Vaccine "Grippol Plus" for children: reviews, contraindications. Vaccination against influenza

In the world, various infectious diseases and epidemics are constantly erupting. Some of them are amenable to vaccination, while others are not. Especially from such diseases children suffer.

vaccine flu plus children reviews

Influenza outbreaks are common, so in recent years scientists have abandoned the power to create drugs for the prevention and control of this disease. One of the newest drugs is the Grippol plus vaccine. For children, the reviews confirm this, and it helps a lot in adults during the epidemic.


"Grippol plus" is a new polymer-subunit trivalent inactivated vaccine, a third-generation drug that is aimed at preventing the flu with the onset of an epidemic. It consists of surface protective antigens of hemagglutinin and neuraminidase that are isolated by purifying influenza A and B viruses. It is a clear liquid, completely colorless or slightly yellowish, slightly opalescent. influenza plus price

Every year scientists receive fresh official data on the emergence of new strains of influenza and forecasts about what are likely to occur in a particular region. Knowing these data, specialists modernize the vaccine by changing the antigenic composition in such a way that its components function as efficiently as possible.

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Refers preperate to the pharmacological group of vaccines, serums, phages and toxoids in combinations and to the nosological classification of ICD-10.

Grippol plus: composition and form of release

flu plus instructions for use

The vaccine is produced in the Netherlands by the company Abbott Biolodicalts BV and contains haemagglutinin of epidemic-relevant strains of influenza viruses:

  • subtype A( H1N1) - in an amount of 5 μg;
  • subtype A( H3N2) - in an amount of 5 μg;
  • type B - in the amount of 5 μg.

Also, the preparation includes polyoxidonium immunoadjuvant - 500 μg.

"Grippol plus", the price for which at the moment is 150-170 rubles.for one syringe dose, is a suspension for intramuscular and deep subcutaneous injection with a quantity of 0.5 ml( adults and children over 3 years old), which corresponds to a single dose that is accommodated by a disposable syringe.

Cardboard pack consists of one package, which, in turn, contains a single syringe, laid in contour cellular form.

The drug is recognized as usable for one year after production.

Pharmacological action of

After the introduction of the planned vaccine "Grippol Plus" to children, the opinions of specialists confirm this, its effect persists throughout the whole year. However, this applies to all groups of the population - both adults and elderly people. As a rule, the appearance of the effect is to be expected after eight to twelve days after the introduction of the vaccination, so it is important to take preventive measures before the epidemic begins. influenza plus composition

The drug Grippol Plus( Komarovsky - a well-known children's doctor - also focuses on this) provides effective high-level protection for approximately 90% of patients. Therefore, do not forget that the risk of catching the flu still remains, and you can not neglect it. It is worth taking care of yourself, taking vitamins, since the vaccine only specifically stimulates the human immune system with polyoxidonium, increasing the stability of antigens, increasing resistance and resistance to various infections. Due to the increase in immunological memory, it is possible to reduce vaccination doses of antigens in the subsequent.

Advantages of

This vaccine from others is distinguished by a number of advantages:

1. Presence of highly effective protective properties:

  • approval is valid for patients of any age;
  • duration of protective functions throughout the epidemiological season;
  • re-introduction of the vaccine is performed only with the appearance of new varieties of viruses( by this time the composition of the drug, respectively, varies);
  • the possibility of vaccination during an already evolving epidemic due to the rapid immune response of the body to vaccination.

2. Security of use:

  • vaccine "Grippol plus", the instruction for use clearly indicates this, does not contain preservatives with mercury in its composition and is therefore shown even to pregnant women;
  • due to the triple reduced antigen content, the vaccine has a low protein load, which does not reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

3. High quality vaccine:

  • in the manufacture of all international standards;
  • is composed of a water-soluble immunoadjuvant, which has no world-wide analogues;
  • high-level antigen purification.

4. Easy and convenient use:

  • sterility is provided by an individual syringe-dose;
  • painless introduction due to atraumatic needle.

