"Arthrosan": analogues, instructions and references

How and for what use should the preparation "Arthrosan" be used? The instructions, analogs and indications for the purpose of this medication will be described below. Also we will tell you about the form in which the medicament and its substitutes are made, what components are included in their composition, what the patients are saying about them, etc. arthrosan analogues

Form, packaging and description of the preparation, its composition

In what form is the medication "Artrozan" sold? Analogues and the medication itself have different release forms:

  • Tablets. Active substance of this form is meloxicam. It also includes auxiliary elements in the form of lactose monohydrate, colloidal silicon dioxide, sodium citrate, povidone, potato starch and magnesium stearate. Tablets "Artrozan"( analogues Russian and foreign will be presented in the article) can have different shades of yellow. Such a preparation is produced in a flat form with a facet and a risk in the middle. It is packed in blisters, which are placed in a cardboard box.
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  • Solution for intramuscular administration of "Artrozan"( injections).Instructions for use( analogs of this form are presented below) states that this medication also contains the basic substance in the form of meloxicam. In addition, the solution contains additional components such as sodium chloride, glycine, poloxamer, water, a monomolar sodium hydroxide solution, and glycofurol. This form of the drug is available as a transparent and yellow-green liquid in ampoules packed in cardboard packs.

Forms of analogues and their composition

If you can not use the drug "Artrosan" you can apply the following analogs:

  • Solution for intramuscular introduction "Movalis".The active substance of this drug is meloxicam( auxiliary components: meglumine, poloxamer, glycofurfurol, glycine, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, water d / u).Tablets of flat-cylindrical form "Meloksikam".The active ingredient of this medication is also meloxicam( excipients: microcrystalline cellulose, lactose, povidone, sodium citrate dihydrate, sodium carboxymethyl starch, silicon dioxide colloid, calcium stearate).
  • Tablets and solution for injection "Melbek".The active element of this drug is meloxicam( secondary ingredients: povidone, anhydrous lactose, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium citrate, crospovidone, colloidal anhydrous silica).

Mechanism of action of the drug "Artrozan" and its analogues. Pharmacokinetics

How does the drug "Artrozan" work? Analogues and the medication itself containing an active substance, such as meloxicam, are derivatives of oxycam. They have an anti-inflammatory effect by blocking the enzyme cicoxygenase-2 and the synthesis of prostaglandins, which are directly involved in the arachidonic acid cycle.

After the use of drugs, the activity of inflammatory mediators, as well as the permeability of the vessel walls, is significantly reduced. At the same time, reactions with free radicals slow down. arthrosan

The analgesic effect of drugs is due to a decrease in the activity of the interaction of nerve endings and prostaglandins.

What are the pharmacokinetic features of the drug "Artrozan"?Analogues and the above mentioned drug reach a maximum concentration in the blood for 3-5 days. Medications bind well to proteins( about 99%).Their metabolism takes place in the liver, resulting in the formation of 4 metabolites. However, they play no role in the pharmacodynamic processes.

Drugs are excreted from the body together with urine and feces.

Features of analogues

  • The drug "Movalis" has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect in any inflammation of the articular parts of the body.
  • Medication "Meloksikam".The anti-inflammatory effect of this drug is associated with a slowing down of the enzymatic activity of COX-2.
  • Medication "Melbek", as well as other analogs, belongs to the group of NSAIDs.

Indications for use of the drug "Arthrosan" and its analogues

Analog of the drug "Arthrosan" and the drug itself is prescribed for the same indications. All of the above medicines are designed to treat various inflammations of the joints, accompanied by pain:

  • for osteochondrosis;
  • for osteoarthritis;
  • for rheumatoid arthritis;
  • in myositis;
  • with ankylosing spondylitis;
  • with radiculitis.

arthrosan injections instruction manual

Contraindications to the use of the drug and its analogues

Under what conditions can not use the drug "Arthrosan", the analogs of this drug? According to the attached instructions, the following medications( "Arthrosan", "Movalisa", "Meloxicam", "Melbek") have the following contraindications for use:

  • duodenal ulcer and stomach;
  • drug allergy;
  • susceptibility to drug substances;
  • intolerance of NSAID groups;
  • bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • age to 15 years;
  • polyps in the nasal cavity and nose;
  • severe forms of renal, cardiac and hepatic insufficiency;
  • hyperkalemia;
  • hemophilia;
  • lactation and pregnancy.

How should I take medications "Movalis", "Meloksikam", "Melbek" and "Artrozan"?

Analog "Movalis", as well as preparations "Meloksikam" and "Melbek" are prescribed in the same dosages as "Artrozan".

