Cheap analogue of Perindopril."Perindopril": analogues, synonyms and replacement, instructions for use

Hypertension and heart failure - diagnoses in the modern world are very frequent. They complain about elderly people and patients at the age of thirty. Now these ailments are rejuvenated. Of course, the reasons causing them, it became in modern times more. Stresses, improper nutrition, nervous tension, fatigue never had a good effect on good health.

Arterial hypertension: effective interventions

Treatment of diseases of the circulatory system requires special attention. When pressure jumps abruptly, measures need to be taken, of course, it does not stabilize. If this is not done, a person can get a myocardial infarction or stroke, the consequences of which can be very sad.

Arterial hypertension and other diseases associated with instability of pressure should be treated under the supervision of a doctor. Any initiative is inappropriate in this matter.

Often, to bring the pressure back to normal, patients are prescribed a very expensive drug Perindopril. Analogues, synonyms for this medicine, are not cheap medicines. However, knowing all the properties of the drug, you can still choose a less expensive replacement for him in the modern pharmaceutical market.

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Properties of the drug Perindopril

This is an effective remedy that is recommended by many specialists. So, before we look for the analogue of Perindopril, we learn a little what it really is.

This drug is a group of ACE inhibitors that affect the recovery of muscle tone of blood vessels, thereby bringing pressure back to normal. Pharmacological features are reduced to the fact that perindopril, decomposing to perindopilata, reduces the content of blood in the blood cells that make the vessels non-working. Expanding them, it is possible to increase the minute volume of blood and develop a tolerant mode of the heart at such a load. For a more detailed description, see the product instructions.

analogue of perindopril The preparation is produced in the form of tablets with the content of active substance perindopril in the amount of 4 mg, 5 mg, 8 mg, 10 mg.

The effect of the drug is noticeable within an hour after its administration. After four hours, it reaches its maximum concentration and normalizes the pressure for the whole day. He does not affect conscious thinking, stimulates the brain, concentrates attention. It is excreted through the kidneys.

The reception is very simple, one tablet( the dose is prescribed by a doctor) is consumed once a day before meals. If you take the medicine after eating, it will act slowly.

Produced in Germany and Hungary. The cost of packing tablets varies from 500 to 600 rubles.

Drugs similar to "Perindopril"( analogs), the instruction for use does not describe. We shall consider them a little later.

Indications for use

This drug is suitable for the treatment of patients with type 1 and 2 diabetes, so it is so popular.

The medicine "Perindopril" is prescribed for arterial hypertension and chronic heart failure, it is used for the prevention of repeated heart attacks and strokes.


It is not recommended to prescribe this drug for children breastfeeding mothers if there is a manifestation of an allergic reaction to perindopril, kidney disease, thrombocytopenia, and leukopenia.

Possible side effects of

This drug has a wide range of side effects. Topical: dry cough, headache, insomnia, weakness, accompanied by chest pain, seizures, itchy skin, bronchospasm, renite, shortness of breath, muscle spasms, sexual disorders, depression, pneumonia, taste disorder.

Medication "Prestarium A": perindopril + arginine

Perindopril contains the following active ingredients: perindopril, erbumine salt and auxiliary components - magnesium stearate, anhydrous colloidal silicon dioxide, a mixture of starch and lactose, acesulfame potassium.

As the composition of the drug has been improved for several years, the drug "Pre-history A" - an analogue of "Perindopril" appeared in pharmacies. So the differences between them are in the trade name of the drug and one component. The preparation "Prestarium A" instead of the erbumine salt includes arginine. Their effect on the human body is identical. Arginine just allowed to store the medicine for longer than three years.

perindopril indapamide analogues Here is just the preparation "Prestarium A" is more expensive than Perindopril, its price is 700 rubles per package.

Many doctors advise patients to use in the treatment of hypertension a cheap analogue of Perindopril( hence, drugs Prestarium A) - tablets Perineva, which also includes perindopril. Its cost varies from 200 to 300 rubles.

The group of analogues of the drug "Perindopril" includes such drugs as "Parnavel"( costs 300 rubles), "Hypernik"( 300 rubles), "Piristar"( 250-400 rubles), "Stoppress"( 360 rubles)"Arentopres"( 400 rubles), "Parnavell"( 280 rubles).

If you select substitutes for drugs such as Pre-Stearium A, which contain, in addition to perindopril arginine, the analogs listed above are also suitable for replacing them.

Cheap analogues of Perindopril not containing perindopril

If substitute drugs are identical in both composition and effect on the patient's body, other similar medicines may contain other components, but have the same effect of treating heart failure and hypertension.

For example, the drug "Lizinopril" - an analogue of "Perindopril", which contains an active substance, similar to perindopril - lisinopril. This is also a remedy from the group of ACE inhibitors.

The average cost of this analogue is 200 rubles. It is also available in the form of tablets. You can also find in the drugstores a medicine "Lizinopril" of Ukrainian production, German or Israeli. Preference is given to buyers of the drug, issued in Germany.

This product is ideally suited for people suffering from obesity and diabetes, which is very problematic to choose medicines to lower blood pressure, as many of them have a large list of side effects that are dangerous for the life of such patients.

perindopril analogues synonyms Lizinopril is widely used in the treatment of patients with pathological diseases of the heart and vascular system. Of course, this remedy, along with advantages, has drawbacks, can cause dizziness, nausea, dry cough, diarrhea.

Contraindicated drug for use in diseases of the kidney and liver, during pregnancy, breast-feeding, children under 18 years old, with hereditary Quinck's edema, with intolerance to lisinopril and other components of the drug.

