Bubbles on the lips: causes and treatment

Bubbles on the lips - a thing not only unsightly, but also unpleasant. They give their owners a lot of discomfort. This ailment can be caused by a number of reasons: from banal hypothermia to the appearance of the most serious diseases. As a rule, the treatment of these formations is carried out in a complex way, it is not only the use of external medicines, but also the strengthening of immunity, the ingestion of antiviral drugs.

Types of bubbles on the lips

Bubbles on the lips arise from the appearance of two major diseases - stomatitis and herpes. In the first case, ulcers are formed on the mucous membrane of the mouth and the outer side of the lips. This disease can be both herpetic, and fungal, aphthous, allergic. Depending on the origin, stomatitis can have a different appearance:

  • Herpetic vesicle on the lip inside and on the lip border.
  • Afts, which are round sores that have a red or white border and white coating in the middle. Occur both in the oral cavity, and on its outer side.
  • Ulcers with white curdled sputum.
  • Single vesicles and ulcers.

Often, education on the lip, in the mouth( vesicle), is a manifestation of allergic stomatitis. This disease forms large separately located vesicles, in contrast to herpetic formations, which are manifested by multiple transparent eruptions, grouped in one place. Treatment of such stomatitis occurs antihistamine drugs.

Stomatitis is almost always formed on the mucous membrane of the mouth, especially on the inside of the lower lip. If the disease affected the visible area of ​​the lips, then its origin is herpetic in nature and should be treated appropriately.

bubbles on the lips

Herpes is the most common disease on the lips, which provokes the appearance of both vesicles and seizures, stomatitis. Watery formations eventually turn into damp sores.

If the disease is not treated in time, it can spread to new, unaffected areas of the face, cause eye disease, reduce the protective functions of the body, affect the endings of nerve cells and provoke bronchopulmonary diseases.

Symptoms, the way of transmission of herpes

Herpetic vesicles on the lips appear as a result of the virus that can be in the human body for many years and at the most appropriate moment to go outside. It appears in the form of painful and itchy numerous vesicles, which after a few days burst and degenerate into dying wounds. The favorite place of such formations is the lip rim. Herpes, formed only in the mouth area, is called labial.

Bubbles on the lower lip

White bubbles on the lips cause considerable discomfort in the form of itching and soreness of the affected area. Also, the body temperature may increase or the lymph nodes located near this formation may increase.

Treatment of this disease takes no more than fourteen days. First, within two days, the area of ​​the lesion strongly itches. Then, bubbles are formed on it, having a colorless liquid substance inside it, which begins to grow dull during 2-3 days. Vesicles burst, and in their place appear sores. If you apply therapy, the wound will pass within a week, but on condition that the person's immunity is strong enough. With a weak protective function of the organism, there is a possibility of aggravating the situation and developing very negative consequences.

This disease is contagious, and especially at the stage when the formations burst, and lymph is released from them. This is where the virus is in concentrated form. Therefore, it is important to use antiviral therapy in time, otherwise the virus can affect healthy skin areas.

Transmission of infection occurs when in contact with infected areas, through the mucous membrane and damaged skin. From a sick mother to a small child. More infected cells can move from person to person through a towel, dishes, cosmetics and other household items. In childhood, the immune defense of the body is not yet sufficiently formed, and the virus can penetrate through the whole skin without damage and cracks.

Causes of the appearance of bubbles on the lips

According to statistics, about 90% of people are carriers of herpes. It penetrates into the cells and ceases there indefinitely. Over time, the virus can be activated and reach the surface of the skin, due to the fact:

  • cold;
  • subcooling;
  • nervous breakdown, stress;
  • chronic diseases, in the acute stage;
  • premenstrual period;
  • vitamin deficiency;
  • hormonal changes in the body.

If there are bubbles on the lips, the treatment should be started immediately. A pronounced symptom is a sufficiently strong itching in the oral cavity. The therapy started at this stage is able to prevent the appearance of bubbles on the lips. It should be used not only antiviral drugs, but also immunomodulating or immunostimulating medications.

Antiviral drugs

on the lips appeared bubbles photo

Bubbles on the lips can be removed only by antiviral drugs aimed at actively combating herpes. The most common among them are:

  • "Acyclovir".This is a good remedy for colds on the lips. Produced in the form of ointment and in the form of tablets. The drug can be applied both at the first signs of the disease, and in a more neglected form. Ointment is applied to the infected area every four hours for five days. If the disease is accompanied by high fever, then it should be treated with pills, since they act not only on the affected area, but also on the entire body. Direct analogue of this drug is a very famous drug "Zovirax."
  • "Viru-Merz Serol".Another drug, which gives a good result in the treatment of herpes on the lips. Gel is applied topically up to five times a day. If no improvement occurs two days after using this remedy, you should consult your doctor to choose another treatment.
  • "Valaciclovir" and "Famciclovir".Medications that interact with the virus act in the same way as "Acyclovir", but are considered more effective and are applied when the latter does not give a result. Means, similar to "Valaciclovir" and "Famciclovir", a great variety. For example, "Valtrex", "Famvir", "Baneocin", etc.
  • Oxoline ointment. Gives a good result in the treatment of bubbles on the lips at the initial stage. Absolutely safe. It is often used in the treatment of children.