Indications for use

Influva or influenza plus

In the period when the flu epidemic begins to develop, the Grippol Plus tool, the price of which is rather low, is recommended:

  1. For transport, trade workers, military personnel working in the educational, social and medical spheres, as well as other categoriesor otherwise associated with communication with people.
  2. To people who have weakened immunity, including those infected with HIV.
  3. Patients with somatic diseases: allergy, anemia, bronchial asthma, metabolic disorders, kidney diseases and others.
  4. Elderly older than sixty, preschoolers after three years of age and school children.
  5. For children and adults prone to acute respiratory infections.
  6. Suffering disorders of the central nervous and cardiovascular system.
  7. Patient with autoimmune diseases.


As with all medications, Grippol Plus has the pros and cons. Doctors do not allow it to be used even if it is necessary to inoculate during the epidemic, if there are:

  • acute intestinal diseases;
  • ARVI with temperature;
  • allergic manifestations( per vaccine);
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • is an allergy to chicken protein;
  • individual intolerance of vaccine components.

Possible side effects of

When vaccinating against influenza, it is necessary to take into account the side effects of the drug "Grippol Plus".These include:

  • neurological disorders;
  • of neuralgia;
  • paresthesia;
  • of myalgia;
  • sore throat;
  • rhinitis;
  • headaches;
  • increased body temperature;
  • redness of the skin surface;
  • weakness and poor health;
  • edema;
  • is a specific allergic reaction.

Adverse symptoms occur extremely rarely due to the fact that all components of the vaccine are exposed to a high level of purification. During, as a rule, 1-3 days the aforementioned side effects pass independently.

Grippol plus: Instruction for use

flu plus mosquito

The vaccine should be used as follows:

  • after the drug has reached room temperature, shake the syringe well before injection;
  • after removing the protective shell, holding the syringe with the needle up, slowly squeezing the piston to expel the air;
  • injection by an adult is performed intramuscularly or deep subcutaneously in the upper third of the shoulder on the outer surface in the deltoid muscle region, in children - in the anterior-external area of ​​the thigh;
  • vaccine "Grippol plus" for children( reviews of various specialists inform that this is optimal) is administered once in a half dose from the standard volume, and adults - completely.

It is important not to be mistaken with the introduction of the drug to the child, so before the injection half of the contents of the syringe is released outside to a special mark designed specifically for such cases.

Patients with immunodeficiency diseases and receiving immunosuppressive therapy are vaccinated twice a half-dose with a one-month break.

Annual population inoculation is conducted in the autumn-winter period and during the beginning of the epidemic.

Reviews of the vaccine

Introduced vaccine "Grippol plus" to children, the reviews of many parents confirm this, in most cases it helps. That, however, does not exclude completely the risk of infection, which is within five to twenty percent of the total number of vaccinated. influenza plus pros and cons

To our great regret, today there is no 100% effective drug on the planet from the insidious influenza virus. Therefore, you can hear negative statements about the "Grippol" from those people who fell ill, despite the vaccination.

Many people try to choose: Influvak or Grippol Plus? In fact, the difference between existing drugs for influenza is small, but the latter is more affordable and, as they say, more effective.

Special instructions and precautions

Pregnant and lactating vaccination is allowed only after consulting a specialist. Most often, vaccinations work safely, problems arise if there are difficulties with health. The safest periods are the second and third trimester, vaccination is best done at this time.

Do not administer intravenously.

In the procedural room where the vaccination is carried out, it is necessary to have anti-shock therapy. After vaccination, the patient should be under the supervision of a specialist for another half an hour.

On the day of vaccination, the vaccinee must undergo a physician examination with the obligatory measurement of body temperature, it should not exceed 37.0 ° C.

Do not use the product from damaged packaging, with poorly visible marking, if its physical properties have changed, the expiration date has expired or storage rules have been violated.

The medicine must be stored and transported in a light-proof package at a temperature not exceeding eight degrees Celsius and not below two.

The use of "Grippol" in conjunction with other inactivated vaccines is allowed, taking into account various contraindications and injection sites with different syringes.