How to measure a member correctly?

A fairly large number of men are dissatisfied with the size of their penis. And not always this discontent is justified, and it has purely psychological reasons. The stronger sex is very developed competition, men want to be better than all of their rivals. Often the small size of male dignity or the eternal spirit of rivalry prompts them to look for ways to increase the penis.

Before you resort to the methods of increasing, you need to understand how to measure the term. Speaking about its length, you need to consider that it differs in the erect and relaxed state. The size of the erect penis is of practical importance. There are two ways to measure a term. Both mean using a ruler and measuring the length from the pubic bone to the tip without taking into account the individual characteristics of the structure. Only in the first case the ruler is "pressed" into the fat layer, and in the second it is applied freely. A more accurate method, showing how to measure a term, is the second method. It shows the value of the stimulating length, which can change when the weight changes.

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Urologists measure the penis in a relaxed state, stretching it to its maximum length. In this case, the results will be the same as for the erect state. But at home it is better to measure an excited sexual organ.

If nevertheless it is necessary to determine the length of a relaxed penis, the measurements should be carried out several times a day under various conditions, for example, after awakening, after a shower, training. The fact is that this part of the body is subject to changes depending on many factors. Therefore, for the length it is necessary to take the arithmetic mean of all these values.

In addition to the length of the penis, representatives of both sexes are also interested in its volume. It is measured on an excited term. For this, a centimeter tape is tight, but without stretching, wrapped around the penis.

After determining how to measure a member, and having conducted these simple manipulations, you can already talk about increasing male dignity. If it is really necessary. Methods of penis enlargement can be surgical or conservative. Experts resort to plastic surgery only as a last resort. Of course, modern medicine is able to lengthen the genitals by two and a half centimeters, and the increase in the circumference can reach 6 centimeters. However, in practice, the results may be less. Moreover, any operation can lead to undesirable complications.

To avoid unnecessary risk, but still get the desired result, you can resort to physical exercises. Before the start of the exercise, the member needs to be warmed up to ensure the flow of blood to it. To do this, a terry towel should be dampened with hot water and wrapped in a penis. Hold this compress for about three minutes. Then you can start directly to training. The main exercises are stretching and jelk. In the first case, the penis is wrapped slightly below the head and stretched from itself. Exercise helps stretch the ligaments and gradually lengthen the penis. Only to do this you need not too much and not experienced vessels, so that instead of a positive effect do not get injured. Jelk can be translated as "milking".The movements will be corresponding. Perform the exercise on the semi-erect penis, using a lubricant.

To achieve positive results, exercises need to be done regularly. But in no case can you bring yourself to painful sensations. Otherwise, instead of good, only harm will be done.