How to cheer yourself up: aroma oils and their properties

Today every second woman is interested in aromatic oils and their properties. Not so long ago, these words did not cause any associations. Now times have changed. Almost each of us has a treasured bottle, which we use from time to time.

aroma oils and their properties Aroma oils and their properties have been known since antiquity. Then they were considered an indicator of the high status of the owner. Today they become practically necessary element in the arsenal of any person, because their appointment is quite wide. They have different properties:

  • improve performance;
  • have a calming effect;
  • is able to cure various diseases;
  • strengthens sensuality and cheers up;
  • , some of them are distinguished by wound healing and blood-resurrecting characteristics.

These aromatic oils are extract( extract) from various parts of plants. For this purpose, leaves, roots, seeds, wood, fruits can be used. It must be said that aromatic oils and their properties largely depend on which part of the plant they are made from. This determines the period of their storage.

All aromatic oils can be of three kinds:

  • natural;
  • synthetic;
  • identical to natural.

aroma oil in a pharmacy Each variety can be used for specific purposes. So, synthetic and natural extracts are usually used as perfumes for scenting the room, clothes or linen. Sometimes they are used as a means of repelling insects, for example, moths.

Natural aromatic oils and their properties have a wider scope of application. They are often used for medicinal purposes, as well as for procedures such as massage or inhalation. In order to be confident in their quality and effectiveness, you need to buy aromatherapy in a pharmacy. Any flacon obtained from hands can be fake and cause irreparable harm.

Extracts from various plants have their own specific properties. For example, aromatic oil from grapefruit is recommended for use in diseases of the lungs, hypertension, arrhythmia. Bergamot has pronounced antiseptic characteristics and quickly reduces heat. If you are interested in aroma oils soothing, then you should pay attention to jasmine. It relieves stress and relaxes well.

How should I use aroma oils?

There are several ways to effectively use oils.

  1. aromamasla soothing Room fumigation. It is made with the help of special aromalamps. If you pick up the right composition, then not only destroy the germs in the room, but create a special atmosphere - relaxing or, conversely, stimulating.
  2. Aromamedials. There are special pendants made of ceramics into which a few drops of the necessary oil drip. The healing properties of extracts are preserved in such medallions for about three days.
  3. Aromas. This procedure not only restores the body's defenses, but also affects the skin - makes it supple and healthy. Take them not earlier than 3 hours after eating.
  4. Inhalation. Another effective way to use aromatic oils. They are both hot and cold. Very often inhalations are used for diseases of the bronchi or nervous system.

As you can see, aroma oils and their properties bring invaluable benefits to our body. But they must be used carefully, and before using it is better to consult the doctor.