How to treat acute prostatitis?

Acute prostatitis is an inflammatory disease of the prostate, which is characterized by the symptoms of local inflammation, as well as a violation of the functions of the urinary and reproductive systems.

The main cause of prostatitis is an acute infectious process, against which there is a decrease in immunity with prostate cancer. The risk group of the disease includes people who have the following medical history: kidney pathology, caries, sinusitis, genital pathology, previous operations in the pelvis, proctitis, hemorrhoids.

The main causative agent of prostatitis is E. coli.

Acute prostatitis is classified into the following types:

- catarrhal, in which prostate edema occurs;

- follicular;

is parenchymatous when prostate inflammation takes place.

Types of lesions of prostate tissues:

- focal, if only a certain area is exposed to the inflammatory process;

is diffuse when total damage occurs.

Classification of complications:

- complicated( thrombosis, abscess, inflammation of surrounding tissues);

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- uncomplicated.

Acute prostatitis is accompanied by the following symptoms:

- fever, chills, chills;

- pain syndrome in the lower abdomen, suprapubic part, as well as the perineum, pain is increased during intercourse;

- painful urination, which can be intermittent;

- the following symptoms rarely appear: decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorder.

Acute prostatitis is diagnosed by the following algorithm:

- medical examination;

- laboratory examination of urine;

- diagnosis of diseases that are transmitted sexually;

- microscopic examination;

- ultrasound examination of the prostate and abdominal cavity;

- antibacterial treatment.

If an acute prostatitis has been diagnosed, treatment of this type of disease is carried out only in a hospital. The basis for the treatment of acute prostatitis is the use of antibiotics. Also with the help of anti-inflammatory drugs, pain is stopped. Medicines can be in tablets or in the form of candles. To reduce the pain syndrome appoint analgin intramuscularly.

For the treatment of prostatitis it is recommended to hold enemas with solutions from calendula or chamomile, also take a warm bath.

Not the last place in the treatment of acute prostatitis is physioprocedures. Together with drug treatment, they give the opportunity to quickly recover the entire body.

During and after treatment it is necessary to observe a medical diet, try less to eat salty, hot, smoked. It is worth giving preference to products that contain fiber.

It is necessary to exercise to a moderate degree. It is necessary to avoid heavy loads, as well as cycling and equestrian sports. It is best in the first time suitable bed rest and minimum level of stress.

You must avoid hypothermia.

In any case, if you find signs of prostatitis, urgently need to see a doctor, and in no case do self-medication.