The drug "Apizartron": reviews, instructions, prices

What is a medicine like Apizarthron? Instructions for use, price, reviews, as well as the form of release of this drug will be presented in this article. From it you will learn about what this remedy is for, what properties are inherent in it, whether it has contraindications and undesirable actions. apizarthron reviews

Form, description, composition, packaging

In what form is the "Apizarthron" medication sold? Patients' reports indicate that this remedy can be purchased in the form of a uniform ointment for external use from white to yellowish with the smell of methyl salicylate. Its active ingredients are bee venom, allyl isothiocyanate and methyl salicylate.

In addition to the listed substances, the formulation also includes auxiliary components in the form of emulsified cetostearyl alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, water and white petrolatum.

For sale, the agent in question is supplied in aluminum tubes of 50 and 20 g in cardboard packages.

Features of the drug

What features are inherent in the ointment "Apizartron"?Instruction, expert reviews inform us that this is a combined remedy made on the basis of bee venom.

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This active ingredient of the drug, such as apizarthron, is able to have a miorelaxing, local irritating and local vasodilating action. It stimulates nerve endings in the periphery and has an analgesic effect.

Also mentioned ingredient expands the lumen of blood vessels, contributing to the influx of blood and accelerating the disintegration of metabolic products that cause painful sensations. Due to this substance, damaged tissues receive more oxygen and are quickly restored. apizartron ointment reviews

Methyl salicylate, allyl isothiocyanate and bee venom, which are part of the drug, contribute to reddening and hyperemia of the skin, and also have an analgesic and warming effect.

Apisarthron reduces the tone of muscle and connective tissues, increases their elasticity.

As practice shows, the drug in question begins its active activity approximately 6 minutes after use.

Kinetic properties of

What are the kinetic characteristics of the drug "Apizarthron"?Ointment, reviewed below, is a combined preparation with natural ingredients. Therefore, it is not possible to study its pharmacokinetic properties.

Indications for use

When do you use Apizarthron medication? Experts say that the ointment in question is most effective in the pathological conditions of the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, it is actively used for rheumatic diseases of soft tissues and osteoarthritis. It should also be noted that this medication is effective for sciatica, lumbago, polyarthritis, neuralgia, myalgia, periarthritis, arthrosis, arthralgia, functional damage to ligaments, tendons and muscles, chronic neuritis, as well as with stretches, peripheral circulation disorders, bruises andsports injuries.

Ointment "Apizarthron" is often used before physical exertion to warm up muscle tissue.

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Contraindications to the use of

What condition of a person does not allow the use of "Apizarthron"( ointment)?Experts say that this drug has a fairly large number of contraindications. According to the instructions, it is not recommended for renal failure( chronic), acute phase of arthritis, skin diseases, kidney failure, tuberculosis, malignant neoplasms, infectious diseases, diabetes, sepsis, oppression of bone marrow hematopoiesis, mental illness, cachexia and pregnancy. It should also be noted that this cream should not be prescribed to children under 12 years of age.

Ointment "Apizartron": instruction for use

Experts say that this medication can cause side reactions. Therefore, it should be used only after consultation with the doctor and only according to the indications( in the recommended dosages).

According to the instructions, the cream "Apizarthron" must be applied topically. A strip of ointment about 3-5 cm long is uniformly applied( 1 mm thick) to the surface of the affected area. In this form, the drug is held for three minutes. After the appearance of a sensation of heat and reddening of the skin, the medicine is gently and intensively rubbed into the affected area. After the therapeutic massage, the treated skin is covered with an air-permeable tissue. Such procedures are performed two or three times a day until all signs of the disease disappear completely. As a rule, the course of therapy with such a drug lasts no more than 10 days.

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To avoid getting the cream into the eyes and other mucous membranes, hands after the treatment procedure should be thoroughly rinsed under running water with baby soap.

Side effects of

What side effects can drug "Apizarthron" cause? Doctors say that this drug rarely causes unwanted reactions. Although in some cases it still causes allergies in the form of skin rashes and itching at the site of ointment application. When observing such abnormalities, the use of the cream should be discontinued.

Symptoms of an overdose of

The cases of an overdose with the drug "Apizarthron" are not described in the instructions. However, experts believe that when applying a large amount of the drug, especially for a long time, the patient may exacerbate side effects.

Compatibility of ointments with other drugs

Drug interaction of the cream "Apizartron" in the attached instructions is not described. However, doctors recommend informing the doctor about the use of other drugs at the time of prescribing the ointment. apizartron instructions for use review

It should be noted that the interval between applying "Apizartron" and other external means should be at least three hours.

Breastfeeding and pregnancy period

Is it possible to use "Apizarthron" medication during child bearing? Reviews of midwives report that during pregnancy, the said ointment is prohibited. The same applies to breastfeeding.

Special recommendations for the use of the

ointment According to the instructions, the cream "Apizarthron" is not recommended for application to irritated or damaged skin. Also it can not be used for skin diseases.

In people with kidney failure, the medication should not be applied to large areas, especially over a long period of time.

Contact of the drug with mucous membranes, eyes and open wounds can lead to severe irritation.

Medication "Apizartron": reviews, price

The cost of this remedy is not very high. You can buy a tube( 20 or 50 g) with a medicinal ointment for 140-200 rubles. apizartron instructions price

As for the reviews, most patients leave only positive reports about this drug. They argue that this medication effectively removes pain associated with pathological processes in the musculoskeletal system. Ointment warms well and quickly improves the patient's condition. In this case, it almost never causes allergic reactions( with adequate dosages).