Cough in the baby: how to treat a baby

The newborn baby's body is weak and imperfect, therefore any negative environmental impact can disturb its balance. It is in the first months after birth that any ailment that has arisen in the baby has a rapid character and, at times, entails serious consequences.

If there was a cough in the baby, how to treat it? At the first symptoms it is necessary to consult a doctor, in order to prevent the development of serious consequences. Only timely diagnosis and medical supervision will help your child to recover quickly.

Why does a cough appear?

The main cause of cough is the development of upper respiratory tract diseases caused by respiratory infections( ARI, ARI).In this case, the focus of infection can be localized in the nasopharynx, nose, or oropharynx.

The second cause of coughing can be inflammation of the nose, nasal sinuses and pharynx.

The third cause of coughing can be getting mucus from the nose in the throat. Basically, it happens in the sleeping on the back of a newborn baby. In this case, just turn the baby on his side and gently pat on the back.

The fourth, rather rare cause of coughing, is the presence of a sulfur plug in the ears. In this case, the middle ear becomes inflamed and starts provoking the development of a cough.

How does the cough begin?

Various infections provoke inflammatory processes in the upper respiratory tract and cause acute inflammation. Begins to accumulate viscous mucus, which, descending along the respiratory tract, forms sputum. Thus, a cough begins, which is called to help the body clean the respiratory tract from accumulated mucus. Inflammatory processes adversely affect the function of the bronchi and lungs. The child's organism lacks vital oxygen and, accordingly, provokes a decrease in immunity.

How to treat a cough?

It is worth noting that cough treatment in infants is somewhat different from older children.

The first thing you need to do when you have a cough in a baby is to call a doctor. After all, it is known that in a baby, the disease is much more difficult than for older children, and the risk of serious complications increases. So, there was a cough in the baby, how to treat?

First, do not panic, tk.almost all children get sick. Secondly, monitor the temperature of your child, because the main reason provoking the development of coughing is ARVI or ARI.And, thirdly, be patient, becausesnot and cough in the baby by the stroke of a magic wand will not pass. You will need to do your best to cure your child.

Cough in the baby: how to treat medicines?

Certainly, the main assistants in the treatment of cough are mucolytic drugs. However, the combination of the drug with ointments and compresses is the best way to treat a baby.

For the treatment of wet cough, most doctors prefer various syrups - Gedelix, Dzhoset, Lazolvan, Ambrobene.

For the treatment of dry cough, it is preferable to use the syrup or elixir "Bronchicum", which is ideal for children from the first days of life.

Regardless of the choice of the remedy, treatment should be carried out under the strict supervision of the pediatrician.

Cough in the baby: how to treat compresses?

Ointments and compresses are used only if the child's body temperature does not exceed 37 * С.

So, many doctors are convinced that the best treatment for babies is mustard plasters. Do you remember how your moms treated them as a child? Just do not hold it too long, because the skin of a baby is very tender. About the duration of the procedure consult with the treating pediatrician. After removing the mustard, put on a warm blouse.

If there was a cough in the baby, how to treat with a compress? You can take for this ointment "Vishnevsky."The correct use of such a compress will tell you your child's doctor.

Cough in the baby: how to treat with ointments?

Many doctors recommend rubbing with warming ointments "Doctor Mom," Bom Benge ", etc.

Parents have a question: "Will not all of these methods harm my child?".Certainly, before using any means unknown to you or implementing a new method of treatment, pediatrician consultation is necessary, which after the examination will appoint a suitable treatment and answer all your questions.