Pleuritis of the lungs: what is this, how to treat folk remedies? Causes, symptoms and treatment of lung pleurisy. What is the danger of lung pleurisy?

The structure of our lungs is thought out by nature to the smallest detail. This body does not stop its work throughout life, feeding blood with oxygen and removing carbon dioxide. But, at the same time, he is quite vulnerable and can easily take over the infections of other organs. Often as a result of such lesions develop a disease called "pleurisy of the lungs."What is this, how to treat, and what are the consequences and symptoms of such a disease? Is traditional medicine able to help in the treatment of this disease, and if so, how?

What is pleura and what is it for?

Lungs are a bipartite symmetrical organ located in the thoracic cavity. It is covered with two layers of a thin protective film - the pleura. One of them envelops the lung itself, but the other lining our chest from the inside. Between these tissues a small amount of fluid is formed, which is necessary to prevent the pleural sheets from rubbing against each other or the chest cavity when enlarging and contracting( inhaling and exhaling).Normally, 2 ml of pleural fluid is sufficient for normal sliding of these leaves. But it happens that these membranes become inflamed, and between them a large amount of exudate( fluid) is formed. Such a pathology in medicine is called pleurisy of the lungs. What is it and how to treat it?

pleurisy of the lungs what it is like to cure

Why does this happen?

In fact, pleurisy is the body's response to other diseases, therefore it's right to call it a symptom, not a disease. To cause such a course may be completely different factors: mechanical trauma of the lung or ribs, infectious lesions, oncological or other common systemic pathologies. Illness of lung pleurisy is accompanied by hypoxia, pain in the lung area. For the purpose of treatment, the specialist must determine to which type the disease belongs and, as a result, it has arisen. The most frequent cause of such a disease is precisely the infectious diseases that a person becomes infected with weakening of immunity.

pleurisy of the lungs what it is

Among the infectious forms are several forms:

  1. Specific - pathogens are syphilis, tubercle bacillus and the like.
  2. Nonspecific causes of lung pleurisy: putrefactive and any other bacteria, fungi or viruses( staphylococci, pneumococci, streptococci and others).
  3. Purulent - are divided by severity. May occur due to tissue necrosis( cancer, leukemia, sarcoma and other serious diseases).

Classification of the disease

Illness - pleurisy of the lungs - may also occur due to other diseases not related to infectious lesions. These are arthritis, diseases of the digestive system, heart disorders or gynecological problems.

By the nature of the lesions, the pleurisy is divided into:

  • , an escudative one - between the layers of the pleura is formed and retained fluid;
  • fibrous - the secretion of fluid is scarce, but the surface of the pleural walls itself is covered with a layer of fibrin( protein).

Pleurisy is also divided by the nature of the spread. They can only be affected by one lung or both lobes( one-sided and two-sided).


Based on the history and all accompanying tests, the doctor diagnoses - pleurisy of the lungs. The symptoms and treatment that will be performed are closely related. Each form of pleurisy is treated with the prescription of certain medications and, possibly, requires surgical intervention.

pleurisy of lung symptoms and treatment

The main symptoms:

  • Pain during inspiration in the side where the affected lung is located. Strengthens with a dry cough and can give to the heart, stomach.
  • Difficulty breathing, pain when swallowing, painful hiccough.
  • The patient may note a feeling of tightness in the lung area.
  • A painful dry cough and shortness of breath.
  • Mala, fever, loss of appetite, headache are symptoms of poisoning of the body with toxins in the pleural cavity.
  • The patient's skin becomes cyanotic. Venous veins on the neck increase, the pulse rate increases.
  • In the area of ​​fluid accumulation, puffiness( in the intercostal space) can be observed.


