Gymnastics for Avetisov for the eyes: description of the technique, exercises, effectiveness and feedback

As you know, any disease is better to prevent than treat. That is why the prevention of visual abnormalities should begin as early as preschool. In this article we will describe in detail how gymnastics works according to Avetisov for the eyes, and we will acquaint ourselves with the basic complex of exercises. gymnastics for avetisovo for eyes

A little about the author

Professor Eduard Avetisov in his work has paid much attention to the prevention of visual impairment in children and adults. For many years he investigated the problem of myopia and strabismus. The scientist has developed new perspective directions in ophthalmology, published more than 300 works, founded his school and was the scientific leader of many famous scientists. Based on his research, Eduard S. developed a technique that helps reduce eye strain after heavy loads( reading, working at a computer).The complex of simple exercises allows not only to stop the fall of vision, but also contributes to its improvement.

Gymnastics for the eyes of Professor Avetisov

The complex of exercises, developed by the scientist, includes simple movements of the eyeball, which are produced in a slow and medium tempo. An important condition for the effectiveness of the technique is regularity and a gradual increase in the load. The complex of visual gymnastics can be conditionally divided into three blocks. gymnastics for eyes according to Avetisov

The first block of exercises

To maximize the effect, you should start practicing in a quiet environment, when there is no urgent business. The whole complex is sitting:

  • Close your eyes as much as possible and stay in this position for a few seconds. Open the eyelids, relax and repeat the sequence of actions a few more times.
  • For ten seconds, blink at an accelerated pace. After that, relax and continue to do exercises.
  • Dip your index fingers on closed eyelids and massage them gently in a circular motion. Remember that the movements should not be too intense. The duration of this action is one minute.
  • Continue to sit with your eyes closed, put three fingers on the eyelid and start gently pressing them on the eyeball. Repeat your actions several times.
  • Press your index fingers on your eyebrows and begin closing your eyes through resistance.

Gymnastics for the eyes according to Avetisov's method allows to improve the blood flow in the eye area and helps to relax the muscles. Despite the seeming simplicity, patients note that it is not right for everyone to do the exercises correctly. Therefore, remember that the main thing here is not speed, but a gradual increase in the load. gymnastics for eyes avetisov reviews

The second block

This complex is also carried out while sitting. To achieve the desired result, you must keep the original position and avoid unnecessary movements. Gymnastics for Avetisov for the eyes is repeated eight or ten times.

  • Look at the ceiling, and then gently look down. Take your time - the movement of the eyes should be smooth.
  • Look at the selected point on the left, and then on the left. Note that when performing this task, you should sit still and do not turn your head.
  • Move the view diagonally from the top corner of the room to the bottom.
  • Imagine that you have a big circle in front of you and start to glance at it first in one direction and then in the other direction.

Regular execution of this task will strengthen the motor muscles of the eye. gymnastics for the eyes of Professor Avetisov

The third block

Unlike previous complexes, this one needs to be performed standing.

  • Pull out your hand in front of you, look at your index finger and look into the distance.
  • Bring your finger to your nose, and then slowly pull it forward. Continuously follow this smooth movement.
  • Repeat the same exercise, but close one eye with your hand. After this, repeat this action, but with the palm of the second eye.
  • To perform the next job, stand at the window. Draw a dot on the glass or glue a piece of colored tape. Focus on the mark, and then look into the distance. This exercise is performed in glasses or contact lenses( if you have, of course, there are).

Thanks to the frequent execution of the complex, you can improve the focus.

Gymnastics for the eyes of Avetisov for children

Eduard Sergeevich believed that one of the main advantages of his technique - effectiveness at school age. But it is during this period that students experience a great deal of stress - they read, write and draw a lot. Add to this a long sitting at the computer or tablet, watching TV and a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, many schoolchildren have problems with vision and begin to wear glasses. To prevent the harmful effects of high loads will help gymnastics for the eyes by the method of Avetisov. However, it should be remembered that it is necessary to repeat all sets of exercises every day, and not once from the time. To get the desired result, the child first needs to be monitored, and then to ensure that he independently performs gymnastics. Ideally, students should learn to pause and practice pauses between lessons, while reading or playing computer games. gymnastics for Avetisov

How does gymnastics work for Avetisov's eyes? Reviews

Experts argue that this technique is excellent for preventing visual impairment. In addition, it treats myopia in patients who have received the disease as a result of overwork, an incorrect lifestyle and negative visual habits. Therefore, doctors strongly recommend contacting a specialist if you feel that your vision has begun to deteriorate. Gymnastics for Avetisov for the eyes is wonderful for children and many teachers use some exercises during the lesson so that children can relax and rest. Parents and teachers note that students who regularly perform a number of simple exercises, not only stop complaining about poor vision, but also begin to learn better. It is possible to explain this phenomenon by the fact that the child becomes more collected, begins to think about his health and tries less to tire himself. gymnastics for eyes according to Avetisov


We will be happy if our article is useful to you in the future. As you can see, gymnastics for Avetisov for the eyes has a number of advantages over other popular systems. Firstly, it was developed by a specialist in his field, recognized throughout the world as a scientist and teacher. Secondly, the methodology contains simple exercises and clear recommendations for their implementation. And, finally, thirdly, it does not require additional equipment or expensive drugs. The only thing that is required of you is to regularly carry out the proposed exercises. The result will not be long in coming. Even if you can not improve your eyesight, then at least you will feel much better.