"Hitovit": reviews of slimming and doctors

Those who seek to lose weight, are not alien to various methods. Including the use of various biologically active additives in food."Hitovit", the reviews about which will be described below, is such a dietary supplement. hitovit reviews

What the manufacturer promises

First of all, the fact that excess weight and hated kilograms will go off on their own, without any diets and physical exertion. However, it is worth remembering that just so fat is consumed and will not be split. Therefore, the nutrition plan must be adjusted, eliminating from the diet all that adds weight to the body, and the volume in undesirable places."Hitovit", whose reviews are the most controversial, should be used as a means of controlling appetite, so that it gives the expected result. hitovit reviews of doctors

What happens in the body

First of all, the appetite decreases. Due to the fact that the composition includes chitosan, saturation is much faster, and the body needs additional "refueling" much later."Hitovit", the reviews of which are very diverse, in addition to control of appetite has other properties. For example, lowers cholesterol in the blood. And this is confirmed by several clinical trials. Another useful property is the natural growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal microflora. Although it is this that manufacturers do not particularly emphasize the buyers of the biologically active additive "Hitovit".Comments of doctors, by the way, about him, too, are very different.

hitovit customer reviews

Opinion of specialists about dietary supplements

Some nutritionists are of the opinion that it is almost impossible to get rid of excess kilograms and calories without various additives. Therefore, often recommend to their patients ancillary drugs. Not an exception and such an additive as "Hitovit".Customer feedback on her will be a little lower to assess the effectiveness of the drug. Despite the fact that additives to some extent still help to lose weight, most experts hold the view that losing weight should occur against the background of active or moderate exercise, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, various supplements can be excluded from the diet. hitovit enterosorbent of animal origin discussion

Reviews of doctors about Hitovite

Most specialists, having studied the composition of the drug, come to the opinion that it does not play any role in losing weight. Of course, controlling and reducing the appetite "Hitovit" helps, but it will not burn fat without any effort on the part of the slimming one. Therefore, it is necessary to engage in physical activity, to eat the right and healthy food. The benefit of Hitovit, according to doctors, is that it really helps to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, to normalize the intestinal microflora, to improve after alcohol or food poisoning. But to lose weight just so biologically active additive does not help. This is the opinion of specialists and experts.

Customer Reviews

People who are serious about getting rid of excess kilos without harm to health, in general, are in solidarity with specialists. However, in order to facilitate the process of losing weight, they often resort to the help of Hitovit. If only because it helps to reduce appetite. It contains fiber, which gives satiety for a long time, does not allow you to be tempted by harmful snacks. Therefore, weight gain is easier, but the result lasts longer. In addition, extra pounds do not return so quickly after giving up the diet or with long breaks in training. In the rest, there are not the most rosy opinions about such an additive as "Hitovit".Negative feedback refers to the fact that you can not lose weight without any energy costs. Moreover, the drug that has been discarded previously does not save, if you abandon the diet, giving preference only to the supplement. Yes, and its cost is not the most pleasant, according to buyers. hits negative reviews

Price category

There is a small jar of the drug( 60 grams) in the range of 500-800 rubles. According to doctors and customers - the composition of the supplement is not the most unique and unique, to give such a sum of money just to control your appetite. Definitely, you can not buy a product just for the sake of losing weight. Especially in this it is not too strong. In online stores, by the way, you can buy a little cheaper such a drug as "Hitovit".

An animal-derived enterosorbent

Discussion around this drug does not cease. There are those who believe in the miracle of this additive, there are those who consider it a waste of money. And the confrontation between them does not cease. To convince both of them in something is practically useless. Therefore, one should adhere to dry facts. And they are:

  1. The drug helps with obesity, because it helps to break down fats and remove slag from the body. But physical exercise and proper nutrition, no one cancels.
  2. Diseases of the cardiovascular system need complex treatment, and "Hitovit" can act as one of the preparations of the complex.
  3. Acute poisoning of a different nature( alcoholic, narcotic, food) can be cured with chitosan( enriched natural fiber).
  4. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract also require an integrated approach."Hitovit" can act as one of the drugs that are appointed by specialists.

Actually, one can not say for sure whether one can lose weight effortlessly, using only a biological supplement. Someone who wants only a little to adjust the weight, it can help. But those who really need to get rid of a lot of extra pounds, it is worth turning to dieticians for diet and exercise."Hitovit", whose reviews are the most controversial, will not be able to help in neglected cases. At least, if we only hope for its miraculous properties. Chitosan, which is a part, certainly removes toxins from the body, but it's impossible to lose weight only because of this. You need to carefully consider your lifestyle and diet.