Preparations in the form of tablets are prescribed once a day during meals, they should be drunk with plain water. The daily dose of these drugs is 7.5-15 mg( depends on the course of the disease and the intensity of the pain syndrome).analogue of arthrosan in ampoules

If medications can not be taken orally, doctors prescribe intramuscular injections. In this case, the daily dosage is also 7.5-15 mg. In this case, therapy starts with small doses and increases it to achieve the desired effect. It is highly recommended not to exceed the dose, since in this case the risks of adverse reactions may increase.

Drug overdose

When using increased doses of "Artrozan", "Movalis", "Meloksikam" and "Melbek", the following symptoms may appear in the patient:

  • indigestion;
  • epigastric pain( bleeding in the stomach is possible);
  • vomiting and nausea;
  • impaired consciousness;
  • respiratory arrest;
  • asystole;
  • disorders in the functioning of the liver and kidneys.

To eliminate such symptoms, the affected person is washed with a stomach and appointed with enterosorbents.

Adverse effects of "Arthrosan" and its analogues

arthrosan analogues Russian

When taking drugs "Arthrosan", "Movalis", "Meloksikam" and "Melbek" quite often there are such undesirable phenomena as:

  • food indigestion, belching, stomach ulcer, gastric bleeding;
  • hepatitis, increased activity and level of liver enzymes, acute renal failure;
  • bronchospasm, angioedema, peripheral edema;
  • tachycardia, anaphylaxis;
  • leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, anemia;
  • headache, disorientation, drowsiness, dizziness, blurred vision;
  • esophagitis, allergic reactions on the skin, photosensitivity, skin itching;
  • stomatitis, conjunctivitis and urticaria.

Drug Interaction

Combine the preparations "Arthrosan", "Movalis", "Meloksikam" and "Melbek" with other medications should be very cautious. To find out which complex of drugs is acceptable for the treatment of joints and which one is not, it is necessary to consult a doctor and study the attached instructions. By the way, in the latter the following features of the preparations are indicated:

  • in combination with the means, which lower the pressure, their effectiveness decreases;
  • in combination with "Cyclosporine" and diuretics increases the risk of developing kidney failure;
  • in combination with fibrinolytics, vitamin K antagonists, heparin and serotonin reuptake inhibitors may cause bleeding in the patient.

It should also be said that the medications "Artrozan", "Movalis", "Meloksikam" and "Melbek" are combined with caution with lithium preparations, intrauterine contraceptives, other NSAIDs, "Kolestyramin" and "Methotrexate".

Special recommendations for the reception of

analogues The use of nonsteroidal preparations for the treatment of joints can mask serious infectious diseases that occur in the body of the patient. arthrosan analogue

With long-term use of drugs( longer than two weeks), it is necessary to monitor liver and kidney function.

If a person has a predisposition to an ulcer of the duodenum or stomach, then use medicines "Artrozan", "Movalis", "Meloksikam" and "Melbek" with extreme caution. In this case, it is better to use a solution for intramuscular injection.

In the event of the effects that are associated with a decrease in the speed of psychomotor reactions, it is necessary to stop working with complex mechanisms, and in no case to sit behind the wheel of vehicles.

Medicinal analogue

"Arthrosan" in ampoules and tablets has many analogues in the modern pharmaceutical market( Russian and foreign).The main analogues were listed above. Also, similar products include:

  • "Mataren",
  • "Bi-ksikam",
  • "Medsikam",
  • "Movasin",
  • "Lem",
  • "M-kam",
  • "Mirlocks",
  • "Mesipol",
  • «Amelotex»,
  • «Meloks»,
  • «Meloksam»,
  • «Movix»,
  • «Meloflam» and others.

The most approximate analogue of the drug "Artrozan" is the "Movalis" medication. It is also an NSAID.This agent refers to the derivatives of enolic acid. It has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic effects.

Also very often the drug "Arthrosan" is replaced by "Meloxicam" or "Melbek".These are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that have analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects.

All of the above analogs are designed to reduce pain, which is manifested in various joint diseases. It is rather difficult to distinguish among them, especially effective, as all of them fully cope with the task.

It should also be noted that these drugs have similar side effects and contraindications( see above).

analogue of arthrosan medicine

Reviews of patients about medicinal preparations

The majority of people leave positive responses about preparations "Atrosan", "Movalis", "Meloksikam" and "Melbek".In their opinion, these medicines are available, but they are highly effective. Many patients, they in the shortest time help get rid of pain syndromes, which are manifested in various joint diseases.

It should also be noted that the tablet form of these drugs has the same effect as injections.

Among the minuses of the drug "Atrosan" and the above analogs, side reactions in the form of stomach pains, headaches and dizziness are often noted.