Why do my feet feel cold in the heat: the reasons for what to do?

Freezing of feet in the cold season or in the warm season, but under the influence of cold - all this is understandable from the physiological point of view.

Heat produced by organs and muscles is transferred to the surface of the skin by blood vessels and is retained in the body by a fatty tissue. If the fatty layer is small, then at low ambient temperatures there is an intense loss of heat, which occurs in the limbs( arms and legs) - there is almost no fatty layer.

The loss of heat occurs during the movement of blood through the vessels - the distance to the lower limbs is greater than to other organs.

In addition, the blood vessels under the influence of cold tapers, the flow of blood to the legs decreases, respectively, and the amount of heat brought by the blood decreases, and the feet begin to freeze.

But why are feet cold in a warm room? Is this normal or should it not be? Of course, this indicates some violations. What is the reason, and what to do if such problems arise.

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We will try to answer these questions.

Why do my feet feel cold in the heat?

Cold feet in the warmth of a healthy person

There are reasons why the feet freeze even in the heat, not associated with the disease:

  1. The habit of warming the feet( socks, slippers).Limbs that are accustomed to a certain temperature, freeze without the usual "warming" even in the room.
  2. The habit of pressing your legs under yourself while sitting, crossing, throwing one leg to the other and staying in that position for a long time. There is a feeling of numbness, cold due to blood flow disturbance and insufficient supply of limbs with blood.
  3. Wearing uncomfortable, narrow shoes, high-heeled shoes, pantyhose and socks made of synthetics( feet that sweat, then freeze).
  4. Long stay of legs at lower temperatures than the whole body: walking in wet shoes, on cold ground or water.
  5. The violation of thermoregulation in people with physical characteristics: high growth, leanness.
  6. Disorders of the hormonal background in women during the menopause: after profuse sweating, the body cooling( feet, hands) freeze.
  7. Pregnancy affects the heat exchange in the limbs( maintenance of the temperature of reproductive organs in certain figures occurs due to a decrease in blood supply to the capillaries of the legs).
  8. Excessive emotionality: in a stressful situation, blood vessels spasmodic, blood circulation is disturbed.
  9. Elderly age is often the cause of impaired blood supply to the limbs.
  10. Infant: the mechanisms of thermoregulation are still imperfect.

All of the above items can be the answer to the question of why the feet feel cold and sweat in the heat. Many of these reasons are easily eliminated: hardening, proper posture when sitting, comfortable shoes and always on the weather, improving the state of the nervous system.

why are my feet cold even in the heat?

Cold feet in heat - pathological causes of

Not always the reasons why the feet feel cold even at home in the warmth can be explained by physiological states, weather, some temporary situation. Feeling of cold in the extremities can signal violations in the work of organs. This condition can be associated with violations in the work of the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, with disturbances in metabolic processes.

  • With diabetes mellitus, blood vessels are thinned, thrombi are often formed, limbs are not supplied with blood enough.
  • Intermittent claudication is the result of atherosclerosis, when the lumen of the vessels is broken due to plaques, the supply of limbs by blood is reduced.
  • Hypertension, hypotension. Hypertension( pressure above the norm) - because of spasm of blood vessels, blood supply is disrupted. Hypotension( low blood pressure) - blood moves through the dilated vessels with insufficient speed. It comes slowly, the temperature goes down.
  • Varicose veins cause stagnation of blood, which leads to a violation of blood flow through the vessels.
  • Vegeto-vascular dystonia( VSD): changes the tone of blood vessels and blood circulation in tissues, organs.
  • Raynaud's syndrome: there is a disorder of blood circulation in the vessels of the extremities as a result of exposure to cold, emotional arousal.

Vessel problems may be accompanied by:

  • swelling of the extremities;
  • painful sensations;
  • weakness, fatigue even at low loads;
  • convulsions.

why the feet are cold in a warm room

Neurological problems

The following neurological problems may become the reason why the feet and hands feel cold in the heat:

  • intervertebral hernia of the lumbar spine( infringement of nerve endings, violation of blood supply of the lower extremities);
  • is a disorder of cerebral circulation( one of the concomitant conditions is cold limbs);
  • , some diseases of the peripheral nervous system are accompanied by a violation of blood circulation in the vessels of the legs.

