Ampoules from hair loss - which are and how to apply

If the hair falls out strongly, then for treatment all means are good. Some people buy quality shampoos and intensive products, while others listen to popular advice. It is best to combine both. Now progress does not stand still - ampoules for hair loss have appeared on sale. They are a potent drug, as they completely restore the hair follicle and strengthen the hair follicles.

How to look

The drug is available in the form of glass ampoules, the neck of which you need to carefully break off, so as not to cut yourself. The liquid is oily, so plan to use it in advance, because it can not be washed off until another wash of the head. Such a medicine does not contain preservatives.

Ampoules from hair loss. Types

Dikson( Italy):

  • Preparation for very dry and damaged hair. Deeply and maximally rehabilitates from the inside, has a relaxing effect for the scalp after contact with aggressive substances( coloring, highlighting, chemical perm).Contains keratin, collagen, camphor and silk proteins.
  • For split and lifeless strands. In addition to restoring the volume. In the composition of keratin, copper, zinc, collagen.
  • Polipant Complex. Saves from alopecia, tones up the skin, perfectly fights dandruff. Contains plant complex, proteins, placental extract.
  • For sensitive scalp. Heals inflammations on the skin, restores dry tips after a long action of aggressive factors( sun, salt water).The composition of silk proteins.
  • For oily scalp. He treats seborrhea, normalizes fat, strengthens the roots. Contains extract of nettle.   

Ampoules from hair loss Barex( Italy):

Intensively affect the roots, improve microcirculation in the scalp. In the composition of oleanolic acid, Biotinyl-GHK, which increases the resistance of the hair shaft, vitamins, extracts of ginger, brown wood, essential oil of rosemary and others.

Collistar( Italy):

Activates the growth of new hair, prevents loss, strengthens, maximizes the health of the bulbs, and saturates them with oxygen. Contain extracts of green tea, yeast and ginseng.

Ampoules Vichy from hair loss( France):

Increase the total amount of hair. Suitable for both men and women. It makes the hair shaft more thickened, dense, elastic and smooth. The composition contains patented molecules that strengthen and activate growth. The product does not cause allergies and does not contain parabens. Vichy ampoules from hair loss have a pleasant texture and a light aroma. The drug does not leave a sticky and greasy film on the surface, it gives a feeling of comfort.

Application of

Treatment takes place in long courses. Basically it lasts from three weeks to several months. If you need to heal strands urgently, then apply the drug daily. In other cases, it is enough three times a week. The best time for a course is spring or autumn. The contents of the ampoule from hair loss should be applied to clean and dry hair. Next, the drug is distributed by massaging movements throughout the scalp and is especially rubbed into the prodrugs. To wash it is not necessary.