Erectile dysfunction is. .. Erectile dysfunction: causes, diagnosis, treatment methods

For a long time doctors have debunked the myths that difficulties with potency arise exclusively in older men. Today, urologists are increasingly confronted with the problem of identifying causes and the need to search for new ways to restore erectile dysfunction in young patients. The offered methods of treatment provided timely diagnostics allow to improve to a considerable extent the quality of a man's sexual life.

General Information

Erectile dysfunction is a repetitive state characterized by a violation of the quality of the erection, the inability to maintain its specific time and reach the extent necessary for a full sexual act. For the first time this term was introduced in 1992.The American National Institute of Health has suggested using it instead of the word "impotence" as a more extended concept.

Erectile dysfunction is a real health barometer. According to experts, in the male population of our country, the violation of potency is diagnosed several times more often than in other developed countries. Frequent reasons for this pathology in Russia are: smoking, drinking alcohol in large quantities, a high degree of injury.

Like many diseases, erectile dysfunction is accompanied by a number of symptoms. However, unlike other ailments, this problem really gives in to treatment. For many representatives of the stronger sex, the decrease in potency is proportional to the loss of male power.

Prevalence of

According to the data of conducted studies, erectile dysfunction is a rather common pathology. According to statistics, 30% of men between the ages of 18 and about 59 years have difficulties of this nature.

The world situation is somewhat different. Currently, more than 150 million men over 40 years old suffer from erectile dysfunction to varying degrees. According to forecasts of specialists, by 2025 this figure can increase by more than 2 times. This negative trend is very easily explained by a sharp increase in the risk factors for the formation of this pathology( diabetes, cardiovascular diseases).

The mechanism of erection

The male genital organ has so-called cavernous bodies, the filling with blood of which entails swelling and, accordingly, tension. You can draw an analogy with a vessel with two tubes. One by one the blood arrives, and the other follows. During a direct erection there is a strong blood flow, and its outflow completely stops. The central nervous system is responsible for regulating this "operation".Nervous system is often compared with the main computer, failures in the work of which provoke erectile dysfunction.

Undoubtedly, there is also an endocrine system, the hormones of which completely regulate sexual behavior. If their production is violated, men also note that there is no erection.

Classification of

  1. Temporary decrease in potency. This pathology is typical for certain periods of a man's life. The reasons for its development, as a rule, lie in the recent stress, unhealthy lifestyle, alcohol abuse.
  2. Increasing impotence. A continuous manifestation of symptoms can be caused by a chronic disease( eg, heart failure, atherosclerosis or hypertension).In this case, it is recommended that you seek medical help immediately. The thing is that quality therapy is required not only for the restoration of sexual functions, but also for getting rid of the primary ailment.
  3. One-time violations. If there are isolated cases, that is, under other circumstances, such problems are absent, most likely, weak erectile dysfunction occurs for reasons of a psychogenic or emotional nature. In this case, it is recommended to exclude everything that has a direct effect on the psyche.

Depending on the primary factors provoking the appearance of this type of problem, erectile dysfunction may be functional or psychogenic. Each variant has its own specific features:

  • For example, an erection disorder due to various psychological factors most often appears suddenly. The reason for this problem, as a rule, lies in stress, nervous overwork. It is important to note that in this case the so-called morning erection and the ability of the sexual organ to change size as a result of sexual stimulation are not lost.
  • Erectile dysfunction in men, associated with functional disorders, manifests itself consistently. With the next sexual intercourse it becomes more difficult to maintain a normal erection. All this indicates the presence of a background disease, which should be cured. In addition, organic problems can be caused by the intake of certain groups of drugs that drastically reduce potency. As a consequence, libido and the ability of a man to ejaculate persist while night erections either completely disappear, or are characterized by an unstable character.

The main causes of the decline in the potency of

Until recently, many people thought that erectile dysfunction is a problem that occurs in the stronger sex with age, and its development can not be prevented. However, such an assumption to date has no scientific confirmation. The relationship between age and the disease itself is due only to the fact that over time the risk of developing somatic diseases increases. Accordingly, the probability of problems with potency increases. It is normal, if under the condition of a healthy lifestyle and the absence of bad habits, the sexual activity of a man persists in 50 and even in 70 years.

All the main factors provoking the development of this pathology can be conditionally divided into four groups.

  1. Endocrine( caused by a violation of the functioning of endocrine glands responsible for the production of testosterone).This may be a consequence of various kinds of genetic diseases, suffered mechanical traumas, tumors. According to experts, erectile dysfunction in this case is successfully treated.
  2. Neurological( associated with a variety of pathologies of peripheral nerves, spinal cord or brain).
  3. Medicamentous( appear due to the use of certain drugs that block the production of sex hormones).
  4. Psychological. In this case, problems with potency arise from frequent stressful situations, depression, neuroses, failures in bed.

Among the common causes of this pathology also include problems with the vessels. Because of a consistent violation of blood flow to the genitals or there is no erection at all, or it is very weak.

Symptoms of

Taking into account the fact that erectile dysfunction is characterized by changes in the male's sexual life, its traditional symptoms are the following:

  • decreased libido( sexual desire);
  • unstable ejaculation( premature / delayed ejaculation);
  • directly violation of the erection itself;
  • lack of orgasm.