Problems of a different nature

Why are the feet cold in the heat of men and women of different ages? The causes can be very diverse:

  • Hypothyroidism: an insufficient amount of thyroid-stimulating hormone( thyroid hormone) is produced. Along with other symptoms( dry, pale skin, hair loss and fragility, weakness, fatigue), almost always the patient feels cold feet, he even gets cold in warm clothes.
  • Side effects of drugs.
  • Fungal diseases of the genitourinary system can provoke a decrease in vascular tone.
  • Parasitic infections: toxins released by parasites, affect the tone of the vessels, can cause their spasm.
  • Propensity to allergy: during the exacerbation of the disease, blood flow and heat exchange are disturbed.
  • Dehydration of the body: there is a change in the water balance and, as a consequence, a violation of metabolic processes.
  • Violations in the work of the cardiovascular system lead to a decrease in the rate of blood flow, which affects the heat exchange processes in the limbs.
  • Deficiency of iron( low hemoglobin): a decrease in its number leads to insufficient supply of oxygen( hemoglobin carries oxygen), which leads to a metabolic disorder.
  • Fasting, strict diets: lack of energy affects heat exchange.
  • Rehabilitation period after frostbite: the limbs will freeze until the circulation is completely restored.
  • State of chronic fatigue.

why freeze and sweat your feet in the heat

Feet on children's feet in the heat

Why do feet get cold even in the warmth of children? The cause may be the same state of the body as in adults:

  • blood circulation disorder due to illness;
  • physical state of the body( light weight, thinness);
  • psychosomatic problems;
  • vitamin deficiency;
  • inadequate physical activity;
  • impaired posture, resulting in impaired blood supply to the limbs;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • allergy;
  • incorrectly selected shoes, clothes.

It should be borne in mind that the physiological characteristics of the child's organism play a big role in heat-exchange processes:

  • the thermoregulation of a newborn is not yet perfect, so it can freeze at a temperature comfortable for an adult;
  • fatty layer in the limbs of the child is almost none, muscle mass is small.

The task of parents is to analyze the situation when the child's temperature in the warmth is much lower than the body temperature, try to understand what they are related to, and if they have not found the answer to this question on their own, consult a pediatrician.

What will help to get rid of the symptom of "cold feet"

If cold feet cause discomfort, interfere with the normal functioning of the body, you need to try to get rid of the provoking factors:

  • any kinds of alcohol( affects the tone of blood vessels);
  • smoking( narrowing the lumen of blood vessels, heat exchange is disturbed);
  • low physical activity;
  • the raised body weight;
  • improper and redundant power;
  • wearing tight clothes and shoes;
  • incorrect postures when walking and sitting.

why the feet and hands are freezing in the heat

Traditional medicine to help "cold feet"

Why are your feet cold in the heat? What to do? People's methods contain a lot of recommendations on how to act in such cases, because the problem is not new, a person has known her for a long time. Consider ways, based on the impact on the biologically active points of the feet.

  • Rubbing the feet with apple cider vinegar( 6%), vodka, triple cologne. This method helps the vasodilation, improves blood flow. Beforehand, you need to perform a foot massage( before the sensation of heat), rub your ankles, fingers. Then rub the chosen tool well, put on socks.
  • Mustard( powder) add to hot water and warm your feet until the water cools. After wearing wool socks( the villi act on the soles of the sole).
  • Sprinkle dry mustard or red pepper in cotton socks, put them on( feet dry wipe), top with another socks. The procedure is well done at night.
  • Prepare a tincture of 200 ml of vodka and 2 teaspoons of red pepper( stand for 10 days in a dark place), rub overnight in the feet. Always wear socks.
  • Use a warming cream to warm the feet: add any fir oil to any neutral cream, rub into feet before absorbing, put on warm socks.
  • Warm legs over hot boiled potatoes: put a plate on the pot, legs on it, wrap and sit for half an hour.
  • Foot baths. Prepare a decoction of pine needles or pine, warm your feet for half an hour, after keeping them warm.

