What kind of fruit can a baby in 11 months? What kind of fruit does Komarovsky recommend?

Children are the future of the nation, and caring for them is the task of every loving mother. Good parents know that you can not feed a kid all in a row. Not always supermarkets offer healthy and healthy children's food. After the baby begins to feed not only mother's milk, you need to take care of its correct and balanced nutrition. What kind of fruit can a baby in 11 months? This is exactly what will be discussed in the article.

what kind of fruit can a baby in 11 months

The first rule for mothers

Many parents believe that feeding the baby with fruit for up to a year is a very good decision. Fruits are rich in many microelements that help a small child's organism to develop properly, and grow quickly. Of course, the parents are right. However, it is not necessary to give the child only fruits, in his diet you need to enter the same amount of vegetables.

Mistaken opinion of

What kind of fruit can a child have in 11 months? Can they be given as slices or is it better to cook mashed potatoes? Many modern parents believe that children before the year are better to give fruit slices or drink juices with coarse pulp. Their opinion is explained by the fact that in children up to eleven months the teeth are cut, and the rough fibers of the fruit massage the gums. This means that the process of growth of the first teeth is less painful than that of those children who do not eat fruit with pieces. Unfortunately, scientific and medical works have not proved this fact. On the contrary, almost all pediatricians advise mothers to feed the child not with whole pieces of fruit, but with fruit purees. Children whose teeth have not yet grown can not chew and risk choking.

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Cooking alone or buying?

Caring and loving parents, wishing to give their child all the best, will unequivocally say that the child needs to be fed only with his own cooked mashed potatoes from vegetables and fruits. Parents of the baby argue that the ready-made mixture in a jar is difficult to call a natural fruit or vegetable puree. Perhaps they are right. But there are nuances that parents often do not take into account when feeding a child.

It is desirable to give natural fruits and vegetables only to the child during their seasonal growth. Only in natural fruits there is a mass of useful elements and vitamins that promote growth to the child and enhance his health. Buying fruit in the winter, most mothers do not think about where and how they are grown. Therefore, do not completely exclude from the baby's diet puree, located on the shelves of supermarkets and pharmacies. All the fruits that are part of the canned puree are carefully sorted and selected before they are processed. Already the finished product before bottling in jars is just as carefully monitored by health services.

what kind of fruit can be given to a child in 11 months

Tips for Komarovsky

What kind of fruit can a child have in 11 months? Komarovsky says that you need to start feeding your child gradually. It is not necessary immediately after breast milk to switch only to vegetable and fruit purees. Step-by-step actions are necessary in order to look at the reaction of the child's organism to new products of an unusual diet. First, give a few spoons of fruit puree, and full satiety should be achieved with the help of mother's milk or special children's mixtures. Every day, if there are no manifestations of allergic reactions to the baby's skin, you can add 1-2 teaspoons of fruit puree. It is worth looking at the general condition of the child's body. The child should not eat with disgust, and the stomach after the meal should not be inflated.

Also, the doctor says that it is not necessary to forcibly push food into the child, which he does not like to taste. The small organism itself knows what it needs at a certain stage of life. Komarovsky says that it is at the age of eleven months, when a child already has teeth, that it is necessary to give him fruit and vegetable broths, juices, purees from fruit and vegetables.

what fruits can be eaten by a child in 11 months

Where to start?

What kind of fruit can a child have in 11 months? To start the fruit lure of a child is better with simple and habitual for adults fruit. These include: apples, pears, bananas, peaches, plums, apricots. Give your baby a fruit you need only in grinded form, no more than two teaspoons at a meal.

What kind of fruit can a child have in 11 months? Is it possible to have citrus fruits? At the age of eleven months, you can feed your child with all kinds of citrus fruits, but it is worth checking the body's response. Most children are very fond of tangerine and orange fresh. Strawberry is also included in the top of the most adored by children products.

What other fruits can you give to a child in 11 months? You can also grind the flesh of watermelon, dates and prunes. From exotic fruits, such as pineapple, kiwi, papaya, it is better to refuse. They need to start feeding the baby after eleven months, when all the basic fruits will become his usual diet.

One product - one week

What kind of fruit can be eaten by a child in 11 months and in what quantity? One fruit, for example a banana, needs to be fed for a week. At the end of this time, you need to switch to another, for example an orange. Every day, giving the child a certain fruit throughout the week, the mother can follow the child's portability of a certain product. If a baby is fed every day with different fruits every eleven months, in case of allergic reactions it will be very difficult to determine the allergen.

what kind of fruit you can eat at 11 months

How to cook?

What kind of fruit can you eat at 11 months and in what form? For young children who have not yet turned a year, it is undesirable to give raw mashed potatoes, since the digestive system is not yet quite strong. In order to please a child with a delicious fruit, they must be baked or boiled, if they involve cooking. All fruit mushrooms can be mixed with warm boiled water, but do not add sugar.

Observing simple tips for feeding children with fruits, moms will make their babies healthy and cheerful.