The most effective means of diarrhea

Diarrhea among the population of the country is considered a fairly common violation of the digestive tract. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, and it is from this that the choice of a remedy for diarrhea depends.

Methods of treatment of diarrhea .It is worth noting that diarrhea in some cases is a symptom of a more dangerous disease. In the event that diarrhea is accompanied by vomiting, nausea, cutting pain in the abdomen, impurities of blood in the stool, then you must immediately go to the hospital.

The best remedies for diarrhea are proper drinking regimen, diet and intake of adsorbents. It is worth remembering that acute diarrhea can lead to dehydration of the body and a violation of the water-salt balance. That is why it is so important to consume as much liquid as possible - at least eight glasses a day. You can drink clean, digested water, but the best non-carbonated mineral water, as it will help restore the stock of salts and ions.

There are a variety of diarrhea reme

dies, but it is best to choose adsorbents - they will stop diarrhea and not harm the body. The most optimal drug is "Smecta" - a powder of clay with additives. This remedy protects the intestinal mucosa from irritation, and quickly removes toxins, viral particles and bacteria from the body, which in most cases are the cause of diarrhea. Drink the drug three times a day and for at least three days - only in this way you can remove irritation from the intestinal mucosa and prevent possible complications.

If at hand there are no other means, then you need to take at least activated charcoal. For ten kilograms of the mass of the human body, one tablet of coal is taken. This drug is considered a fairly good adsorbent.

You need to pay attention to proper nutrition. For example, in the first three days from the beginning of diarrhea it is recommended to give up solid food. Include in the diet liquid soups, fruit purees, kefir and sour-milk products. In the event that diarrhea is caused by dysbacteriosis, it is recommended to take also special preparations containing lacto- or bifidobacteria.

Folk remedies for diarrhea .Many recipes are available in the arsenal of folk medicine men. To treat diarrhea, different foods, herbal tea, and hot teas are used. Propolis and bird cherry with diarrhea. To prepare this medicine, take a large spoonful of dried fruits of the plant and pour 200 ml of boiling water. Now cook the mixture on a small fire for no more than 10 - 15 minutes. After the liquid has cooled it must be filtered and add 30 drops of tincture of 20% propolis. Drink 100 ml of medication for half an hour before meals. In a day you need 2 - 3 admission. Rice decoction from diarrhea. To prepare, take a small cup of rice cereal( about 100 grams) and pour it about 800 ml of water. Cook the porridge on low heat until boiling. Now the broth needs to be cooled and carefully filtered. Drink a third of a cup of broth every two hours. By the way, this means can be taken even for young children.

Pomegranate crusts from diarrhea. The pomegranate is a very useful product, both its granules and the crust, so it should not be thrown away - it's best to dry it. To prepare the medicine, take a tablespoon of finely chopped pomegranate crusts and pour a glass of hot water. Cover the container and insist until it cools completely. Now the broth can be filtered. The whole mixture must be drunk at a time, preferably in the morning and on an empty stomach.

Apparently, there are a lot of recipes that help cure diarrhea, both in traditional and in folk medicine. But if you suspect yourself of some more serious violation, or if diarrhea does not stop for several days, despite all your attempts, it is better to seek medical help.