"Solgar Biotin": instructions for use

Biotin is a water-soluble B group vitamin, it is extremely important for maintaining the health of the skin, hair, and nails. Now it is called vitamin B7, it is necessary for metabolism of fatty acids, amino acids and glucose. Biotin helps to maintain attractiveness and youth.

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Biotin deficiency

The following factors can serve as a cause of vitamin B7 deficiency:

  1. Abuse of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol disrupts the digestibility of biotin at the cell level. Alcohol enters the body, vitamin B7 ceases to be absorbed, in connection with which the surplus is formed, the body ceases to produce the substance. With frequent use of alcohol, an imbalance occurs.
  2. Eating raw eggs( they contain avidin, interacting with biotin, which changes its properties and breaks the metabolism).
  3. Reception of antibiotics and antimicrobials. This group of medicines destroys any microflora( both harmful and useful).
  4. Use of saccharin instead of regular sugar. The chemical properties of saccharin adversely affect all degrees of production and assimilation of vitamin B7.
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  6. Surgery on the stomach or intestines. In the postoperative period, a person manifests malabsorption( loss of one or many nutrients entering the digestive tract due to insufficiency of their absorption in the small intestine).
  7. Reception of products with chemicals or preservatives.
  8. Superfast weight loss. A sharp loss of weight with an unbalanced diet leads to a harmful effect on the microflora, metabolism.
  9. Genetic diseases.
  10. Smoking.

Decrease in vitamin B7 production can be detected in residents of large cities with developed infrastructure, as well as in elderly people, sportsmen.

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Consequences of

How does the body signal a biotin deficiency? With a lack of vitamin B7, the skin becomes dry and lifeless, dandruff appears. In the absence of treatment, the skin begins to peel and become covered with microcracks. Subsequently, inflamed patches appear and scales are formed. Such conditions become a favorable habitat for fungal infections that can cause seborrhea( a painful condition of the skin due to increased seborrhoea due to impairment of the nervous and regulatory functions of the sebaceous glands of the skin), scaly lichen( a chronic non-infectious disease, a dermatosis that affects mainly the skin), erythemaabnormal redness of the skin, developing in the event that the blood in excess amounts of surges to the capillaries).

Disorders in the functioning of the stomach and intestines: frequent nausea and vomiting, bloating, loss of appetite, loss of hair.

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According to reviews, "Solgar Biotin" plays a big role in maintaining health:

  • is responsible for the passage of blood from the liquid state to the jelly-like clot, it is a biologically important protective reaction of the body( blood coagulation);
  • controls the level of sugar in the blood;
  • promotes normalization of intestinal microflora;
  • takes part in the process of connecting red blood cells( red blood cells);
  • enhances the protection system;
  • has anti-tumor drug effect;
  • tidies the thyroid;
  • helps to improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

In a healthy body, biotin is produced by the intestinal microflora, but in rare cases, the production of trace element B7 may be limited or absent altogether.

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The drug is a biologically active additive to food, its production is certified in accordance with Russian law. The given food additive includes in its composition only natural components, does not contain animal fats and artificial dyes."Solgar Biotin" is allowed to be used as an addition to vegetarian, kosher and halal food. Bioadditive is available in four forms:

  • lightweight in tablets;
  • standard in capsules;
  • reinforced in capsules;
  • is highly effective in capsules.

The first type of bioadditive( "Solgar Biotin 300") is created to maintain a normal level of vitamin B7 in the body. The light form is produced in a package of 100 tablets, the content of the active substance is 300 milligrams. The cost of the drug varies from 350 to 450 rubles.

The second type of dietary supplements is designed to replenish element B7 with a deficiency of mild form. One package contains 250 capsules of 1000 milligrams. The cost of the drug is about 1400 rubles.

The third form of the food additive( "Solgar Biotin 5000") is prescribed with a pronounced lack of biotin in the body. One package consists of 100 capsules, this kind contains 5000 milligrams of active substance( vitamin B7).The price of the drug is 1000 rubles.

The last type - "Solgar Biotin 10000" - is suitable for professional athletes and patients with serious disorders of the intestinal microflora after taking antibiotics. One tablet contains 10,000 milligrams( in the package of 120 capsules) of the main active substance. The cost of bioadditives is 1350 rubles.

The final cost of "Solgar Biotin" depends on the delivery system and price policy of the manufacturer or seller.

biotin solgar instructions

"Solgar Biotin": instructions for use

Typically, for an adult, the standard dosage of this drug is one or two tablets per day during meals. If there is a serious biotin deficiency, the dosage may be increased by the treating doctor.

It is necessary to consult a physician before using a biologically active additive if there is pregnancy, lactation and individual intolerance.

Storage of

"Solgar Biotin" must be stored in a dark place inaccessible to children. Storage temperature should not exceed 25 degrees.