Vladimir Frolov - manual therapist

Frolov Vladimir Alexandrovich - an osteopath, professor, academician and associate professor of the department. His contribution to non-traditional medicine is undeniable, he wrote a lot of scientific works, confirmed by years of successful practice.

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Vladimir Alexandrovich Frolov - manual therapist, widely known among psychotherapists and osteopaths for his research. The last decade, manual therapy has gained a lot of popularity. On the Internet, a large number of positive reviews of enthusiastic people, who managed to get rid of pain and chronic diseases.

The difference between massage and manual therapy

Vladimir Frolov believes that, despite the fact that outwardly these procedures are very similar, these are completely different things. Osteopaths use massage as the preparation of the body for basic treatment. Manual therapy acts directly on the spine itself. When massage is a superficial effect on muscle tissue. frolov vladimir alexandrovich

The main secrets of health

Vladimir Frolov does not call everyone to engage in professional sports. He is convinced that it is more prevalent negative impact due to injuries and constant overloads. However, this allows doctors to study the possibilities of a person, so he has great respect for athletes.

According to the therapist, physical exercises in everyday life should be an integral part of culture. In general, the state of our health is due to three factors: mental state, nutrition, physical activity. Despite the simplicity, sticking to all three rules can be quite difficult in modern life. There is one secret - 10 thousand steps every day. They will get rid of excess weight, pain and shortness of breath.

Manual therapy - a panacea for all diseases?

On the question of whether it is possible to cure osteopathy of heart disease, vision, internal organs, improve female health, and develop sexual activity, Vladimir Frolov answered in the affirmative. Often pain in the spine is confused with pain in the heart. A professional, interacting with the receptors of the heart muscle and the spine, can relieve painful spasms.

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Nonspecific eye diseases, female diseases - all this can be cured with manual therapy. Also, manual therapists practice the treatment of diseases in such areas as gastroenterology, traumatology, orthopedics. Many women reported getting rid of frigidity after a full course of therapy.

Manual therapist without medical education: a fraudster or a professional?

Recently, a lot of "experts" have divorced, graduated from short-term massage courses and position themselves as manual therapists. Asked whether this is a violation, Vladimir Frolov replied that since 1997 the specialty Manual therapist was officially registered in the register of medical professions. This is a kind of bloodless surgery, which can only be practiced by specialists with medical education.

Non-specialists can cause serious damage to health, in practice, the doctor had many complications caused by unprofessional therapists. There may be a separation of the bone structure, rupture of tendons, ligaments, vertebral arteries, etc.

Are the painful feelings during the procedure?

During the session, slight pain is acceptable, but it all depends on the specific case. In certain diseases, pain can be a measure of healing. However, after the procedure, painful impulses should not occur. Their presence suggests that the session was conducted incorrectly, and the goal was not achieved.

Vladimir Frolov

Do not be frightened by the slight crunching of joints during a session, this is just an acoustic effect caused by effervescent gases in the synovial fluid. Each joint contains this liquid, and when pressed, a crunch occurs.

How often you need to visit the room of the therapist

Frolov Vladimir Aleksandrovich recommends going to the osteopath at least 2 times a year. With constant examination, early detection of diseases and their prevention is possible. It is much easier to cure the disease at the initial stage than to fight its consequences. In the early stages of one or two sessions is enough.