The drug "Imoflora": reviews about the drug

Medicines based on beneficial bacteria are increasingly being introduced into people's lives. These compounds contribute to the normalization of the work of the stomach and intestines, and also increase immunity. After their application, the state of health improves and the skin condition is normalized. This article will tell you about the medicine "Imoflora."Instructions for use, price, reviews will be presented to your attention. You will learn about the features of using the composition.


What does the instruction for the use of Imoflora mean?

The price, feedback and way of using the medication will be presented to your attention later. To begin with it is necessary to say about the composition of the drug. What does this annotate report?

The instructions say that the agent in question is an additive to food. It contains bifidobacteria. Also there are additional components that do not have therapeutic effect. Please note that the medication may contain traces of milk and gluten.

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Opinions on the use of

About the drug "Imoflora" reviews say that it can be used in more cases than indicated in the annotation. The instruction reports the following indications:

  • dysbacteriosis and various digestive disorders;
  • long-term antibiotic treatment;
  • allergy and unbalanced nutrition;
  • decreased immunity.

This concludes the list of cases in which the drug is prescribed. About the drug "Imoflora" doctors say the following. The medication can be used for vitamin deficiency in combination with other drugs. Also the composition is used as an antioxidant to improve the condition of the skin and hair. When complicating viral diseases, the drug helps to recover quickly.

IMOFLORA instructions for use price review

Restrictions in the use of

What information does the instruction on the Imoflora preparation contain? Reviews of consumers and doctors say that contraindications and side reactions are described to a rather scanty extent. The instruction informs that the medicine should not be prescribed to persons with hypersensitivity to the components.

Reviews of doctors suggest that the composition also should not be used in children of the first year of life. The medicine can cause an allergic reaction, pain in the abdomen. That is why it is worthwhile before consulting to consult a specialist. The described information in the instructions may not be enough for self-treatment.

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"Imoflora": instructions for use

Comments from consumers indicate that it is very convenient to take this medicine. Unlike other similar formulations, the drug does not require washing with water. It does not need to be diluted before use. The tablets should be simply kept in the mouth or chewed.

The daily norm for children after the year and adult patients is 1 tablet. This dose contains the standard laid down by the person. Some consumers report that children under 4 years old should first grind the tablet into powder. However, if a child has teeth and can chew, then there is no need.

IMOFLORA instructions

Opinions about the drug: what do consumers say?

What is the price of Imoflora? The reviews say that the cost of the medication is quite attractive. Packing with twenty tablets will cost you only 400 rubles. This amount is enough for almost a whole month. Many similar compositions are more expensive. The effect of therapy will be the same.

About the drug "Imoflora" reviews say that the tablets have a very pleasant taste. Children take medication with great pleasure. The medicine is more like orange candy. However, you should not eat more than one capsule per day. This can cause an allergic reaction or provoke abdominal pain.

Consumers report that the drug is very convenient to store. Many such formulations based on beneficial bacteria require certain temperatures. Often they have to be kept in the refrigerator. The described medicine can be stored in conditions not higher than 25 degrees. You can take the product with you, without fear that it will just go bad.

About the drug "Imoflora" reviews say that the drug has a convenient package. The medicine is contained in a small tube with a convenient lid. The composition is protected from moisture and light. The medicine is placed even in the smallest handbag.

The opinion of doctors about the preparation

Experts say that the drug "Imoflora" is increasingly used to correct a person's condition. Physicians practically do not prescribe formulations in the form of liquid and powders. After all, such funds must be taken several times a day with pre-dilution.

Doctors also talk about the availability of medication. After all, its purchase does not require a prescription. You can buy the described tablets in almost every pharmacy network at an affordable price.

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A short summary of the article

You learned about a new medicine to normalize digestion and improve the performance of the main organs and systems. Its trade name is Imoflora. Despite all the positive qualities and good reviews, do not take the medicine yourself, because no one is immune from the development of adverse reactions. If you are determined to do without the help of a doctor, then carefully read the instructions before applying the formulation. Pay attention to contraindications and side effects. Strictly follow the instructions for use during the therapy. All the best to you, do not be ill!