How is the denture repair performed?

Dentures are installed with absolute or partial loss of teeth. In particular, this refers to the loss of the chewing tooth. The arsenal of modern dentistry is great. Doctors make all kinds of dental prostheses, which are resistant to wear, convenience and aesthetic properties.

How modern prostheses look like

Modern prosthetic designs are distinguished by their lightness. They are created in accordance with innovative technologies. High quality materials are used for the basis of manufacture. But even this does not guarantee eternity. When exposed to external factors, the prosthesis can be damaged partially or completely.

Repair of dental prosthesis

Modern dentistry has several types of removable dentures:

  • Complete removable view. It is based on records. Such prostheses are used for complete loss of teeth. The basis of this product is extruded acrylic plastic. The model for the upper jaw covers the palate and is attached to the gums by means of a suction effect or special adhesive pastes. The basis for the manufacture of teeth is ceramics or plastic.
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  • Constructions that are not completely removed. They are installed with a partial loss of a row of teeth or a single tooth. Such a prosthesis replenishes chewing teeth.
  • An implant prosthesis is a temporary construction based on plastic. It is worn before the manufacture of a permanent structure.
  • A model based on bugles. It is attached using clasps.
  • Nylon-based constructions are used to fill one or more teeth.

Causes of damage to the

Actually, there are a lot of factors that contribute to the damage of the prosthesis:

  • material has a low level of strength to bending, impact and stretching;
  • the basis of the prosthesis becomes obsolete;
  • when chewing food, there are areas of increased stress;
  • does not comply with the rules of oral hygiene;
  • design broke off from falling;
  • inaccurate delivery or application of a prosthesis in the oral cavity;
  • service life is more than 5 years;
  • low quality material;
  • loss of tooth-support, which requires adjustment;
  • occurrence of defects in use.

Repair of a dental prosthesis or its complete replacement should be carried out as quickly as possible. As a rule, such a question is solved by a dental technician.

Timely repair of the construction will stop the development of a number of possible complications. A defective prosthesis can damage the soft tissues of the oral cavity. Also, there is a risk of swallowing its fragments, which can cause asphyxiation. Through the cracks in the mouth cavity harmful bacteria, which causes a bad smell.

Repair of bridges

Chips and cracks on non-removable structures( crowns, ceramic bridges, etc.) appear rarely. Repair of a denture of a similar model is inexpedient. If there are flaws, it is recommended to replace it.

Repair of a removable denture

The following bridges of bridge bridges can be listed:

  • formation of cracks and chips on the surface of the crowns;
  • enamel of artificial teeth changes its color;
  • the crown falls out of the row of the bridge;
  • fasteners were damaged;
  • live supporting tooth is defective.

Repair of the denture bridge structure involves the restoration of the integrity of the structure of the crowns. In the case of a damaged support, a complete replacement of the prosthesis is used, since its structure in this case will be absolutely new. After all, the technician chooses a new tooth to fix the bridge.

How to repair a removable denture

Removable structures are subject to simple recovery. This is due to the fact that sending to the technician in the laboratory does not present any difficulty.

Before starting the repair of a removable denture, it is thoroughly inspected and evaluated for damage. Also an additional check is performed, which reveals the presence of the smallest cracks. By means of special adaptations they begin to clean the stone and plaque formed on the prosthesis. The use of innovative methods in this process protects it from damage.

When the preparatory phase is completed, the technician glues the broken prosthesis using special resins. They reliably connect parts of the structure. As a result, it acquires a beautiful appearance. With a good level of repair, the spikes are invisible.

Cost of dental technician services

In dental clinics, a denture repair is performed, the price of which depends on a number of factors:

  • is a kind of the design itself( removable or non-removable);
  • the basis of the prosthesis( plastic, nylon, acrylic);
  • degree of violation of functionality( the presence of small cracks, breakages, etc.).

Today, for the repair of dentures in Moscow, as a rule, the cost does not exceed 3500 rubles.

Repair of dentures in Moscow

In case of interest in the cost of fixing the structure, it is recommended to contact the clinic and make an appointment for a free consultation.

Specialists will be able to solve any problems that arise. A high level of doctor's preparedness and modern methods of troubleshooting are the key to the success of the work done. A quality service technique will ensure a long service life of the prosthesis, saving the patient from unrest.

Repair of denture price

Restoring a broken structure is equivalent to making a new prosthesis. It should look perfect and have good functionality.