The most common sign of this pathology is the decrease in sexual desire due to constant stress, fatigue. The unwillingness of physical intimacy can also be dictated by discord in relationships, quarrels and conflicts on domestic soil.


As a rule, the doctor learns that the patient has lost an erection, during an initial consultation. Like any other disease, impotence is much easier to treat at the initial stage of its appearance. It is important not just to confirm this diagnosis, but to identify the cause of its development in order to select the most appropriate course of therapy.

At the first stages of diagnosis involves a collection of somatic / psychological anamnesis. The doctor must determine which of the mechanisms responsible for a normal erection is broken. Before a direct course of treatment, a patient is usually advised to take a series of tests( for example, blood on hormones), and also check the functioning of the cardiovascular system. In addition, the following diagnostic measures may be required:

  • Maintain diary of night / morning erections.
  • ultrasound of blood flow in the penis.
  • A study of the CNS.
  • Consultation of the psychotherapist.
  • X-ray examination of the vessels of the reproductive organ.

Timely diagnosis is the key to successful therapy of such a pathology as erectile dysfunction.

Treatment: pills, vacuum therapy, therapist's help

In this disease, the doctor first of all should determine the main reasons that led to its development, and try to eliminate them. Exceptionally symptomatic therapy, as a rule, is ineffective. Below we list the most common methods of treatment:

  • Use of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors( drugs "Levitra", "Cialis", "Viagra").
  • Replacement hormone therapy. If the pathology is caused by abnormalities of the endocrine glands, treatment should be directed to its immediate recovery. Modern medicine offers a great variety of drugs for adjusting the level of testosterone( means "Androgel", "Nebido").
  • Another rather effective method of treatment is vacuum therapy using a special pump. It consists of a tube that is connected to the pump itself. The male sexual organ is placed in the tube, and then all the air is pumped out of it. As a result of such simple manipulations, a vacuum forms, which increases the flow of blood to the organ.
  • If treatment with all of the above methods is ineffective, or the patient can not take medicines for any reason, a drug called Alprostadil comes to the rescue. It allows you to qualitatively improve the flow of blood directly to the genitals. The injection with this medicine is done directly into the organ.
  • Psychotherapy. If the cause of erectile dysfunction lies in family conflicts or failure in bed, without the help of a therapist can not do. In consultation with a doctor, you can discuss absolutely any issues related primarily to the sexual life, the problems of emotional nature.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This is another subspecies of psychological counseling. Experts are sure that what we feel depends on how we think about it. Thus, all negative thoughts and unrealistic ideas have a direct impact on relationships with loved ones, sexuality. The main task of the psychotherapist in this case is to permanently rid the man of this kind of ideas, to develop a correct attitude towards himself.

Are there other options for treating impotence? In some cases, doctors decide on a surgical procedure. Typically, the operation is appointed when there are clear signs that the blood supply to the genital organ is impaired. An alternative surgical method is implantation of a special prosthesis - phalloprosthetics.

Traditional medicine help

With such a diagnosis as weak erectile dysfunction, treatment often implies the use of prescriptions for traditional medicine.

  1. Walnut. The kernels of the nut must be ground in a blender, pour the flower honey in equal proportions. Use three times a day after 30-40 minutes after eating two teaspoons, washing down with milk. The course of treatment can be about one month.
  2. Raisins. Dried fruits of grapes are an excellent remedy if the erection is gone. Raisins should be washed in warm running water and boiled in milk. Then such a "dessert" should be eaten and be sure to drink the remaining after the preparation of milk. It is recommended to start with 30 g of raisins for 200 ml of milk, gradually increasing the portion to 50 g.
  3. Parsley, cilantro. It will be required to take in equal proportions greens in fresh and dried form, to grind. To eat with each meal one tablespoon of the mixture.
  4. Celery juice. Freshly prepared juice is recommended to eat before eating 2 teaspoons three times a day.

All of the above recipes of folk medicine allow you to overcome the problem in the shortest possible time. It is important to note that this therapy should be used only after consultation with a specialist. Moreover, folk recipes should not be taken as an alternative option for medical or surgical treatment.

Preventative measures

Certainly, it is better to prevent the development of erectile dysfunction, rather than subsequently wondering how to treat impotence. Below we list the most effective advice on the prevention of this pathology.

  1. First of all it is recommended to completely reconsider your habitual way of life. Doctors advise to pay more attention to physical activity, to eat right, to give up all bad habits.
  2. After receiving a mechanical trauma to the organs of the pelvic area, it is necessary to consult a urologist.
  3. Regular physical activity is extremely important. The thing is that an erection occurs in the event that the blood flow to the genital is increasing. To achieve a positive result, it is sufficient to walk daily, for example, from work.
  4. Not always special drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are effective. During the therapy it is very important to follow the principles of a balanced diet. Diet is also recommended to diversify with fresh vegetables( include carrots, celery, tomatoes), sour-milk products, garlic and onions.
  5. Doctors advise to have a regular sex life. The body, receiving a daily dose of pleasure hormones, constantly develops a conditioned reflex to intimate intimacy.


In this article, we are as detailed as possible about what constitutes a pathology, like erectile dysfunction. The patients' reviews clearly prove that this ailment is not a verdict, it is really possible to overcome it by means of medications or surgical intervention. Be healthy!