Selecting analogues for the medicine "Perindopril", you can also stop on the medicine "Enalapril".It includes a substance that is similar in effect to the patient's body with perindopril, enalapril maleate. This medicine is also an ACE inhibitor, therefore, lowers blood pressure and at the same time reduces the burden on the heart, preventing the complex consequences of hypertension.

Produced medicine in Serbia, Macedonia. The drug has proven itself in medical practice as reliable. The form of release - tablets. The cost of one package of pills is from 100 to 200 rubles.

perindopril analogues instructions for use It should be noted that this drug is contraindicated in diabetes mellitus, pregnancy, renal and hepatic insufficiency, breast-feeding, is not provided for the treatment of children.

May cause the following side effects: dizziness, asthenia, skin rash and itching, fatigue, drowsiness, anxiety, dry cough. Also, this drug can cause a sharp decrease in pressure, so its reception should be accompanied by the supervision of the treating doctor, because the wrong dose can cause an overdose, hence - the deterioration of the patient.

Many substitutes for the medicine Perindopril. Analogues of the drug can also be selected from the group of ACE inhibitors containing in their composition the active substance captopril, similar to perindopril. This is the drug "Captopril", which is applicable in the treatment of hypertension, ischemic heart disease and heart failure.

The drug is produced in Slovenia and Ukraine. The average cost of this medicine is 300 rubles.

perindopril arginine analogues The drug "Kapotopril" is not prescribed during pregnancy, breast-feeding, children under 18 years old, with severe renal and hepatic dysfunction, cardiogenic shock, in the presence of obstruction of outflow of blood from the left ventricle of the heart, Quincke's edema.

This medication can also cause side effects such as visual impairment, fatigue, headaches, thrombocytopenia, decreased appetite, stomatitis, itchy skin, tachycardia, acidosis.

Before using cheap analogues of Perindopril, you should carefully study the instructions to them. Only the attending physician should prescribe them. Each of them has its own list of side effects and a list of contraindications that can not be underestimated.

Treatment of hypertension is not simple, each patient has a tendency to tolerate a particular component of medicines, and it is not so easy to pick up a drug that does not cause discomfort during treatment.

It is possible to select an individual therapeutic agent only by testing the drugs.

Noliprel, Co-Pireneva: perindopril + indapamide

For many patients, only Perindopril medication is not sufficient to normalize the pressure, the therapy is supplemented by several more effective means. To facilitate the work of doctors, pharmacists created combined preparations with the base of perindopril.

perindopril analogues So, Perindopril + indapamide analogues of perindopril with increased effect on the patient's body have in the composition such as "Noriprel" and "Ko-Pireneva".Naturally, combined drugs are more expensive than pure perindopril. The cost of the medication Noriprel( perindopril + arginine + indapamide) is 800 rubles, the drug Ko-Pireneva( perindopril + erbumin + indapamide) - 650 rubles.

More cheap, containing indapamide and perindopril, analogues-synonyms from the group of combined preparations: tablets "Prilamid" cost from 200 to 400 rubles, tablets "Ko-Prenessa" - 400 rubles, "Perindid" - 300 rubles. The difference in price, as you can see, is palpable.

For the combination of perindopril plus indapamide, analogs can also be selected from the group of combined ACE inhibitors, which include other active substances. For example, tablets "Ampril Hd"( ramipril + hydrochlorothiazide) cost 400 rubles, and similar tablets "Euroramipril" - 200 rubles.

The quality of perindopril + indapamide-containing analogues is not particularly marked. Low price does not always guarantee the preservation of the properties of the original products.

Drugs "Prestans", "Dalneva": perindopril + amlodipine

In indapamide experiments did not end, because perindopril very well manifests its effect in combination with amlodipine. Recently appeared the combined preparations "Prestans"( perindopril + arginine + amlodipine), their cost is from 700 to 900 rubles, and "Dalneva"( perindopril + erbumine + amlodipine) - 500 rubles.

perindopril amlodipine analogues

Analogues of a cheaper order containing perindopril + amlodipine can be selected from a group of substitutes, for example, Amless tablets, their price is 400 rubles, and from the group of combined ACE inhibitors that do not contain perindopril and amlodipine, for example, tablets Akkupro( quinapril) at a price of 200-300 rubles.

Which of the medicinal combinations is suitable for the patient, only the doctor knows, who has a picture of the diagnosis before his eyes after a thorough examination of the patient. If you need to select the analogues cheaper for Perindopril, this task is also handled by the attending physician, since only he can assess the effectiveness of the action of a given drug in practice.

Reviews of doctors and patients about the drug Perindopril

The pharmaceutical market is full of drugs with ACE inhibitors. Of these, there are a lot of drugs that replace the drug Perindopril. Analogues and replacement, as you have already seen, can be identical both in composition and in effect on the body. But, despite such a variety of cheap substitutes for the drug in question, many patients still prefer to be treated with the original, as evidenced by their feedback. Of course, if treatment with the original for the patient is too expensive, then there is a transition to cheap combination medications, among which the doctors have allocated more or less qualitative. Naturally, even among low-cost drugs doctors choose medicines of European manufacture, among which there are practically no fakes.

Perindopril itself in medical practice has proved itself to be reliable and effective, thanks to it doctors are now able to regain the health of 80% of patients with arterial hypertension and heart failure, and also prevent complications in the form of myocardial infarction and stroke in 50% of them.

Having, of course, knowledge about what medicines can replace the drug "Perindopril", it is much easier to navigate in a large list of medicines of ACE inhibitors. And at appointments it becomes simple to understand, what exactly the doctor recommends for therapy - an original preparation or all the same its or his cheap analogue.