CRH Mytishchi: paid and free services, address and feedback

Mytishchi Central District Hospital( or Mytishchi City Clinical Hospital) is the largest institution in the city, providing a wide range of services for the adult population and children. The head - Valery Yanin. The hospital has a branch in the village of Sukharevo under the guidance of Valery Vyatkin, a physician of the highest category orthopedist traumatologist.

Free services and structure

Employees of the institution provide medical and diagnostic services on a free and paid basis.

There are four adult polyclinics and one for children.

Mytischi CRH

The hospital has modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment. The staff is constantly improving in a professional way, which makes it possible to provide medical care at a high level.

The structure of the institution has the following inpatient units:

  • therapeutic;
  • neurological;
  • is an oncological;
  • pulmonology;
  • ophthalmic;
  • detoxification and hemodialysis;
  • cardiological;
  • narcological;
  • otorhinolaryngological;
  • is urological;
  • physiotherapeutic.

In the walls of surgical surgeons, cardiac, vascular and other surgeries are performed. There is a department of blood transfusion.

Service on a fee basis

The list of paid services of the CRH Mytishch listed on the official site includes:

  • diagnostic activities( CT, MRI, ultrasound);
  • medical examinations for businesses;
  • official documents;
  • consultations of narrow specialists;
  • restorative procedures( leech therapy, exercise therapy, massages).

CRH Mytishchi reviews

You will need to pay for the certificates issued by:

  • for the pool and sports sections;
  • in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate;
  • for persons entering educational institutions or getting a job;
  • wishing to obtain permission to carry weapons.

Perinatal center

Gynecology CRH Mytishchi is located in a separate building of the perinatal center. Its structure is represented by the following departments:

  • generic;
  • advisory and diagnostic;
  • pathological;
  • of newborns;
  • premature babies, as well as with pathologies;
  • resuscitation and anesthesia;
  • obstetric physiological;
  • diagnostic express laboratory;
  • milk unit.

Central District Hospital Mytishchi Gynecology

This area can be accessed by all women in the city or surrounding area. Free services are provided under compulsory medical insurance and within the territorial program of state guarantees.

Contact information

Address ЦРБ Mytishchi: st. Comintern, 24.

Mytischi CRH address

You can ask questions by calling the information center, 24-hour dispatching service, children's polyclinic, adult polyclinic number 1, which are available on the institution's website.

You can get to the hospital in the following ways:

  • by buses No. 3, 5, 10, 28;
  • by buses № 10, 13, 578.

Internet recording

The hospital provides convenient service "Electronic registry", everyone can register for an appointment with a doctor via the World Wide Web.

To do this, you need to issue a special card. You can do this by applying with the appropriate request to the clinic. This requires a passport and health insurance policy.


Like any medical institution, the Central Hospital Mytishchi has a lot of positive and negative reviews. This is not surprising, because the hospital has a lot of offices and it's difficult to please everyone.

Some people praise the nurses very much and express their gratitude to them for their attentive and friendly attitude towards the patients. Others complain of negligence and rudeness.

Mothers of toddlers undergoing in-patient treatment argue that the junior paramedics did not comply with the prescription of the doctor, refused to give injections.

Patients who fall into the infectious disease department, recall the rapid admission, examination of the doctor and fence analysis. Despite the unpleasant reason, they were satisfied with the quality of the services provided.

Women leave positive responses about CRH Mytishchi. They say that the staff of the perinatal center helped to maintain severe pregnancies and nursing premature babies. Some pregnant women complain that it's impossible to get through to the waiting room when they pick up the phone, often rude. After passing an ultrasound, a specialist can calmly tell a pregnant woman about the developmental defects of a child, in the event that the deviation is the lower limit of the norm.

Mytischi CRH paid services

Much good is said about surgical departments, especially cardiology and pediatrics. People claim that their hard work saved many lives.

Unfortunately, there are many lethal cases. Close fatalities are often blamed for the mistake of surgeons, although this is not always justified.

Frequent complaints come in the reluctance of doctors to come to severe patients at night. This applies to surgeons and personnel of the diagnostic center.

Without additional payment, some employees of the Mytischi Central Hospital are impolite and rude, although such lawlessness flourishes everywhere. Most patients do not want to pay extra for what they are entitled to for free, so they fall out of favor with the doctor.

Fortunately, this does not happen everywhere. In the hospital there are good doctors who help free of charge, it all depends on the moral principles and qualities of a person.

Based on feedback from the Mytishchi Central Regional Hospital, it is difficult to conclude on the quality of service. It is possible to make an opinion about a medical institution from your own experience. People often disseminate untruthful information, resenting the medical staff, so do not believe everything that they write. Comparing Mytishchi hospital with other state medical institutions, it can be noted that it has much fewer negative reviews, given the scale of the services provided.