Chestnut( fruit): medicinal properties, application in folk medicine

Modern medicine increasingly resorts to old and already proven recipes. Patients tend to prefer natural medicines. Perhaps this is correct, because such compounds cause much less damage to the human body than a variety of chemical compounds. One of the well-known medicinal products are chestnut fruits. Their application is quite wide. It can be both internal and external.

This article will provide you with information on how to properly prepare and collect chestnut fruits. The use in folk medicine of this remedy will be described below. You can find out what problems and diseases it eliminates.

the fruits of horse chestnut properties

Chestnut: the fruit of the tree

If we talk about the components from which people's natural medicines are made, then it's not only dense round chestnuts. At present, the use of the bark of the tree, its inflorescences, leaflets and green envelopes of the fetus is proved. Collect the described components always at different times. The flowering period is the spring months, in particular May. It is then that the cuts of the inflorescences and leaves from the plant are neatly cut.

The tree bark is mostly collected in the autumn months. During this period, it contains the maximum amount of useful substances. Speaking directly about the fruits, they are harvested in late summer or early autumn. It all depends on the region in which the trees grow. In warm zones this period falls on September-October. In the colder ones, July-August. After the assembly of the chestnut fruits, the photos of which are presented to your attention in the article, are carefully processed. They can be dried, crushed, cooked or infused. Everything depends on the purpose of the application.

Chestnut fruits: properties of

The plant has gained popularity in folk medicine many decades ago. In the 18th century, chestnut extracts were first used in traditional medicine. Currently, you can find a lot of drugs containing this plant.

The healing properties of chestnut fruits can be listed for a very long time. The plant has antiseptic, astringent, healing, antipyretic and regenerative action. It also affects the blood, vessels and heart in a favorable way. It is impossible not to note the medicinal properties of chestnut in relation to the stomach, intestines and the general digestive system. A fruit tree is widely used to treat neurological problems and diseases of the respiratory system. Skin pathologies are often eliminated with a plant such as a chestnut( its fruit).Cosmetology is a separate branch of medicine, in which the described agent is applied.

fruit of chestnut application in folk medicine

To whom is the plant contraindicated for use?

The treatment of chestnut fruits almost always has positive reviews. All due to the fact that it contains a huge amount of tannins, vitamins( especially C), coumarin glycosides( fractin, esculin and others), starch, fatty oil. However, some people are contraindicated in such components. That is why, before you yourself have to resort to traditional medicine, you need to visit a doctor and consult with him.

Fruits of chestnut( photo - below) and potions from them should not be used during pregnancy and after childbirth. During lactation it is better to abandon such therapy, since there is no data on the effect of plants on the baby. Prepared remedies should not be taken with reduced platelets and bleeding. This can be life threatening. Chestnut( fetus) is not used for exacerbations of kidney and liver diseases. If the patient suffers from atonic constipation, gastritis, a violation of the acid balance of the stomach, it is worth warning him about the dangers of such treatment.

Chestnut fruits( use of medicines prepared from them) can lead to the development of limb cramps, the appearance of heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and stool disorders. If you are confronted with such signs, then categorically abandon the people's treatment and seek help from traditional medicine.

Horse chestnut( fruit): application in various areas

As you already know, the prepared medicine can be used inside and as a local remedy. Everything depends on the pathology and the accompanying symptoms. The most popular remedy is chestnut tincture. Prepare it in many ways, but all uses can be divided into two. In the first case, the drug is taken drip inside. In the second, it is applied to the surfaces of the body.

Also very popular are lotions of chestnut and decoctions. For their preparation use bark, peel and flowers. Preliminary ingredients are dried and ground.

An important point in the application of chestnut is a ban on its use. It must be remembered that the fruits of this tree are inedible. They are very dangerous to health in the usual way. If a person consumes several fruits, then a strong poisoning( up to a lethal outcome) can occur. It is necessary to protect harvested raw materials from children and domestic animals. Especially often the victims of chestnut become domestic rodents and dogs. Consider what has horse chestnut( fruits) application in folk medicine.

chestnut fruit properties

Diseases of veins and vessels

Very often chestnut( tree fruit) is used to treat hemorrhoids and varicose veins. The main quality of the plant is that it contributes to the dilution of blood and the removal of the inflammatory process. The most useful parts of the tree for this purpose are brown fruits and flowers. Of the latter is preparing tincture. Fruits can also be used as raw materials for compress.

  • To prepare the tincture, you need to take round brown chestnut fruit( 5 pieces) and 50 grams of dried inflorescences. All this is placed in enamel or glassware and poured into vodka. To insist a drug it is necessary two weeks in a dark place, daily shaking. This drug is applied to the enlarged veins of the lower limbs with a cotton swab twice a day.
  • Take fresh inflorescences and squeeze out the juice from them. The resulting composition should be stored in the refrigerator, taking 30 drops a day. Remember that manipulation is best done before meals.
  • If you suffer from hemorrhoids or have ulcers on your legs, then it is possible to use the powdered peel of the chestnut. To do this, peel the skin and dry it. Then move it and store it in a dry place. Sprinkle affected areas daily before bedtime, then apply bandage.

Viral and bacterial infections of the respiratory tract

Chestnut( fetus) is able to cure diseases such as tracheitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis. In some cases, the plant helps to cope even with pulmonary tuberculosis. In any disease that is accompanied by a cough, the effect of the plant is observed. However, you need to know how to prepare it.

