasy. How to deal with pimples on the back, if their cause is too oily skin?

First, try to increase the amount of fluid consumed. Drink at least two liters of any still water a day.

Secondly, take care of the ingestion of vitamins. Particularly useful are vitamins A and E. If you want to determine exactly which elements you are missing, consult a doctor who will determine this according to your analysis. The doctor will prescribe a course of treatment, and your body will receive all the necessary nutrients.

Third, give up sweet, fried and fatty foods! Instead, choose raw fruits and vegetables.

Fourth, every week, do a back peeling, daily cleanse the skin with special lotions. Well treated acne on the back of men tincture of calendula, levomitsitin and salicylic alcohol.

Fifthly, if possible, go to a good cosmetologist who will carefully study your problem and prescribe a course of procedures.

Sixth, try not to wear tight synthetic clothes. Sometimes pimples on the back of men appear due to the fact that the skin "can not breathe."

If these tips did not work, it is likely a problem in the presence of a physical illness. Because of what can appear acne on the back of men?

One of the most common causes is a disruption in the endocrine system. Excess or lack of a hormone can manifest as unpleasant rashes on the back. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract cause the body to try to throw toxic substances through the sweat glands. The cause of acne can be urological problems, the pathology of the urinary system, as well as diseases of the spine. In the latter case, rashes are located along the problem area. If the rash appears along the ribs - you may have intercostal neuralgia.

If acne has been caused by internal diseases, do not try to heal yourself. After you have completed the course of treatment prescribed by a doctor, you will get rid of the cause of the rash - the pimples disappear without a trace.

But if you still think that your rash on your back and shoulders is due to oily problem skin, try the next course of treatment.

Take a shower twice a day, cleaning your back with soap or gel for oily skin. Then wipe the affected surface with a disinfectant: these may be solutions of furacillin, chlorhexidine or levomycetin alcohol. Solutions can be replaced with compresses from herbs - sage, yarrow, St. John's wort. After this, apply "Metrogil"( gel) or sintomycin emulsion of 10% onto your back. Within 10 days, take two tablets twice a day, twice daily Metronidazole or Trichopolum. If this treatment has not given any results - do not delay the visit to the doctor. Probably, yet your rash is a consequence of internal diseases.