The drug "Furazolidon": reviews, instructions for use, composition and analogues

Very often patients confuse antibacterial drugs and antibiotic drugs. However, these are completely different medications. Of course, they are both called upon to fight harmful microorganisms. But the first remedy is more safe for human health. Therefore, if possible, patients are prescribed antibacterial drugs.

furazolidone review

One of the brightest representatives of such drugs is "Furazolidon."Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues, contraindications and indications of the mentioned remedy will be described further.

Description, packaging, composition and form of

Where and in what form can you buy such a drug as "Furazolidone"?Consumer reviews often contain information about the appearance of this drug. According to them, this remedy can be purchased in the form of yellow or white round and flat cylindrical chamfer tablets. They are sold almost in all pharmacies.

The instructions say that the active ingredient of the drug under consideration is furazolidone. It also includes additional substances, including lactose.

In which packaging can I buy Furazolidone tablets? Instructions for use( the drug is reviewed below) is contained in a cardboard box, where the medicine itself is located in the contour cells. Also it can be bought in paper packages.

Principle of operation of

What are Furazolidone tablets? Instruction, reviews of experienced specialists indicate that this is a very effective antibacterial agent.

The effect of the drug in question directly depends on the dosage taken. When using a small amount of furazolidone, it has a bacteriostatic effect. If the dosage is increased, then the bactericidal activity of the drug is noted.

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It is impossible not to say that this medication is capable of providing immunostimulating action.

The principle of antimicrobial action of this drug is the ability of nitro groups of furazolidone under the influence of bacterial enzymes to be reduced to an amino group. Elements formed as a result of this process have a toxic effect. They violate the integrity and structure of the cell membrane, and also block the biochemical processes taking place in the bacteria.

After application of "Furazolidon", inhibition of tricarboxylic acids and irreversible blockade of NADH are observed. As a result, the respiration of microorganism cells and the operation of the cytoplasmic membrane are disturbed. After this, the death of bacteria occurs.

Properties of medicament

Due to the ability to form combined compounds with nucleic acids, furazolidone disrupts the synthesis of proteins in bacterial cells, thereby inhibiting their reproduction and growth.

The immunostimulatory property of the drug in question is due to its ability to increase phagocytic activity and the complement leukocyte titer. Also, "Furazolidone" reduces the production of toxins by bacteria, resulting in a better overall clinical picture.

furazolidone instructions reviews

Features of the preparation

Experts have found that "Furazolidone", whose reviews are more positive, can inhibit monoamine oxidase. In the end, this leads to a mild excitement of the patient.

Also, the drug in question increases the sensitivity of a person to alcohol, which can cause nausea and vomiting while using the drug and alcohol.

This medication is highly effective in the treatment of infectious diseases that have been caused by microbes that are sensitive to the effects of furazolidone.

It should be specially noted that this drug is well manifested in relation to candida fungi. But before using it for the therapy of such a disease, it is necessary to conduct tests for sensitivity.

It can not be said that the agents of purulent and anaerobic infection are practically insensitive to furazolidone.

Indications for the reception of tablets

Is the drug "Furazolidon" effective in cystitis? Reviews of consumers report that with such a disease, the drug shows itself very well. After all, it is intended for the treatment of infectious, as well as inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system, skin and GI tract.

furazolidone instructions for use review

According to the instructions, the drug in question is often prescribed:

  • with giardiasis;
  • typhoid and paratyphoid;
  • bacillary dysentery;
  • Trichomonas infection;
  • the tracer;
  • diarrhea, which was caused by infections, including food poisoning;
  • urethritis and cystitis;
  • wounds on the skin and infected burns.


Now you know what can be used from such a drug as "Furazolidon."Instructions for use, price, reviews, counterparts and contra-indications of this medicine are interesting to all potential buyers.

Doctors claim that this remedy should not be prescribed:

  • at the terminal stage of renal failure of a chronic nature;
  • hypersensitivity to medication;
  • glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and lactase deficiencies;
  • at the age of up to one month of life.

It is up to the doctor to decide whether to take the drug to pregnant women.

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This medication is prescribed with great care to people with diseases of the liver and nervous system.

The drug "Furazolidon": instruction for use

Price, reviews about these tablets will be presented at the end of the article.

This medication should be taken only by mouth. It is desirable not to chew the tablets and not to grind them, but to swallow in the whole form, washing down with one glass of water.

According to the instructions for the treatment of paratyphoid, dysentery and food toxic infections, "Furazolidone" is prescribed four times a day for 100-150 mg. Take the drug for 8-10 days.

When colpitis this medication is recommended to be used for three days for 100 mg four times a day. Also in the vagina once a day, powder is introduced in an amount of 5 g, which consists of a mixture of furazolidone and lactose( milk sugar) in a ratio of 1: 400.In the rectum, rectal suppositories with "Furazolidone" can be administered.

If a patient has been diagnosed with "trichomoniasis urethritis," the tablets should be taken 100 mg four times a day for three days.

How else can I use the drug "Furazolidon"?Comments of consumers often contain information about the fact that this drug is very effective in treating lambliasis.

Adult patients are usually prescribed four times a day at a dosage of 100 mg, and children - 10 mg per 1 kg of weight per day. The resulting amount of the drug is divided into three doses. furazolidone instructions price

It should also be noted that the use of "Furazolidone" in the treatment of burns and wound infections is justified. Under such conditions, the medication is used topically, in the form of irrigation solution or wet-drying bandages.

Side effects

The drug "Furazolidon" is a low-toxic agent. But, despite this, it can still promote the development of adverse reactions. These include nausea, lack of appetite, vomiting and pain in the epigastric region.

According to the instructions, this medication rarely leads to allergic reactions. Sometimes on the background of his primitive develops hives, skin rashes, swelling of the Quincke and severe itching.

To prevent the occurrence of adverse reactions, each dose of the drug is recommended to be washed down with a large volume of liquid, and if necessary, to take B vitamins and antihistamines.

With prolonged intake of tablets, especially in young children, it is possible to develop anemia of hemolytic, methemoglobinemia, hyperthermia, dyspnea, cough and neurotoxic reaction.

Similar products

If you are not eligible for the medication in question, you can replace it with medications such as "Lecor" and "Fastin".Also analogues of this remedy are "Furatsilin", "Makmiror", "Furasol" and "Furamag".

Tablets "Furazolidon": price, reviews

The price of this product is not very high. You can buy 20 antibacterial tablets for 40-50 rubles. Furazolidone with cystitis reviews

What do consumers say about the drug "Furazolidon"?The recall of this medicine can be left by every patient who once used it. According to the majority opinion, the medicine in question is particularly effective in treating diseases of the genitourinary system. After several days of taking the pill, the symptoms of cystitis, urethritis and other pathological conditions immediately disappear. As for the side effects, they are extremely rare.