High-pressure psychosomatics: the reasons for what to do

High blood pressure is found not only among the elderly, but also in young people. The fault of this condition can be physiological, and in addition, psychosomatic causes that cause hypertension. The therapeutic measures of the presented pathology include a whole complex approach. It is required to take them already at the first pressure jumps, until the hypertonic pathology has developed into a chronic form. high pressure psychosomatics

In this article, we will consider in detail the psychosomatics of high pressure.

Hypertension: What is it?

Hypertension, or, in terminological terms, essential hypertension, is a disease in which the main symptom is the high blood pressure values. Often, this pathology is recorded in adults who are older than forty years, but at a young age also quite often notice cases of such a violation. Hypertension among people is met regardless of gender. The psychosomatics of increasing the pressure, the pulse to the end has not been studied. This disease is the main cause of death among patients su

ffering from cardiac and vascular disorders.

Which pressure is high?

Increased is considered the pressure at which the values ​​of the tonometer rise above 135/80 millimeters of mercury in the sequential threefold measurement for fourteen days. The most optimal for a healthy state of health, and besides, for normal working capacity of this or that person is arterial pressure 120/80 millimeters of mercury.

As a result of other diseases

It should be noted that hypertension quite often becomes the result of any other diseases. Thus, it can be provoked, for example:

  • Excess body weight.
  • Development of diabetes mellitus.
  • Presence of various cardiac pathologies.
  • Development of atherosclerosis.
  • Presence of osteochondrosis.

psychosomatics high pressure causes

Negative impact on the quality of life

Plus, directly itself arterial hypertension can cause other ailments, significantly worsening the quality of human life. The most dangerous complications of hypertensive disease is stroke, as well as myocardial infarction. However, even if it does not come to that, realize that from now on until the end of life it is necessary to adhere to a certain diet, constantly measuring the pressure, taking medication every day, refusing to engage in sports and outdoor activities, it is very sad. The psychosomatics of increasing the pressure here play an important role.

But taking into account the fact that hypertension is not considered a disease as such, a drug that could fully cure it, is also not available for the moment, and it is unlikely that it will appear, since the development of this illness depends on many different factors, includingnumber and psychological.

High-pressure psychosomatics will be discussed below.

What are the causes of high blood pressure?

To the main reasons for the development of hypertension include the following factors:

  • Excess body weight.
  • Instability of the emotional background. Excessive nervous shocks.
  • Brain Injuries.
  • Diseases that are chronic and have a negative effect on the operation of blood vessels and heart.
  • Hereditary predisposition of the organism.
  • Diseases that are of an infectious and viral nature.
  • Age changes in the vessels. Quite often happens that low pressure with age grows into increased.
  • Excessive cholesterol levels, which in turn provoke the formation of plaques that interfere with normal circulation of the blood stream.
  • Menopausal reactions of the female body. At this time, often low pressure can jump to high rates.
  • The presence of bad habits and abuse of them.
  • Excessive consumption of salty foods.
  • Rapid increase in adrenaline in the body.
  • Sedentary and sedentary lifestyle.

high pressure psychosomatics how to cope

High-Pressure Psychosomatics

Some psychiatrists have high rates of pressure in humans due to excessive obligations. As practice shows, such people have grandiose plans, the implementation of which takes too much effort and time including. Therefore, in order to realize these goals, excessive effort is required. From all this we can conclude that the cause of high-pressure psychosomatics is the body's response to great fatigue, and, in addition, to the emotions that arise with frustration or excessive excitement.

Selfish features of

Many hypertensives are characterized by selfish traits. These people go to great lengths to realize their goals. This character trait contributes to the achievement of significant results in the career sphere, however, it negatively affects human health. The phenomenon of high-pressure psychosomatics in such cases is manifested with the same frequency in young and old people.

Active position

The disease indicates an active position of a person. This is a kind of answer to the obstacles that arise throughout the course of life. Arterial pressure, among other things, can increase in the person who for a long time is not able to release unresolved situations. As a result, such people regularly find themselves in suspense, feeling a sense of distrust and fear.

Causes of high-pressure psychosomatics

For psychosomatic reasons that contribute to the onset of hypertension, the following factors are involved:

  • As a result of feelings such as anger, hostility or irritability, people are significantly elevated blood pressure.
  • Excessive stiffness along with excessive stubbornness also contribute to the development of hypertensive disease in humans.
  • Feeling of anxiety and fear. People with similar emotions are characterized by excessive emotional instability along with a tendency to frequent hysterics. These conditions help stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, increasing the total amount of stress hormones in the blood. As a result of all this, a person can sharply raise blood pressure to very high rates. In this frequent and repeated experience of anxiety and fears provoke the formation of hypertensive disease of a chronic nature.

high pressure psychosomatics opinion of doctors

How to cope with psychosomatics of high pressure, not everyone knows.