  • Take the dried bark of the tree and chop it. Fill the fruit with two glasses of chilled water and let stand for 8 hours. After this, you must necessarily strain the drink. Take 3 tablespoons up to 6 times a day.
  • Crush the dry leaves of chestnut. Take one spoonful of raw material and fill it with two cups of boiling water. Wait for 10 minutes and strain. In the resulting liquid, put two tablespoons of honey. Drink a quarter cup three times a day.

medicinal properties of chestnut fruit

Female problems

A chestnut tree is often used in gynecology, the fruit of which has an important property to normalize the hormonal background. So, such folk medicines are prescribed for failures in the menstrual cycle, prolonged absence of menstruation, infertility, mastopathy and so on. Remember, that it is necessary to consult a gynecologist before the correction begins.

  • Prepare 8 dry flowers of a tree and fill them with hot water. Bring the solution to a boil and remove from the plate. After this, strain and leave overnight. The next day, drink one sip every hour. Then take a break for two days and build a scheme.
  • In case of cycle disturbances, a tincture is usually recommended. For its preparation, take whole fruits of chestnut in a ratio of 1 to 100 milliliters of vodka. Mix the ingredients and leave for one month. Take the composition can be 5 drops three times a day, starting from the 16th day of the cycle. Remember that the drug contains alcohol. Gynecologists advise before the beginning of such correction to pass tests for determining the level of hormones in the blood and get recommendations of a specialist.

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Diseases of the joints: inflammation and trauma

The fruits of horse chestnut properties are different. Among them there is an anesthetic. If you suffer from rheumatism, arthritis, inflammation of the interarticular joints, then the chestnut will help you. In such situations, the plant can be used either inward or outwardly. To enhance the effect, these two schemes combine.

  • Take 10 green fruits and cut them lightly. Place in a container and pour a bottle of vodka. Wait one week, then strain. This tincture is taken orally 20 drops during a meal. If you can not use ethanol make compresses from the obtained tincture once a day for two hours.
  • Peeled fruit of chestnut in an amount of 5 pieces chop into flour, add a greasy cream or butter. If possible, you can use badger fat. In this case, the effect will be maximum. Rub the sore spots before going to bed, then wrap them with a cloth.

chestnut fruits recipes

Stool disorders: diarrhea and diarrhea

As you already know, chestnut fruits contain tannic and astringent substances. They relieve inflammation and improve peristalsis of the intestine. With diarrhea, this medicine helps quickly and effectively.

  • Grind a teaspoon of bark and fill it with two cups of boiling water. Wait until the broth cools, then strain. Take before each meal for 50 milliliters.
  • Peel the chestnut fruits from the green peel and mash the latter in a mortar. Add half a glass of hot water and leave for 6 hours. Then remove the rind. Take a teaspoonful three times a day.

When treating diarrhea with the described agent, you must closely monitor the work of the intestine. As soon as the condition is normal, the national remedy is canceled. Excessive use of the drug may lead to chronic constipation.

horse chestnut fruit application

Use in cosmetology: chestnut for facial skin and hair

Recently, a plant for the preparation of masks, acupuncture and hair components is very often used. As you already know, chestnut has antioxidant properties. This helps women using this composition to keep their skin young and beautiful. Even in a polluted and dusty city, a representative of the weaker sex can have a beautiful complexion. Chestnut and its fruits help to get rid of acne, acne, uneven skin, and narrow the dilated pores.

For the face it is possible to prepare a variety of masks with a chestnut. For this purpose fresh inflorescences and fruits of the tree are crushed. Depending on the skin type, additional ingredients are added: honey and egg yolk( for dry);egg white and cucumber( for oily);lemon and zinc paste( for problem) and so on. Before manipulation be sure to conduct a sensitivity test and make sure that there is no allergic reaction.

The use of a chestnut for hair helps to reduce their loss and increase growth. As a result, the hair becomes soft, shiny and obedient. Eliminates such problems as dandruff, seborrhea, high fat content and the like. After each washing, rinse the curls with chestnut broth. For its preparation, take whole fruits and place in enamelware with water. Bring to a boil and wait 10 minutes. Cool and strain.

chestnut tree fruit

Feedback on using chestnut for different purposes

You have learned how and in what situations the chestnut fruit is used. Recipes of many medicinal products are presented to your attention. Remember that all people are individual. To one person the above-described means may not help, while for another person they will become a salvation and a way out of a difficult situation.

Reviews of people about the fruits of chestnut are mostly good. A considerable part of them are women's opinions. With the help of a chestnut, the fairer sex could get rid of varicose veins and make their legs beautiful. Also, many women managed to restore the beauty of hair and skin. Men mainly use the fruits of chestnut for diseases of the prostate, joints, digestive organs. Many elderly people are satisfied with this healing folk remedy.

Doctors report that for some, chestnut treatment has a placebo effect. Also, doctors remind that it is impossible to apply the above described means for a long time. They can affect the condition of the blood. If there is a need for long treatment, then it is necessary to observe the doctor and take tests. Sometimes a specialist insists on a break in the use of folk remedies.

chestnut treatment

Instead of concluding

Chestnut fruits are a storehouse of nutrients and vitamins. Currently, you can find many medicines based on this plant. It is worth remembering that, despite all the positive qualities, chestnut sometimes causes allergies. It appears quite hard. This condition requires urgent medical intervention. Before starting your own treatment, weigh all the pros and cons, be sure to consider the opinion of the doctor in this matter. Choose only the right, specific to you recipes of folk remedies. Be healthy!