Krasnogorsk, Oncological Hospital No. 62. Description, doctors, contacts

Oncological hospital No. 62 in Krasnogorsk specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of people with severe diagnoses. Patients from all over the region come here to fight various types of cancer.

Oncological hospital № 62 in Krasnogorsk: address

The medical institution has on its base a hospital and a polyclinic. Each of the hospitals is located at a separate address. The polyclinic is located in Moscow on Staropetrovsky passage, 6. You can get here by metro - to the station "Voikovskaya".

Oncological hospital 62 in Krasnogorsk how to get there

Stationary offices are located in the Krasnogorsk district of the Moscow region. Directly the buildings of the medical institution are in the p / o Stepanovskoe, pos. Istra, 27. How to get to Cancer Hospital No. 62 in Krasnogorsk?

You can get there in several ways from the capital:

  • metro station "Tushinskaya", then by bus No. 549 to the terminal "Hospital No. 62";
  • st.m. "Krylatskoe", then a fixed-route taxi No. 898 directly to the medical institution;
  • railway station "Pavshino", after - bus
    number 49 to oncostation.

62 Oncological Hospital Krasnogorsk Address

There is a paid car park 100 meters from the clinic. The access of transport to the courtyard of an oncological hospital is limited.

History of the

Clinic The Oncological Hospital No. 62 in Krasnogorsk began its activity in 1957.The leadership in the capital decided to organize a medical institution on the basis of a sanatorium in the suburbs.

Nearly there is a housing fund for employees, so young people were recruited to the medical institution, who graduated from the post-graduate course. Gradually, the clinic took the leading place in the former USSR for the treatment of tumors of various kinds.

Over time, the material base of the clinic was worn out, and the rating of the institution began to fall. In 2002, a complete reconstruction of the buildings was completed and a new surgical building was built. The most modern equipment was delivered to the oncological hospital No. 62 in Krasnogorsk, a staff of highly qualified specialists was recruited.

Now the clinic has received an opportunity to receive on treatment in hospitals about 15000 patients a year. Here there are 44 candidates of medical sciences, 4 doctors and 3 professors. Basically, they all defended themselves while working in this institution.

Heads the capital hospital № 62 Makhson Anatoly Nakhimovich( doctor of medical sciences, professor).

Structure of the

clinic Oncological hospital No. 62( Krasnogorsk) has on its base stationary departments that specialize in the treatment of a specific type of tumor. In each of them comfortable conditions for stay of patients at the age from 18 years are created.

Surgical No. 1 conducts the diagnosis and treatment on a commercial basis of various neoplasms in various organ systems other than the brain. Here patients can undergo all necessary examination:

  • ultrasound;
  • CT;
  • MRI;
  • laboratory analyzes of various types.

After the correct diagnosis, treatment with modern chemotherapy and radiation is applied. The room is equipped with a room for joint visitors and patients.

Krasnogorsk Oncological Hospital 62

Patients are monitored around the clock by medical personnel. If necessary, assistance can be provided in the resuscitation unit.

Surgery Unit No. 2 is treated on the basis of an insurance policy for patients with cancer of various organs:

  • of the stomach;
  • of esophagus;
  • of the intestine;
  • of the breast;
  • skin.

Surgical interventions of varying complexity are carried out here according to various methods. Patients can be accommodated in free wards for 2-4 people. They have special beds, the position of which is regulated in automatic mode. Also near the cot there is a staff call button. In each ward there is a separate bathroom.

It is possible to place the patient on a paid basis. Single rooms with all conveniences are equipped for this purpose. They also have a refrigerator and a TV.

Other structural units

Surgery Department No. 3 deals with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer tumors localized in the locomotor apparatus. Here, surgical intervention with bone resection with further endoprosthetics is used.

On a paid basis, limb prosthetics are possible after treatment of the underlying disease. Patients are located in 2 or 4-person wards or in a single room for additional calculation.

62 Oncological hospital Krasnogorsk

Department № 4 conducts reconstructive-plastic surgery after the end of the main treatment. Here, visible defects are eliminated after surgery to remove tumors.

Women can do breast prosthetics or produce abdominal plastic to remove scarring and scars.

Surgical Department No. 5 specializes in the removal of metastases in various organs. Particular attention is paid to liver treatment with the help of the latest technology.

The laparoscopy method is also actively used to remove tumors in the large intestine. Resection of the stomach and tail of the pancreas is performed. There are different types of comfort room for patients.

Urological and gynecological departments

The treatment of cancers of the genital and urinary system is carried out here. Chemo- and radiotherapy is actively used. Experienced surgeons remove the diseased kidney or part of it.

The department employs professional nurses who care for bed patients and at any time can provide the necessary assistance. Patients are placed in general and paid chambers.

62 city oncological hospital Krasnogorsk

The gynecological department of the city cancer hospital No. 62 in Krasnogorsk successfully treats neoplasms of the female reproductive system. Here, the cervix and uterus are removed by the laparoscopic method. After that, the patients already on day 3-5 can be discharged for rehabilitation home.

Thoracic department at the Oncological Hospital No. 62( Krasnogorsk)

Here is medical care for patients with lung, bronchus, pleura, trachea. The department uses a variety of surgical procedures:

  • tracheobronchoplasty with maximum preservation of pulmonary tissue;
  • angiobronchoplasty - involving in the process of the main vessels;
  • cervical-mediastinal lymphadenectomy with simultaneous removal of metastases;
  • pneumonectomy - removal of a part of the lung;
  • videotoracoscopic method of excision of tumors, etc.

62 oncological hospital Krasnogorsk thoracic department

The department is designed for simultaneous treatment of 30 patients. There are common and single-paid chambers here. The medical staff is on duty 24 hours a day. Patients are followed by increased surveillance and care after surgery.

Day hospital

In Oncologic Hospital No 62( Krasnogorsk) patients can be treated without mandatory hospitalization. Here, excision of birthmarks is performed surgically or with the help of laser devices. After that the material is necessarily sent for histological examination.

And also in the day hospital chemotherapy is conducted for patients who do not need hospital care. People come here at the appointed time and after giving a clinical blood test they can start the next course of therapy.

If the state of health of the patient allows, then in 5-6 hours he goes home with recommendations from the treating doctor.

Also in this department, surgeries of ENT organs are performed, which do not require the use of general anesthesia.

The procedure for hospitalization of

Many patients are interested in the question of how to get to oncological hospital No.62( Krasnogorsk) for treatment. The reception is open 24 hours a day. Here, first aid is delivered to patients who are already being treated at the clinic.

On a scheduled hospitalization must be recorded in advance. To do this, you need to visit the oncology clinic number 62, which is located in Moscow at: Staropetrovsky Proezd, 6.

62 oncological hospital Krasnogorsk how to get

You need to have a referral from your local doctor and the policy. If the doctor decides to be hospitalized, he will issue a special completed form for the hospital admission office.

And also in oncological clinic it is possible to undergo treatment on a fee basis. Such a service can be used by residents of Russia and other countries. In this case, the policy is not required.

Reviews about the medical institution

There are a lot of comments on the Internet resources about the work of the oncological hospital № 62 in Krasnogorsk. Basically, all the reviews are positive. Patients are satisfied with a high level of comfort and modern methods of diagnosing cancer.

Patients note that doctors here are highly qualified and friendly to patients. Several negative reviews can be found about the queue for hospitalization on the policy.

Special thanks are due to the following specialists: oncologist Melnikov P. V., chemotherapist Blinovskikh NA, as well as surgeons O. V. Dobrynin and A. P. Fedotova