There are many pathological processes similar in their symptoms to a disease such as pleurisy of the lungs. What is it, should determine the doctor. When examining a patient, an x-ray examination and a pleural puncture for collecting and examining the fluid are prescribed. Ultrasound, ECG, CT with contrast material can also be performed. A blood test for bacteriology and histology is performed.

than lung pleurisy is dangerous and how to treat

Treatment of

If you were diagnosed with pleurisy of the lungs, what it is like to cure the disease - the attending physician will explain. Inflammatory process in the pleural zone is an occasion for hospitalization. The patient is given complete or partial rest. Such a lesion is caused by another initial illness, because pleurisy is treated symptomatically, but the main treatment will be already directed at eradicating the underlying cause of the diagnosis of pleurisy of the lungs. Symptoms and treatment are closely related. The patient may need pleural puncture or drainage of the pleural region. This will pump out the collected liquid, wash the cavity with antibiotic-containing solutions and provide an outflow of pus. Additionally, immunostimulating drugs, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and vitamins are prescribed. If the patient has a severe dry cough, the chest is bandaged and antitussive agents are prescribed. In general, doctors give a favorable prognosis for the diagnosis of "pleurisy of the lungs."What is this, how to treat - well knows and folk medicine. Let's see how it can help.

pleurisy of the lungs what it is like to cure folk remedies

Traditional medicine

Herbal treatment is used in home treatment quite often and effectively. Many collections are made taking into account anti-inflammatory, expectorant and immunity-improving herbs. But it should be borne in mind that pleurisy is a serious and complex disease that can not be treated solely by herbs. A purulent disease can lead to a fatal outcome and must be treated exclusively under the supervision of a specialist. But in a complex with pharmaceuticals, home remedies are quite capable of helping to cure pleurisy of the lungs. What is this, how to treat folk remedies? Here are a few recommendations.

  • Aloe, honey and badger fat are very well proven in the treatment of respiratory organs. Take a glass of honey and badger fat, add to them 300 g of shredded aloe leaves. Mix and shake for 15 minutes in the oven. The composition is filtered, and take a spoonful before each meal.
  • Radish with honey - so our great-grandparents were treated. Take a large black radish, cut off the tail of the tail, cut the core of the root so that a likeness of the bowl is formed. In it, pour the honey, close the "lid" and leave to stand for the night. Take a tablespoon before eating. This same tool is excellent for helping children with colds.
  • Such a tool is good for fibrosis. Take 2 glasses of white wine, add ½ cup of honey and 300 g of chopped onion. Mix and insist in a dark place for a week. Take the formula you need before eating a tablespoon.
  • With an escutaneous pleurisy: prepare a decoction of lime flowers and birch buds. Pour 2 cups of boiling water 100 g of linden and 75 g of kidney, cook for about 20 minutes. Let it cool down. After strain and add to it 100 g of aloe juice and honey. Again, warm up, cool and pour in a little vegetable oil. Drink before eating 2 tablespoons.

lung disease pleurisy

With pleurisy, decoctions of herbs are helpful: linden, caddis, mother-and-stepmother, birdwort, plantain, St. John's wort, licorice root and elecampane, willow bark, fennel fruits. You can brew these gifts of nature and drink instead of tea with the addition of honey.

Complications of

Than lung pleurisy is dangerous and how to treat it correctly? The main thing is to apply for help in a timely manner and strictly follow the recommendations of a specialist. Only a doctor can prescribe the correct and effective treatment, but self-medication can lead to a number of complications. Among them - the formation of adhesions, as a consequence - respiratory failure. Untimely treatment can lead to intoxication of the body. Especially dangerous is purulent infectious pleurisy. Purulent formations may require surgical removal. Doctors give a good prognosis with proper and timely treatment. The most complex cases include oncological manifestations and necrosis of lung tissue.

How not to get sick

According to statistics, one out of every ten of us suffers a disease such as pleurisy of the lungs. What is this, you now know, it remains only to memorize a few simple rules that will help to warn the development of this complication.

pleurisy of the lungs

  • Always seek help from doctors if you feel unwell. Conventional ARI can easily turn into pleurisy.
  • Observe the rules of hygiene, adhere to a full and timely nutrition. In the cold season, include vitamins in your diet. Strong immunity is a guarantee of health.
  • Get rid of bad habits - smoking will never add health to you or your lungs.
  • Do not overdo it, take the time you need to sleep and get a good habit - run in the morning or do gymnastics.

Remember that pleurisy is a consequence of another disease. Never interrupt treatment halfway through trivial laziness or lack of time and always try to avoid situations that can trigger an infectious infection. Only a sensitive attitude to yourself and your loved ones will help you to maintain your health until old age.