Kazan, "Family Health": address, reviews and photos

Family health is above all. It is unlikely that you will find a person who would spare money for the treatment of relatives. It is no accident that when health problems arise, many seek to seek help from a private medical institution. Paid services are the guarantee of quality therapy. The most popular clinic in Kazan is "Family Health".Here you can perform the diagnosis of the body, undergo treatment for complex diseases.

Background The

"Family Health" in Kazan is a multi-disciplinary medical institution that can provide assistance to adults, elderly patients, and children. The company gained tremendous popularity thanks to modern medical equipment and high qualification of local staff. The material and technical base of the clinic is constantly being improved. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to diagnose at an early stage and treat even the most complex diseases.

kazan family health Kazan is a big metropolis."Family Health" is a network of medical clinics located in different parts of the city. The most visited is the institution on Vosstaniya Street( house 38/51).The clinics also operate at the following addresses: Gvardeiskaya Street, 1/24, Fucika Street, 50, Chistopolskaya Street, 15. All the institutions are located in places with a well-developed infrastructure. The medical facility will be easily accessible both by public transport and by own car.

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The clinic would not have become so popular if it were not for the medical personnel working in it. In the staff of the institution - doctors with extensive experience. Most of them have the highest category. A lot of good reviews can be heard about Abdullin Timur Rafgatovich. This is a specialist who works in the field of homeopathy. Thanks to his knowledge and skills, many patients managed to overcome complex diseases without using expensive drugs.

Patients also respond well to Aksenova Galina Vladimirovna, a pediatrician of the highest category. The specialist knows how to behave with small patients, what to do so that the child does not fear the medical staff.

The "Family Health" clinic in Kazan gathered the best specialists in the field of dentistry, homeopathy, pediatrics, gynecology, neurology, urology, etc. Each doctor performs his work conscientiously, due to the fact that he receives a decent salary.


Center "Family Health" in Kazan offers a range of medical services. However, the greatest number of positive responses can be heard about the work of specialists in the field of genetics. These doctors help to identify the predisposition to one or another disease in the child. It is possible to take tests during pregnancy. This is especially important for those future parents whose relatives suffer from deadly pathologies. The study helps to eliminate the developmental defects of the fetus.

health of the Kazan family In order to get a clear picture, you need to make an appointment with a specialist. Take a medical card with you. The cost of the first consultation with a geneticist is 950 rubles. For each subsequent reception you will have to pay 700 rubles each.


This section of medicine is based on the principles of treatment like the like. Since recently, such practice is considered an official method of therapy. However, experts in the field of homeopathy do not work in all medical institutions of the country."Family Health" in Kazan( Uprising, Chistopol, Fucik, etc. - these are the branches of the clinic in these streets) is an institution where complex diseases are successfully treated in this direction. Treatment of patients is carried out taking into account the propensity to develop allergic reactions to a particular homeopathic drug. Before the patient will be selected the scheme of therapy, a number of studies are carried out.

family health of Kazan uprising In the clinic "Family Health" is widely used the Chinese method of pulsodiagnostics. The appointment of homeopathic preparations begins with extremely small doses. In the future, the daily medication can be increased. It all depends on the clinical picture, as well as the individual response to such therapy of the patient's body.

The most popular specialist in this direction is Abdullin Timur Rafgatovich. To get an appointment with a doctor, you have to register for a few weeks. Good references can also be heard about Stepanova Olga Lvovna, Yamaletdinova Dilyara Maratovna.


Women's health is the health of the family. The leading specialists of the medical institution are sure of this. It is not accidental that much attention is paid to the sphere of gynecology. The clinic has all the necessary resources for the treatment of the most complex female diseases. Due to the correct approach of local specialists, many women were afraid to overcome infertility. If you believe the reviews, some patients specifically come to Kazan."Family health" for them is the last chance to conceive a baby.

clinic family health in Kazan Individual approach to each patient is the motto of the gynecological department. The clinic selects modern methods of contraception, planning and conducting pregnancy. Modern methods of cervical erosion therapy, ovarian inflammation are applied. If necessary, a patient may undergo a medical or surgical abortion. The cost of a gynecological examination is 550 rubles.


This section of medicine is closely related to the previous one. Leading specialists of the clinic are engaged in diagnostics and therapy of benign and malignant breast tumors. The reviews show that breast cancer can be overcome if you seek help in a timely manner. All you need to do is visit the clinic "Family Health" in Kazan. The mode of operation of the medical institution: daily, from 7:00 to 20:00.On Saturday and Sunday, the reception of specialists is conducted until 15:00.

center of health of Kazan family Mammology is a medical field that deals with the study of diseases of the mammary glands. Particularly attentive to one's health should be women older than 30 years. Inspection by a specialist must be done annually. The risk group includes representatives of the weaker sex who, for a number of reasons, failed to perform the reproductive function.


Recently, the number of patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system has increased significantly. If earlier people had problems older than 50 years, today they are young people from 30 years old. Heart diseases develop due to malnutrition, lack of quality rest. Medical clinic in Kazan "Family Health" is a place where everyone can undergo a full-fledged diagnostics of the body, including consultation of a cardiologist. The cost of admission is 700 rubles.

health of the Kazan guards family A lot of good reviews can be heard about Ivanova Alevtina Pavlovna. This is a cardiologist with a long record of work. The doctor takes not only adult patients, but also children with heart defects.


It also offers to rejuvenate the clinic "Family Health" in Kazan. The best cosmetologists of the medical institution work at Gvardeiskaya Street, if you believe the reviews. Pleasing also democratic prices. For the consultative reception of specialists will have to pay only 480 rubles. Further costs will depend on the selected procedures. The most popular are various types of peeling, which allows to improve the complexion, remove fine wrinkles. In one session, on average, you will have to pay 2 thousand rubles.

health reviews of the Kazan family Globally rejuvenate the skin allows biorevitalization. The price of the procedure depends on the drug chosen and varies from 6 to 10 thousand rubles.

What other cosmetology services does the clinic offer? Reviews of "Family Health" in Kazan show that contour plastic, laser facial and body rejuvenation, removal of papillomas and warts, etc. can be performed here.

Patients' comments about the medical institution

In most cases, patients who managed to visit the clinic inKazan "Family Health", speak well of it. Doctors of a medical institution receive a decent payment for their labor, so the work is carried out really qualitatively. The activities of specialists in various fields are closely interrelated. Often, to cure the disease, you have to consult a few doctors at once. In this case, the patient pays only one method.

Prices in the clinic "Family Health" not everyone can call democratic. Patients note that some procedures in other clinics can be performed much cheaper. Along with this, one can meet here narrow specialists, such as homeopaths, manual therapists, rheumatologists, genetics, infectious diseases, etc.