The preparation 'Creon'( analogs) is a helper of well-being

Are we eating right? The question is rather rhetorical. Most people, even those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle, have to snack at work, attend fast food, and starve pies bought in kiosks. The result - a violation of digestion, gastritis, ulcers. If we add to this the sedentary lifestyle of most of our fellow citizens, then a sad picture is obtained altogether. Statistics found that the vast majority of our fellow citizens suffer from digestive disorders already from the student's age.

Of course, the best way to prevent diseases associated with digestive disorders is regular regular meals. But what about those who do not have the opportunity or the desire to eat right? It is necessary to help your body with the help of special enzyme preparations. One of such assistants of digestion is the German preparation "Creon".Analogs of this drug are produced all over the world. Their active ingredient is pancreatin.

Pancreatin is an excellent enzyme medication that can compensate for the deficiency of hormones produced by the pancreas. Preparations "Creon" or "Hermitage"( also manufactured in Germany) are thousands of tiny microspheres with enzymes coated with a special coating. Getting into the stomach, microspheres are mixed with its contents. Having reached the small intestine, the membrane dissolves, pancreatin enters the intestine and dissolves proteins to amino acids, fats - to fatty acids and glycerin. Starch drug converts into monosaccharides and dextrins. Such chemical reactions after 40 minutes ease the condition, relieve pain, help digest food.

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Who is more often prescribed the drug Creon? Analogs of the drug containing pancreatin, doctors prescribe:

  • to improve the state of pancreas during resection or removal of this organ, pancreatitis, dyspepsia;
  • for normalization of the state after irradiation;
  • in cystic fibrosis;
  • after operations on the stomach or intestines;
  • as an aid for the full assimilation of food in people who eat improperly or lead a sedentary life;
  • for the preparation of the body for ultrasound, fluoroscopy or other studies.

However, do not forget that in acute pancreatitis and some other conditions, pancreatin is contraindicated.

The "Creon" medication, analogues of this drug may have some side effects. Among them constipation or diarrhea, various allergic reactions, hyperuricosuria. However, side effects occur with the use of any medication. Avoid them only with proper administration and use of drugs.

What should I do if, for some reason, there is no way to buy the prescription medication Creon? Analogues of it, as mentioned above, are produced in many countries. Sometimes their price is much lower than that of "Creon", the cost of which, depending on the dosage and regions, ranges between 500-1500 rubles.

So, the drug "Pancitrat", produced in the same country, costs two times cheaper. About the same amount is the Russian "Mikrazim."The cost of the popular Mezim Forte( Germany), Russian medicine "Pankrelipaza" and "Pankrenorm" starts from 70 rubles.

There is a very natural question: why do drugs with the same active substance stand differently? So 250 rubles - the price of 20 tablets of the drug "10000 Creon", analogues of which, for example, 30 tablets of medicine "Pankrenorm" are only 120 rubles.

The cost of the drug depends on the degree of purity of the active substance, its concentration, the diversity of enzymes within the microcapsules and their percentage. The balance of active substances in their compositions can be different. That is why it is so important to adhere to medical recommendations when choosing a therapeutic drug.

Dragee, capsules, regular tablets and tablets in a soluble shell are good help to the stomach and intestines. However, it is best to eat so that medications are not required.