Rehabilitation center "Phoenix"( Lobnya): reviews, address, director

Treatment of addictions is a special section of medicine. In most cases many clinics do not want to deal with drug addicts or alcoholics. However, there are specialized institutions in which men and women who are in trouble can undergo quality treatment and further rehabilitation. What only stands "Phoenix" - rehabilitation center in Lobnya. Reviews about the clinic can be heard for the most part positive.

Basic information

Today the modern narcological clinic provides a huge range of services related to various kinds of dependencies. It can be helped not only by drug addicts and alcoholics. Work is also being done with people who are under psychological dependence. Director of the rehabilitation center "Phoenix" in Lobnya invites for consultation gamblers and their relatives. Modern techniques allow you to cope with dependence forever.

Rehabilitation center

The clinic is located in an ecologically clean area. Clean air has a rapid recovery of patients. The exact address of the institution: Frunze Street, house

8. The hotline number, where you can make an appointment, is listed on the official website of the institution. There is a possibility to order a return call.

Addiction treatment

Addiction is one of the most rapid forms of dependence. The patient begins to feel the need for a new dose literally after the first use. At the same time, it is not immediately possible to recognize that a person has become a drug addict. The problem is also that it is not easy to overcome drug addiction. It is important that a person wants to stop himself. The private rehabilitation center "Phoenix" in Lobnya is a place where qualified help can be provided to patients. The work is conducted in a medicamental and psychological direction. Local specialists change the consciousness of a person so that he does not have a desire to return to his former life.

Tablets and alcohol

Young drug addicts rarely enough decide that it's time to fight their addiction. How to be in this case? The rehabilitation center for drug addicts "Phoenix" in Lobnya is a place where toxins from the patient's body are initially taken out by force( in agreement with relatives).With a clear consciousness, it is much easier for the patient to decide on further treatment. The full course of therapy of such patients lasts about six months.

Treatment of alcoholism

Dependence on alcohol can not develop so quickly. However, according to statistics, this is one of the most common forms of the pathological process. Almost every family has an alcoholic who suffers dependence in one degree or another. Alcoholism is a disease that knows no social boundaries. Even the most successful and famous people start pathologically addicted to alcohol. Many of them undergo therapy at the Phoenix Rehabilitation Center in Lobnya. Marianov Dmitry Yurievich also underwent therapy here.

Man and alcohol

Specialists of the medical center say that signs of alcoholism in one form or another can be diagnosed in almost half of Russians. In this case, the development of the disease can affect a variety of factors. In a greater degree, pathologies are affected by emotionally unstable people. A trigger mechanism for the development of a disease can be a stressful situation.

There are several stages of dependence treatment in the rehabilitation center "Phoenix" in Lobnya. The reviews show that people who are intoxicated often come to the institution. Initially, specialists conduct detoxification therapy, normalize the patient's vital indications. Then follows a long course of rehabilitation.

Treatment of gambling

Man's addiction to cards, casino or electronic games is one of the most dangerous forms of dependence. After all, the pathology is not manifested at all. To notice the wrong relatives begin when the house gradually lose money, gold and other valuables. The patient is ready for anything to participate in the game again. In this case, you can also go to the Phoenix Rehabilitation Center in Lobnya for help. Oksana Bogdanova( director of the center) asserts that 20% of the adult population of the country suffers from gambling. This indicator is increasing every year. Despite the legislative ban, underground gambling establishments continue to function on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Doctor and patient

How is the treatment of these patients at the Phoenix Rehabilitation Center in Lobnya? The reviews show that psychotherapeutic techniques are at the core. In addition, medications are used to help calm the patient's nervous system. In the process of rehabilitation, patients get rid of fears and psychological complexes.

Treatment of salt dependence

The mechanism of pathological action of salts on the human body is not fully understood. Heavy drugs based on synthetic mixtures quickly spread to the territory of Russia. Many known spice managed to kill many lives. The right decision can be the direction of a relative who has encountered an addiction, to the rehabilitation center "Phoenix" in Lobnya. The address of the medical institution is indicated above.

Patient in bed

The situation is aggravated by the fact that traditional dependencies on alcohol and drugs among young people go to the background. Along with this, the older generation does not attach much importance to synthetic drugs. In addition, the dependence on salts may not appear immediately. As a result, patients get to treatment too late, when the mechanism of self-destruction of an organism is already started.

Rehabilitation center for drug addicts "Phoenix" in Lobnya offers a number of services related to the restoration of health of those who have encountered heavy synthetic drugs. The course of therapy - from 6 months.

Stages of dependence treatment

Almost all patients in a serious condition enter the rehabilitation center "Phoenix" in Lobnya. Mariyanov Dmitry was also in a bad condition. Therefore, the main task of medical personnel is to remove harmful substances that poison the patient's body. Salt and vitamin solutions are used. Intravenously, special medications are introduced, which make it possible to return the patient as quickly as possible to normal state of health. The stage can last from several hours to several days.

Patient and doctor

Then comes the rehabilitation. The method of therapy depends on the dependence of the patient on treatment. It matters how pernicious the effect was on the body. The longest is rehabilitation with drug dependence. There is an opportunity to undergo rehabilitation on an outpatient basis in the rehabilitation center "Phoenix" in Lobnya. The address of the institution can be seen at the beginning of the article.

Information for relatives

What you need to know before you come to the rehabilitation center "Phoenix in Lobnya. Oksana Bogdanova asserts that it is preliminary to get acquainted with the prices for services. After all, the center is a private institution. All relatives can find information on the official website.

Oksana Bogdanova

The cost of a full course of rehabilitation for drug addiction - from 30 thousand per month. The therapy lasts for an average of six months. The cost of coding from drug or alcohol dependence - from 10 thousand rubles. For a one-time detoxification of the body will have to pay 6 thousand rubles.

Reviews about the establishment of

About the medical center you can hear a variety of reviews. Many talked about the center after the death of the famous actor Dmitry Maryanov, although his case does not refer to the activities of the clinic. Many thanks to the work of local specialists managed to return to a full life, to restore good relations with their relatives.

You can also hear bad comments about the rehabilitation center "Phoenix" in Lobnya. Reviews are born after the course of treatment. Many argue that the techniques used here do not give good results. However, one must not forget that the effectiveness of dependence treatment is 70% dependent on the patient's desire to return to normal life.