Treating tracheitis at home. Tracheitis: signs and treatment. Tracheitis: folk methods of treatment

In the cold season, colds are not so rare. People are already accustomed to this, and so they try to meet the onset of colds "fully armed," that is, they store up medicines to fight off illness. Moreover, doctors prescribe ambulant treatment for getting rid of colds often. treatment of tracheitis at home Subject to all recommendations, the patient successfully recovers. Treating tracheitis at home is no exception. What is it?

Acute tracheitis

Inflammation on the mucosa of the trachea( tracheitis) is a result of a previously arisen respiratory disease that was not stopped in time. How does it happen?

Tracheitis is acute and chronic. Accordingly, the treatment in these two cases may differ. The acute form arises from the effect of viruses on the mucous membrane. Inhalation of cold, dry, polluted air can also provoke acute tracheitis, whose treatment is a necessary condition for restoring health.

The disease rarely occurs as an independent disease. It develops on the background of bronchitis, laryngitis, rhinitis and requires complex treatment.

Chronic tracheitis

Disease from the acute form can pass into the chronic with wrong treatment. Or in the absence of such. Chronic tracheitis treatment will require a longer and more serious.

There are groups of people who are most susceptible to developing such a form of the disease. These include patients with such serious ailments as sinusitis, chronic sinusitis, heart pathologies. Heavy smokers and drinkers are also at risk.

In these cases, the treatment of tracheitis at home should be done following strict doctor's recommendations. He selects drugs in accordance with the severity of the disease and the individual characteristics of the patient.

Symptoms of tracheitis

The main symptom of the disease is a kind of cough that can not be eliminated with warming agents, for example, tea, hot milk. The intensification of irritation occurs in the evening or in a dream, in the morning hours. A deep breath can also cause a coughing fit. Redness of the throat, perspiration, unpleasant sensations are tracheitis symptoms.

A prolonged attack of cough can cause severe pain in the larynx and chest. In his absence, there are no unpleasant sensations. The patient, fearing the occurrence of a cough and discomfort, at the instinctive level holds his breath.

The disease can be accompanied by an increase in body temperature. It periodically decreases and grows again. The process can last up to five days.

A sour voice or a complete loss of it is another sign of tracheitis. Sometimes the patient attributes these symptoms to laryngitis. During the cough, clear phlegm spits easily. A person takes this as a positive sign and continues to self-heal, using improperly selected drugs for this.

Tracheitis, the signs and treatment of which can only be recognized by a specialist and prescribe the necessary drugs, is referred to as an "insidious" disease. This is because the consequences can be bronchitis, pneumonia and other serious illnesses of the respiratory apparatus. In this case, the treatment of tracheitis at home is already becoming impossible, and a person is hospitalized.

Rules for treatment of

Treatment of tracheitis begins with the fact that the cause that gave rise to it is established. Only after recognizing it, the doctor can prescribe the correct course of rehabilitation.

Treatment of tracheitis at home will depend on the patient's temperature. Even if it is not high, the appointment of warming procedures is contraindicated. Therefore, one of the rules for treating tracheitis is the constant monitoring of body temperature. In the room where the patient is, the air should not be dry. Maintaining proper humidity is another condition for the patient's recovery.


Aerosols and sprays are an excellent remedy for getting rid of an ailment. Spraying the drug allows him to get directly to the inflamed parts of the mucosa. And this is very important for the healing process. Therefore, today medicines for the treatment of tracheitis in the form of sprays and aerosols have become the most popular.


This is another effective way that helps to eliminate tracheitis. Treatment with inhalants is applied simultaneously with the traditional drug rehabilitation course. To achieve the desired recovery, it must be remembered that the duration of the procedures should not be less than 10 minutes. Use them when the disease lasts three days or more.

Administration of medication by inhalation can be used in home and inpatient settings. This is often practiced in the treatment of the respiratory tract. This kind of inhalation is called artificial. As a medicine, herbs, oils or medications are used.

Self-administration of such procedures for the treatment of tracheitis should be avoided, since simultaneous with this disease, another one may occur, in which heating may be contraindicated.

In addition to artificial inhalation, there is also a natural look. For this, the patient must be in special climatic conditions, where the air with which he breathes has a curative effect. This option is considered the most effective. It can be air of a pine forest, sea coast, mountains.

Rules for inhalation

Several rules must be observed during the procedure. First, inhalation is carried out after an hour and a half after eating. Secondly, the patient should be calm, any tension should be eliminated. Thirdly, the area of ​​the chest and neck should be free from clothing. In addition, after inhalation, the patient needs rest for about forty minutes. After inhalation, doctors do not recommend: eat, drink, talk loudly, smoke. It is desirable to rest and sleep for an hour.

Treating tracheitis with

's gentle remedies. When the first signs of the disease appear, it is best to use so-called sparing agents for its treatment. These include rubbing, rinsing, inhalation. And also do warming procedures.

Rubbing is needed in the chest area. For this purpose, ghee, animal fat is used. Warming foot baths can be made with mustard. It must be poured into socks and worn for several hours. Then the stockings need to be removed and actively resemble, jump, carrying the load on the soles of the feet.

