Manifestations and types of atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a chronic disease, which leads to a gradual narrowing of the arteries' lumen, their functioning is disturbed. When a blood flow in the artery of an organ becomes inadequate, it also ceases to function fully.

It is believed that the disease occurs due to the accumulation on the walls of arteries of cholesterol, as well as fibers and cells of scar tissue. However, with the expansion of knowledge and the deepening of research, it became clear that this theory of the onset of atherosclerosis can not be the only true one. Indeed, cholesterol is found in the adrenal glands, the brain, in the fat tissue of a person. In the body, he undergoes various transformations, the quality of which depends on the processes of metabolism. As a result of these transformations, such compounds may appear with other substances( mainly protein ones), which greatly facilitate the penetration of cholesterol into the walls of the vessels. Thus, increasing its content in the blood serum is an undesirable factor that accelerates the development of the disease, but it is not the main one.

The main causes of atherosclerosis and its further development lie in the change in the state of tissue cells on the wall of the artery, in the deviation of biochemical processes occurring in it.

Manifestations and types of atherosclerosis depend on the artery of which organs are affected, since the disease of the whole organism is not affected by disease. Vessels of the legs, kidneys and brain, coronary vessels of the heart are mainly affected.

Manifestations and types of atherosclerosis in the defeat of the cerebral arteries is, first of all, a stroke( acute circulatory disturbance).Usually it comes suddenly. However, with hypertension and vascular lesions, there are harbingers of apoplexy. They can be: an aggravated headache, dizziness, heaviness and noise in the head.

Manifestations and types of atherosclerosis in the defeat of coronary vessels that feed the heart muscle are coronary insufficiency. It aggravates the disease of vasospasm. There are two types of coronary insufficiency: acute and chronic. On the ground of coronary insufficiency, when the supply of the heart with blood is disturbed, new, more severe manifestations and types of atherosclerosis-myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, ischemic disease, can develop. Often, the narrowing of the lumen of the coronary arteries of the heart is joined also by the blockage of the vessel in the area of ​​its defeat, which leads to the blood flowing to a certain area of ​​the heart muscle, or does not flow, or does not act at all. Increases the possibility of formation of a thrombus disruption of the process of blood clotting, not the least role is played by spasm of the coronary arteries. Insufficiency of supplying the organ with blood during angina pectoris can remain undetected for some time and manifest only during physical stress, when the muscles of the heart are in great need of oxygen.

Manifestations and types of atherosclerosis in the defeat of the vessels of the legs - this obliterating endarteritis, aorto-arteritis. They are characterized by pain( which increases during movement and with physical exertion) and weakness in the lower limbs, gait disturbance, cramps in the calf muscles.

The human vascular system is capable of gradually compensating for the influx of blood that has been compromised by atherosclerosis and its complications. But for such a huge restructuring of its channel it is required that the bodies perform natural functions for it( without overloads), and not atrophy completely without movement. It is also necessary to observe the moderation in nutrition all my life, not only in the amount of food taken, but also in its composition, caloric content.