"Meldonius": instructions for use, reviews, analogues

Problems in the work of the cardiovascular system often lead to the fact that the patient can not lead a full-fledged lifestyle. There is excessive fatigue, shortness of breath, insomnia. Without the help of a specialist you can not do. The doctor prescribes a medication that will help improve the patient's condition. Good results show the drug "Meldonius".The instructions for use describe how to take the medicine correctly.

Form of preparation and its composition

Medication is issued in the form of capsules and solution. There is also another name - in pharmacies you can often see tablets "Mildronate".This drug has an identical composition and can be used in medical practice under the same conditions. The main active ingredient is meldonia dihydrate. As auxiliary substances in capsules are used silicon dioxide colloid, potato starch, and also calcium stearate. The solution additionally contains purified water.

meldonium user The drug significantly improves metabolism, inhibits the synthesis of carnitine, prevents the accumulation of fatty acids in the body's cells. Under conditions of ischemia, the preparation "Meldonium" contributes to the normal delivery of oxygen to the cells. Analogs have similar properties.

After ingestion, the capsules are rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. The maximum bioavailability is 78% and is reached after several hours. The main active ingredient is excreted almost completely by the kidneys 6 hours after taking the medication.


The drug "Meldonium" may be part of complex therapy for the treatment of coronary heart disease. The price of capsules is slightly lower than the cost of the solution, so the first option is often assigned. People with chronic heart failure take medication to ensure normal life. How does the drug "Meldonium" work? Tablets improve the general well-being of the patient, increase his efficiency.

meldon analogues After surgery, the drug in the form of a solution can be administered to accelerate the rehabilitation process. The drug "Meldonium" promotes the normal delivery of oxygen to the cells. Thanks to this, the patient's recovery is accelerated. In the complex therapy the solution can be included in the treatment of alcoholism. In addition, drugs are used that reduce cravings for alcohol.


Not everyone can be prescribed the drug "Meldonium".Instructions for use indicate that the drug may be dangerous for people with increased intracranial pressure. Before using the product, it is worth consulting with your doctor. People who suffer from serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, it is desirable to take therapy in a hospital.

The drug "Mildronate"( "Meldonium") is not prescribed to minors. Women during pregnancy and lactation from the use of the drug should also be discarded. The main active ingredient can lead to deviations in fetal development.

milling price Patients who are prone to allergic reactions, the drug should be used with caution. In some cases, hypersensitivity to one of the components of the drug may develop.

Special instructions

Consult your physician before taking Melondon. Capsules should be administered with caution to patients who suffer from kidney failure. Before starting treatment it is advisable to undergo a medical examination. Medication is not a first-line remedy for the treatment of acute coronary syndrome. Capsules or solution may only be part of complex therapy.

Meldonium dihydrate does not affect the psychomotor reactions of a person. The drug can be used for people whose work is related to the management of complex mechanisms.

Dosage of

The preparation "Meldonium" should be used correctly. Instructions for use indicate that the drug may lead to the development of excitatory reactions. In this regard, it is recommended to take it in the morning. The daily norm is established individually, proceeding from the form of the patient's illness, as well as its individual characteristics. Single dosage with oral administration should not exceed 1 gram. The frequency of reception depends on the readings. With intravenous administration of a single dose of 0.5 g. The medication is used in this form no more than twice a day.

Mildonium tablets In case of an overdose of the drug, there may be disorders in the operation of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as allergic reactions. If any unpleasant symptoms appear, stop taking the medication and seek medical help.

Side effects of

What side effects can cause tablets "Meldonium".Instructions for use describe the most likely symptoms that can occur when using drugs in large quantities. From the side of the cardiovascular system, patients can develop tachycardia, as well as observe changes in blood pressure in both the large and the lower side. From the central nervous system side effects are manifested in the form of psychoemotional agitation, sleep disturbances. Often patients complain of migraine and dizziness.

Meldonium capsules If a significant overdose can develop symptoms of poisoning. A person feels nauseous, often there is vomiting. If these symptoms appear, seek medical attention immediately. In a hospital, gastric lavage is performed.

In some cases, allergic reactions develop. Patients who are prone to rashes should take care with the preparation "Meldonium".The reviews show that hypersensitivity is manifested primarily in the form of eczema and skin rashes.

Analogues of the medicine

How can I replace the "Meldonium" remedy? Analogues of the drug can be recommended only by a specialist. In medical practice, many drugs with a similar composition are used. Popularity uses a solution of "Idrinol".In pharmacies, you can also find a medicine in the form of tablets. The main active ingredient is meldonium dihydrate. Magnesium stearate, talc and purified water are used as auxiliary substances.

Mildronate Meldonium The medicine perfectly improves metabolism, as well as energy supply of tissues. Assign it to the postoperative period to accelerate the rehabilitation process. The solution helps to recover quickly after loss of working capacity. As an adjuvant, the drug is used in the treatment of alcoholism.

"Cardionate" solution is another popular tool based on meldonia, which is used for fast energy saturation of tissues. The medicine improves blood circulation. Because of this, oxygen comes to all organs and systems faster. The patient begins to feel much better. Adverse reactions are rare. When an overdose can be observed tachycardia or changes in blood pressure. Take medication without consulting a doctor is not recommended.


Patients note that the medication shows good results already in the first days of use. Bioavailability of the drug is quite high. Therefore, from the very beginning the patient feels a surge of strength and energy. If you take drugs from this group correctly, adverse reactions develop rarely. It is not by chance that the "Meuldonia" remedy is so popular today.

miledonium reviews The price of a medication is another advantage. For one package, the medicine will have to pay no more than 180 rubles. The drug is dispensed without a prescription, and it can be found in almost any pharmacy. In extreme cases, a specialist will advise a qualitative analog.