The drug "Besser Alter": reviews, instructions for use, composition

At the age of about 50 years, every woman passes through the menopause period, when the body completes its reproductive function. This period can last long enough - up to ten years. Such a reorganization very rarely passes for women smoothly and imperceptibly. Much more frequent are marked symptoms, characteristic for this period: deterioration of psychological well-being and physical ailments. To facilitate the state and improve the quality of life, scientists developed the drug Besser Alter. Reviews of its action are positive in those cases when patients receive detailed consultation before applying and try to strictly follow recommendations.

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The best age for

The name of the drug is translated as "best age".That's how its creator - the German Friedrich Gebler - described the Altai women in this period. The nature of the Altai Territory with its medicinal herbs and the centuries-old history of traditional medicine create real miracles, helping women to remain attractive at any age. Combining all the most useful and valuable, the drug "Besser Alter", reviews of which are mostly positive, now appeared on the Russian market. According to the producers, thanks to the drug, now every woman can enjoy life when earlier it seemed something unattainable. Hormonal reorganization affected the mood, it was difficult to maintain relationships with relatives and colleagues, the tides did not make you feel more confident in the workplace, spasms and an irregular cycle prevented you from making plans. Everyone experienced this, but now the state can be significantly improved by taking "Besser Alter".Reviews of more than a thousand patients around the world prove this, although there are many who are not suitable for this drug.

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Composition and effect of the preparation

The basis of the medicine is the natural properties of herbs and compounds known in the distant past. The drug acts on the female ovary, cleansing it of toxins and triggering the process of producing estradiol, the hormone responsible for the female cycle. For the cleaning of tissues such components of the preparation as coniferin and tannin, obtained from the extract of oak bark and gum, lichen acids from medicinal lichen, ursolic acids from rhododendron and badan, correspond to the cleaning of tissues. After cleaning, the ovary tissue is saturated with digestible vitamins and minerals. They come from goji berries, blueberries, cedar nut oil and stone oil, which are part of the medicinal product. To stimulate the production of estradiol, bioflavonoids are used from the resin of Siberian larch, badana, shiitake mushrooms, cantarella and Reishi. The drug "Besser Alter", whose composition is so diverse, has a complex effect on the female body, helping to survive the menopause gently. The natural composition, the absence of synthetic hormones make it safe for use in various diseases.

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"Besser Alter": instructions for use

The instructions for using the drug depend on the individual characteristics of the organism and on the stage at which it is located. In the period of premenopause, when all the symptoms are just beginning, the action of "Besser Altera" is very noticeable even with a small dosage and a short course. Further, in the period of menopause and postmenopause, the course and dosage should be increased. For this there is even an additional, reinforced form called "Besser Alter Ausgaren".It is produced in the city of Biysk, in the high Altai. It is worth mentioning that, when taking the drug, women notice an improvement in the condition almost immediately, but the creators recommend continuing the course within 1-2 months, in order for the organism to completely clear and start the process of producing its own estrogens. Detailed consultation of the company's specialists, selection of an individual dosage of the drug "Besser Alter", instructions for use, reviews about the drug - all this in combination will help in determining exactly your individual solution for combating manifestations of menopause.

Positive effects of

As mainly reviews about the drug are positive, we will dwell in more detail on the effects that women who have undergone treatment with Besser Alter note. Comments of patients who were in the period of premenopause and menopause can be called excellent. All women noted the absence of soreness, improvement of skin and hair, restoration and improvement of libido. Approximately every tenth there was a recovery of the menstrual cycle. When the drug is used, blood sugar values ​​are normalized, the severity of atherosclerosis is reduced, and bone density is gradually restored. Creators of the drug during the period of treatment warn about the possibility of unplanned conception and recommend using contraceptive methods.

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"Besser Alter": doctor's reviews

During the menopause, many women consult with specialists about the elimination of unpleasant symptoms. Mostly doctors prescribe hormone replacement therapy. Often happens such, that incorrectly appointed or nominated hormone leads to even greater or big problems. About the drug "Besser Alter" know a few, so few doctors appoint him to their patients. At the reference practically never the gynecologist will not recommend it or him, as about its or his existence and about structure to him nothing is known. Accordingly, about the drug "Besser Alter" reviews of doctors difficult to find. Among the few responses found can be identified those in which gynecologists respond about it as a dietary supplement that does not have any serious impact on the body during the menopause. Objective results with a large sample size yet. Traditional approaches with the appointment of synthetic hormones are predominant in Russian medicine. When choosing the drug "Besser Alter", buyers' comments will be more believable.

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History of

In 1840 the German scientist Friedrich August Gebler studied the life of the peoples of the Altai Territory and paid special attention to the long-livers. Having received the necessary material, he collected a complex of natural substances, which were traditionally used by native inhabitants, and derived his formula, calling it "Besser Alter".Reviews about her Altai women and healers were at that time excellent. Subsequently, the effectiveness of this formula has been repeatedly proven by Soviet and European scientists. The formula derived by Gebler was widely used in the United States in the study of natural and safe ways of prolonging youth. And as a result, it formed the basis for the so-called target methods of correcting health problems. Since 2012, the drug has been produced in Russia. Initially, the factory was located in the suburbs, but a year later she moved to the Altai, in the city of Biysk. Thus, the formulation of the drug has long exceeded 100 years.

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Reviews of patients

What does "Besser Alter" receive patient testimonials? Both positive and negative. The positive are associated with the effects that the drug has on the body, and the negative ones express disbelief. Many people believe that this is another divorce for money, but in fact, there will be no effect from the drug. There are a few negative reviews from those to whom this remedy did not fit. In such cases, women complain that the drug has not produced the desired effect. But it is worth noting that there were no negative moments, such as deterioration of well-being or rapid weight gain, when women accepted "Besser Alter".Reviews of the drug in combination do not give an accurate picture, but we can conclude that most of it is suitable.

Analogues of the preparation

Manufacturers position their product as a product that has no analogues. Indeed, such a set of herbs and active ingredients was not reproduced anywhere. However, phytoestrogens are still represented in the Russian market. One such medication is Estrovel. It is recommended by gynecologists, since it exists long ago, and women taking it have positive results in the treatment of menopause. In addition, during the period of extinction of the reproductive function, the drugs "Tsi-klim" and "Cyclogenone" are popular, the basis of which are also substances obtained from plants, as well as the drug "Besser Alter".The composition and instructions for their use are available in any pharmacological reference book. Doctors recommend in the situation of the onset of menopause, when you need to "extinguish" the symptoms of menopause, do not engage in self-medication, but visit a gynecologist who, on the basis of analyzes, will select adequate individual treatment.

Symptoms in menopause

Usually the age of onset of menopause begins about 48 years( plus or minus 3 years).But it also happens that women feel the symptoms of menopause much earlier, after 35 years. This is due to unfavorable environmental conditions and an unhealthy lifestyle. If you experience sudden short-term temperature rises or become unstable, do not wait to see a doctor and do self-medication, even safe and natural, such as Besser Alter. Reviews about it though in the majority and are positive, however always there is a probability of that it will not approach you.

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Having examined the drug "Besser Alter", women's reviews about it, as well as the recommendations of the treating doctors, it is difficult to make a definitive conclusion about its effectiveness. New, little studied, with different reviews, he at the moment has not gained popularity with Russian ladies. If among European women it is very common, according to the manufacturer, for the Russians so far the product is not so clear, and its value is doubtful.