Stages of the disease

Disorders of psychosomatic nature are manifested, as a rule, gradually. This is due to the weakening of the body's defenses, which simply stop restraining physical and mental damage. Specialists distinguish the following stages of psychosomatics:

  • Psychosocial. At this stage, tasks that are in urgent need of resolution are being formed. The main reaction to external stimuli, as a rule, are those or other internal decisions of a person and his subsequent actions.
  • Psycho-protective( or, in other words, the adaptation stage).For the second stage, there is typically a violation in the reception of decisions aimed at solving the problem. Because of this failure in the body, psychological protection is included in itself. Despite the fact that the internal feeling of discomfort is developing, thanks to the triggered protective mechanisms, it is possible to cope with negative emotions. At this stage, you can get rid of the symptoms if the root cause of the abnormalities is identified.
  • Psychosomatic stage. At this stage, the internal suppressed conflict is transformed into a bodily disorder, which, in turn, causes symptoms of physical ailments. During the psychosomatic stage, mental discomfort is greatly weakened, and the physical, on the contrary, only increases.
  • The last stage. For this stage, the self-destruction of the organism is characteristic because of the impossibility of restraining the painful mental experiences. Such psychosomatic processes can very often trigger fatal diseases. The psychic in this case is no longer able to cope with protective functions, therefore at a subconscious level pathological states are formed. These conditions are subsequently chronic diseases, and in addition, hereditary nature and various dependencies.

Let's figure out what to do with high-pressure psychosomatics. increased pulse pressure psychosomatics

What should I do?

In order to be healed of hypertension, a person should at least try to reconsider his whole life position. First of all, it would be advisable to draw a negative picture of the surrounding world and life circumstances into something positive. It is extremely important in this case, the correct redistribution of their goals and responsibilities, including.

High-pressure patients are advised to realize that all people are completely different, so you should learn to accept them as they are. Among other things, you should give rest to your body from hard work and thought processes. It is very useful to be among your friends more often, doing what you love.

Treatment of hypertension without medical drugs

To date, there are many different drugs that help normalize and maintain blood pressure. But, in addition to medicines, there are other ways to combat hypertension, which are recommended by psychologists:

  • The day should begin with sincere gratitude towards all surrounding people, and also the world for the fact that it is given the opportunity to live in it. In the event that it seems that it is very difficult, it is worth remembering all the disabled people who, if they had the opportunity, would give away much simply for walking like all other people on two legs, moving independently, living, loving and working.
  • You should try to do only what you really like. It is recommended to do this even if it requires a radical change in your life, changing your place of work, and also a circle of acquaintances.
  • You should try to visit only those people who are pleasant and loved by a person. With the same to whom the dislike is experienced, it is strictly forbidden to communicate, as this has a very negative impact on the psychoemotional state, as well as on the work of the heart and blood vessels.
  • You can not give up taking a vacation. You can not neglect and weekend during the week. They must be taken and, at least sometimes, at least one day in the week dedicated only to themselves, as well as their hobbies and thoughts.
  • You should definitely get enough sleep every day. To an adult, in order to fully restore strength and feel cheerful, you need to sleep at least eight hours a day.

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  • In case if there is a need, you can make an appointment for a consultation with a psychotherapist. Many patients are not able to self-admit themselves to their real desires and aspirations. And very often only a professional doctor can help in this and greatly facilitate the existence. How else can normalize high blood pressure for psychosomatics?
  • Also, psychologists are advised to write a list of one hundred items, each of which will be a secret desire. But, before making a wish list in this list, you should carefully think over and analyze, whose it really is. It's no secret that many desires have been imposed on people by parents since childhood. And do it not only parents, but also friends, society, bosses and so on. It is not even worth thinking about such desires, as they, most likely, will not bring the expected happiness and emotional peace. Having determined their true desires, it is necessary, if possible, to try to fulfill them for themselves. Such a technique will help strengthen the nervous system, normalize psycho-emotional well-being and positively affect the work of the cardiac system.

Below is the opinion of doctors about high-pressure psychosomatics.

Opinion of specialists

Doctors confirm that to date, high blood pressure is one of the most common diseases. In addition to drug treatment, which is appointed by a doctor, it is extremely important to conduct psychological therapy. Of course, it is not always possible for a person to change the place of his work and even more radically change his way of life, but he should start small, for example, give the body better sleep, a little more rest and receive positive emotions.

Liz Burbo on high-pressure psychosomatics has a certain opinion. In his book "Your body says:" Love yourself! "The author points out the possible metaphysical causes of problems with high blood pressure. To the emotional blocking the person, according to the author, resorts independently, which provokes the development of the disease.

high pressure psychosomatic lys bupbo
Patients are strongly pressured by themselves, because of their overemotionality. They are experiencing again and again the same situations that serve as a reminder to him of old psychological trauma. He dramatizes the situation. Due to intense mental activity, a person experiences many different emotions. He is very sensitive: he wants people around him to be happy, he tries to achieve this goal with all his might. As a result, its pressure rises. The author recommends that you lower your requirements for yourself and others, relax and enjoy life. This normalizes his state of health.

What does Louise Haye say about high-pressure psychosomatics?

In her book, "Heal Yourself", the main negative attitudes that lead to illnesses are indicated. In contrast, harmonizing thoughts that can lead to healing are described. This is directly related to high blood pressure. Most often, unresolved chronic emotional problems lead to the illness. They need to get rid of.