For the therapy of water formations, the drugs that effectively fight the herpes simplex virus are used, and all of them help quickly if used at the first symptoms of the disease. What of the diversity of the pharmaceutical industry is better to choose, only a doctor can correctly tell.

Therapy with immunostimulators

bubble on the lip inside

Watery vesicles on the lips appear with reduced immune defense of the body. A healthy organism can easily withstand the effects of the herpes simplex virus, which breaks through to the surface of the skin, when the defensive forces of a person fail. To prevent such a disease, immunity should be raised.

The most frequent locations of herpes are the upper lip and corners of the mouth. Bubbles on the lower lip mean that the virus has penetrated the human body thoroughly and should be combated with it.

In this case, the course of immunostimulating drugs, which can be performed both during treatment of watery formations and after it, as an independent therapy, is indispensable. For immunostimulating treatment appoint:

  • funds based on interferon, it can be "Viferon", "Cycloferon" and others;
  • immunomodulators on a plant and bacterial basis of natural origin, such as Immunal, Bronchomunal, Ribomunil, Imudon.
  • synthetic drugs, for example, "Polyoxidonium", "Likopid", "Levamisol", etc.

All these drugs are aimed at raising the defenses of the body and can further prevent the appearance and development of herpetic infection.

Folk Treatments for

on the lips appeared bubbles treatment

Bubbles on the lips( photo is located in the article) is the simplest form of herpes, which does not require serious treatment, so many people prefer folk methods of treatment. Typically, this oil is fir, tea tree, marigold or dog rose. These herbal remedies have regenerative and antiseptic qualities. They favorably influence the healing and repair of wounds and dry them.

Positive effect on the cold on the lips affects the infusion of herbs such as chamomile, calendula, bark of oak and celandine. Herbal infusion can not only wipe the damaged areas of the skin, but also do with it lotions, compresses.

The most effective natural remedy is aloe juice. Fresh sheet is applied to the blisters or juice wipe the infected area. Aloe has anti-viral, wound-healing and immunomodulating properties.

Often in the treatment of herpes on the lips use garlic. From it, prepare the gruel or cut the denticle along. They put on a sore several times a day.

Another effective folk remedy is the film, which is located between the egg shell and the protein. The film is applied to the problem site. Periodically, it is changed to a new one. If it dried, then it is moistened with saliva. The procedure is carried out in the evening, before bedtime.

on the lip in the mouth a vial

Features of the disease in children

Bubble on the inside and on the outside of the mouth can be a manifestation of the common cold. In children, this phenomenon directly depends on the state of their immunity. By three years, the kids are losing that immune protection, which their mother gave them at birth, and their own self begins to form. As a result of such changes in the protective system, the child's organism is most vulnerable to various viruses, including herpes.

The next most vulnerable period in children occurs at the age of 6-8 years, that is, when they start going to school. Here, the appearance of the disease is associated with poor oral hygiene and a more extensive range of communication of the child.

To treat colds in childhood, you can oxolin ointment or "Acyclovir".Also in this situation, it is advisable to use folk methods of treatment and do not forget to improve the immunity of the child in every way, including using immunomodulating drugs sold in the pharmacy( for example, Anaferon child).They will help children not only to resist herpes, but also will warn the appearance of colds, ARVI and influenza.

The onset of herpes in pregnant women

Herpes often occurs in pregnant women on the lip, in the mouth. The vial should be treated with antiviral drugs in the event that other therapeutic methods do not help. Exception is the ointment "Acyclovir", which, when used externally, does not enter the bloodstream and does not affect the development of the fetus. It is considered safe oksolinovaya ointment, which can be used at any time of pregnancy. Admission of oral medications with herpes should be done under the close supervision of a doctor.

The transferred disease during pregnancy does not transmit the herpes simplex virus to the child by inheritance.

What should be the food for herpes?

Small bubbles on the lips do not require significant changes in the diet. The only thing, doctors advise to put on herpes products rich in lysine. This amino acid restrains the development of pathogenic flora and is found mainly in chicken, fruits and raw vegetables.

If there are bubbles on the lip, then it is not necessary to lean on chocolate and raisins during this period, as these products contain arginine, which accelerates the growth of the virus.

Preventive measures

If there are bubbles on the lips( photos of this disease do not look very nice), then they should start treating them without delay, as they give their owner aesthetic and physical discomfort.

small bubbles on the lips

In order to prevent the appearance of this disease, you must avoid colds, eat and lead an active lifestyle, and actively strengthen the body's defense system. For this purpose, vitamins and immunomodulating medications are suitable. The daily reception of ascorbic acid will positively affect the health.

It should be remembered and hygiene of the lips. They do not need to be touched with dirty hands, especially in public places. In the cold season, the lips should be protected from frost, otherwise they may form cracks through which any virus will quickly penetrate.

To restore the full properties of the skin after herpes lesions, one should use every day hygienic lipstick, lip cosmetics with the addition of beeswax. Also, the mouth area can be treated with tea tree oil or grapefruit oil. Beneficial effect on the lips will have butter, which they should be lubricated up to 4 times a day.

White bubbles on the lips poison the lives of many people. To prevent them in their lives, you need to closely monitor the health and strengthen it in every possible way.

You should know that it is necessary to treat bubbles on the lips, as the virus can spread, manifest on other parts of the face and body. This will be a disease of a more severe form, and it is much more difficult to cure it.