From 3 or 4 bags of green tea, prepare a hot infusion in 1-2 liters of water( 10 minutes), warm your feet until cooled. Wrap it up.

Why are the feet cold at home warm?

Recipes for decoctions and teas

Various teas will help improve blood circulation.

Ginger tea: in 250 ml of boiling water stir half a teaspoon of ground ginger, stand for 15 minutes. Drink hot, adding a slice of lemon, in the morning( on an empty stomach) and in the evening( one hour before sleep).

Tea with ginger: when brewing black tea, add fresh ginger( grate) to the cup or half a teaspoon of powder. You can add ground nutmeg( with taste) together with ginger.

Drink from dandelion: fresh or dry dandelion flowers( 1 teaspoon) to insist in a glass of boiling water for 5 minutes. To drink for a day two glasses( in the morning and in the afternoon, irrespective of food intake).

Drink from hawthorn: a teaspoon of dried( crushed) hawthorn fruit to insist in a glass of boiling water for 5 minutes, add honey and drink as tea.

why the feet are very cold even in the warmth

Exercises to improve blood circulation in the legs

Why the feet of the house freeze in the heat, we figured out. It is necessary to do something with this problem. Among the many exercises to improve blood circulation in the legs, you can always find suitable ones for yourself and perform them, which is very important, systematically( in the morning and in the evening).When performing attention, concentrate on the muscles of the legs.

Exercise 1 ( for restoring blood circulation in capillaries): lying on the back( on the floor), put the roller, under the neck, raise the legs and hands at a right angle. Perform vibrating hands and feet( shake), without bending them, from one to three minutes.

Exercise 2. Standing to carry rolls from toe to toe with both feet( 20-30 times).

Exercise 3. Sitting on a chair to pull a straight leg forward, move your toes up and down( 10-20 times).

Exercise 4. This is similar to the previous one, only move to stop.

Exercise 5. Lying on the back( on the floor), arms stretch along the trunk. Pull in turn the toes of the feet to themselves( 10-15 times with each foot).

Exercise 6. Perform half-squats, straining the leg muscles( 10-15 times).

Exercise 7. Walking on the outside of the foot( 1-2 minutes).

Exercise 8. Walking in a goose step.

Exercise 9. Lying on the stomach( on the floor), hands to lay under the head, legs bend at the knees. Perform swinging movements from side to side( 1-2 minutes).

Exercise 10. Lying on the back, raise the straight legs and lean against the wall, buttocks as close to the wall as possible. To be in this position for 5 minutes.

Exercise 11. Sitting on a chair( the back rests against the back of the chair), raise the straight legs parallel to the floor, perform leg movement as if swimming.

Exercise 11. Collect small objects lying on the floor with your toes.

Exercise 12. Standing on your toes, stretch your arms straight up, trying to maximally stretch the spine( to the account from 30 to 60).

The order of execution can be selected arbitrarily. When the exercises are systematically performed, a feeling of lightness in the legs will appear, and gradually the feeling of coldness in the feet will go away.

why the feet feel cold even in the warmth


In order not to face the problem, when the feet feel cold in the warmth, it is necessary to take preventive measures from childhood:

  • walk barefoot on the ground, along pebbles, stones, sand, grass;
  • at home often walk without slippers;
  • to massage the feet using a massage mat, a special massager;
  • does not warm your feet unnecessarily( to dress in the weather);
  • be physically active in all weathers;
  • carry out hardening procedures: contrast shower, contrasting foot baths;
  • to maintain the correct position of the body when walking, in a sitting position( the legs should have a support);
  • cycling, swimming, skiing, walking;
  • include in the diet products containing fatty acids( fatty fish, flaxseed and linseed oil, nuts, seeds).

These measures, if carried out in the system, will help both children and adults feel comfortable in any weather.