The sparing means of getting rid of the disease include the same inhalations.

Medical preparations

For the treatment of tracheitis, antibiotics can be recommended, since the disease is an infectious disease. This appointment is used only if the disease takes severe forms.

In the early stages, the disease is easily treated with expectorant, antiviral, antitussive drugs. Today, their diversity is great, but only those that the doctor will prescribe are needed.

Folk remedies for the treatment of tracheitis

Folk medicine for the treatment of the disease has proved itself well. These include, first of all, inhalation with herbs, honey, baking soda, oils. During the procedure, use special devices or improvised means, for example, a pot of boiling water, a large terry towel. At the same time, all precautions are taken to avoid burning with hot steam. The head should not be tilted to a container with water.

The traditional folk remedy for tracheitis is inhalation over steam boiled potatoes. And it is better for this procedure to use only cleaning this vegetable.

Another common prescription for inhalation is to add a few drops of eucalyptus or mint oil to a boiling kettle, and then let the patient breathe the steam. At the very beginning of the procedure, there will be an increase in cough, and in the following hours there will be a marked improvement in the patient's condition.

If you do not have oil at hand, you can use regular tablets validol. Dissolve them in hot water and let the patient breathe the steam. The effect will be the same as on inhalation with oils.

With strong cough and poorly departing sputum, a good remedy for such a procedure is baking soda. For three liters of water, put a teaspoon of this substance and inhale the vapor.

Inhalations on honey are often used in the people for the treatment of various diseases. Our illness is not an exception. For this, you need to dissolve 10 grams of honey in a saucepan with water and heat on a water bath. Inhaled couples will stop a dry cough. Tracheitis, whose treatment this way will take several days, can go away.

In any disease, the ability of the body to resist infection is important. Tracheitis is not an exception. Traditional methods of treatment of the disease are recommended to use tea with berries of currantberry, currants, raspberries in order to enhance immunity. With the use of these natural "preparations" the body actively struggles with signs of the disease.

However, one should not forget the seriousness of both acute and chronic tracheitis, the treatment of these ailments by the people's means is not always sufficient. These are only additional components in the conservative course of rehabilitation, but it should not be abandoned.

Herbs and treatment

Plants in folk and traditional medicine occupy a place of honor in the treatment of many diseases, including tracheitis. Home herbal treatment should still be under control or after consulting a doctor.

Plants for inhalation do not boil, but heat their stems or leaves on a steam bath. When the water boils, inhale the steam, covered with a towel. Today, there are various models of inhalers available that are convenient for use at home. In most cases, herbs have a beneficial effect on the healing process. But it is necessary to know that they need to be selected for treatment of the patient individually. This is especially taken into account when preparing a preparation from a mixture of herbs. Their action is that they have a harmful effect on pathogens. In addition, when using herbs there is a process of vitaminization, which is very useful for the body of a sick person. Plants have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Often, the following collection of herbs taken in equal proportions is used for inhalation: thyme, eucalyptus leaves, elecampane, chamomile, mint, sage, pine buds. For one procedure, it is enough to take a tablespoon of the collection.

An example of another combination of herbs for the treatment of tracheitis: calendula, ledum, linden, licorice root. For inhalations, you can use any other breast pills sold in the pharmacy.

The prepared broth can be used not only for inhaling steam, but also for rinsing the mouth and throat.

Disease in children

The main treatment for tracheitis in children remains the same as in adults. But it is necessary to take into account some features of the fragile organism and those skills that are developed in children to a certain age.

For example, inhalations can only be used from the age of two. It should be noted that during this period of development the child will not be able to inhale the steam as an adult does. Therefore, parents have to resort to different methods to treat a small patient with inhalants.

One of the techniques can be as follows: a child and an adult sit next to a boiling medicine in a room where doors and windows are tightly closed, for example, in the kitchen. The inhalation of the drug occurs naturally. In this case, you must strictly follow the precautions, because the child is next to the boiling liquid.

Tracheitis in Pregnant Women

What should I do? Pregnancy is a special condition of a woman. During this period, she must take responsibility for her health more than ever. Unfortunately, a pregnant woman is susceptible to various diseases more often than other people. Suddenly there is stuffy nose, colds, tracheitis. Signs and treatment of diseases should be diagnosed and an immediate rehabilitation course should be conducted. Diseases for a pregnant woman are dangerous because they are transmitted to the baby, weakening his health. This can affect the course of childbirth.

With a strong cough in a pregnant woman, the tension of the abdominal muscles occurs, which is undesirable. Therefore, at the first signs of tracheitis, it must be treated and try to get rid of coughing attacks.

For the beginning it is recommended to use mustard plasters, warming the foot baths, grinding in the chest area with pork fat, melted butter. Antibiotics or antiviral drugs are prescribed by the doctor only in the most extreme case.

Proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle, attentive attitude to your health will help to avoid the occurrence of such a disease as tracheitis. Signs and treatment for this ailment can only be determined by a specialist.