Why are nightmares: the main factors

If a person is constantly dreaming nightmares - then this is a weighty argument to revise your lifestyle and personal attitude towards it. Dreams have long been a subject of interest in the scientific sphere, but there is incomplete information about them, which allows some to impose a mystical meaning on dreams. In this article we will look at both sides of this issue and find out why nightmares are dreamed and how to avoid it.

Why nightmares: event factors

Sleep is a psycho-physical product of human activity. Therefore, it can not be denied that the external environment and the internal emotional mood affect the quality and character of dreams.

If a person has experienced a lot of loss or stress, then, of course, this affects his psyche, and the subconscious mind "holds" this event until the person mentally annihilates it, changing the attitude or overlapping it with another more significant event.

Even if during wakefulness a person does not think about what happened, but will remember it as something terrible and attach special importance to it, the brain will reproduce this theme in dreams with the help of real or associative images. Therefore, it is very important to get rid of negative emotional ballast in time, which can create regular nightmares.

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Why nightmares occur: a violation of the body

The development of diseases can also be accompanied by nightmarish dreams, even if the symptoms are not yet evident. Any "malfunction" in the body is reflected in dreams, as well as any other of its conditions, so if a person is often accompanied by nightmares and together with this the emotional upheavals were not experienced the day before, this is an excuse to go to the doctor and pay attention to his health.

Why nightmares are created: home atmosphere

Poor sleeping conditions, dark rooms where a person often is, and the general depressing situation have a negative impact on the psyche. Subconscious recording of constant discomfort or even fear can cause nightmares. Consciously a person, being at home, may not realize that the house is uncomfortable, dark, cold and everything does not have to emotional relaxation. But the subconscious mind "remembers" all sensations, and, of course, the most regular of them are realized in dreams. That's why dreams should be treated responsibly, becausewith the help of them you can prevent psychological or even physical destruction of the body.

Why nightmares: minor psychological factors

Even if a person has not experienced a serious emotional shock, he can see nightmares for psychological reasons. This is the situation when the quantity grows into quality: a lot of small unpleasant events, minor irritants in the aggregate can lead to regular nightmares. This is obviously the easiest reason: all that is necessary is to remove irritants or calm down with the help of training or medication. Some people noticed that when using psychically stabilizing drugs, they were either not disturbed by dreams, or they were neutral or even joyful in nature.

What dreams have nightmares: the mystical side of

So, we have already considered the factors that from the scientific point of view can cause nightmares. Now we know whether they predict the forthcoming events, being a signal of the brain that it is necessary to behave more cautiously.

Since subconscious processes are not fully understood and the theory of a unified information field is not confirmed, we can not 100% affirm whether dreams can "come from the future".However, the unique and surprising ability of the brain to analyze and miscalculate is known. Proceeding from this, it can be assumed that the subconscious, oriented to the future, can "guess" some variants of the development of events and display them in a dream. If the calculation is correct, then the event happens, and the person thinks that it was a prophetic dream. Nightmares are not the best prospect for the future, so we can console those who see them: quite often they are not harbingers of destruction, but only a desire for it. A negatively oriented person includes a self-destruction program and thus sees in dreams how he is attacked, he runs away, falls and so on.

Thus, nightmares can be avoided if we pay special attention to our psycho-emotional state and solve internal problems. As we found out, nightmares are not at all a harbinger of fatal events, but, on the contrary, are, most likely, the fruit of a difficult past.