How to breathe correctly during labor and childbirth so that everything goes perfectly!

Childbirth is a painful and difficult process. In order for them to be as successful as possible, you need to be able to listen to your obstetrician and breathe properly. The fact is that breathing by a certain technique will help to reduce the level of pain during childbirth. Also from the breathing technique will depend on the health of the baby, which is experiencing an acute shortage of oxygen. This article will tell you how to breathe correctly during fights and childbirth.

how to breathe properly during labor and delivery

Complex of respiratory exercises

Learn to breathe properly. These exercises need to be brought to automatism. Repeat them for 10-15 minutes every day from the very first weeks of pregnancy. Then the body will "remember" how to breathe correctly during labor and birth. The need for a specific type of breathing at each next stage of labor will be reminded by an obstetrician. Therefore, you need to learn the exercises in advance. Immediately after the opening of the uterus for 5 or more centimeters, the bouts become more intense. The fetal bladder either breaks itself, or is pierced by the doctor. There is nothing to prevent the uterus from pushing the child out. It is at this time that the pain is the strongest. To experience less pain, you can use these breathing techniques:

  1. "Candle".Make a normal breath and a gentle exhalation that mimics the blowing out of the candle. At home light the candle and blow on it according to the method. The fire should bend, but do not go out. So you will understand that you are doing everything right. Such breathing should be used when the onset of painful bouts occurs.
  2. "The Great Candle".Take a deep breath and exhale through the slightly closed lips. The air should go out with a noise. And now our training candle should be extinguished by a stream of air. So you need to breathe during the peak of the fight and pain. This breathing will cause the release of endorphins, which dull the painful sensations.
  3. "Steam Engine".At the beginning of the bout, breathe a "candle", at the peak, go to the "big candle" and end with a deep breath and a calm, full exhalation. Now you will have a few seconds of respite.

learn to breathe properly

Breathing during attempts

With the onset of the birth itself, the breath will be slightly different. How to breathe correctly during labor and birth to oxygenate your body and the baby? After all, the lack of oxygen for a long time - this is very dangerous for the brain of the newborn. During the beginning of the attempt, it will be necessary to breathe out the fight until the cervix is ​​fully opened, but it will be too early to push. To help the baby move along the birth canal and avoid ruptures, breathe superficially, "like a dog."On the maternity chair, while there are fights, childbirth, we breathe at the command of an obstetrician. When the doctor gives the command to push, you need to take one deep breath, as if you are going to dive.

For labor battles we breathe on command, we concentrate our attention on the lower abdomen and push the baby with abdominal muscles. After the fight you need to breathe out and relax. For one fight you have to manage to thrice thrice.

It is very important to know how to breathe properly during labor and birth, because that will determine the health of your baby. Help him and yourself, and let everything go perfectly. Light birth to you.