"Sinupret" with genyantritis: reviews and instructions

Sinusitis is a dangerous and very unpleasant disease. It is accompanied by an increase in the viscosity of the secretion. Formed in the sinuses of the nose, mucus simply does not go away, accumulating and spreading a bacterial infection. For treatment of pathology, it is necessary to visit a doctor. After the examination, the doctor will choose the right treatment, without which the disease can become complicated. Increasingly, in recent years, experts have prescribed the drug "Sinupret" with genyantritis. The reviews that have such therapy will be presented to your attention in the article. Also you can learn about the features of using the medicine.

sinupret at the genyantritis reviews

What is it?

"Sinupret" with genyantritis reviews is mostly good. Before this you need to say about the drug itself. The medicine is produced in two different forms - tablets and liquid form. Each pellet contains in its composition the roots of gentian, flowers of primrose, sorrel, elderberry and verbena. Also here are components that are optional. The price category of the drug is in the range of 350 to 400 rubles for 50 pills.

Drops Sinupret is a liquid solution. Its composition includes all the same components as in tablets, but in addition, there is ethanol and purified water. The cost of a bubble of 100 milliliters is about 350 rubles.

"Sinupret" with genyantritis: reviews of doctors. Purpose of the preparation

The described agent is intended for the treatment of sinusitis of different nature. In this case, the pathology can be acute or chronic. Also, the medication is used for rhinitis of viral and bacterial origin with the formation of viscous sputum.

Doctors often recommend the use of the described medicine for sinusitis. At the same time, in light and non-empty situations, it becomes the main treatment. In the case of severe disease, additional use of antibiotics is necessary. Such drugs, according to doctors, perfectly combined with each other, without inhibiting the effects of concomitant medication.

The instructions state that the preparation "Sinupret" has an anti-inflammatory, secretory, secretory effect. It promotes the liquefaction of mucus and its outflow from the nasal sinuses. Based on this information, doctors appoint the above-mentioned composition.

preparation sinupret at sinusitis reviews

Pay special attention to

Despite the fact that about the preparation "Sinupret"( with genyantritis), reviews of specialists are usually good, the medicine has contraindications. The conditions described must always be observed. Otherwise, you can not only not benefit, but further deteriorate your condition.

Medication is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to its components. Drugs in the form of a dragee are forbidden to give to children under 6 years. If, and after reaching this age, the child can not swallow the pill without first grinding, then it makes sense to consider other forms of the drug. It is forbidden to use pills for people who have lactose deficiency.

The preparation in the form of drops is not prescribed for children under two years of age. Also, this form of the drug is not recommended to alcoholics and patients who have a successful experience in the treatment of chronic alcoholism.

Experts say about the medicine "Sinupret" that with extreme caution it must be used for epilepsy, liver and kidney diseases, brain injuries. If you have one or more of these symptoms, you should consult your doctor in advance.

Sinupret with genyantritis reviews of the pill pregnant

How to use

How is Sinupret used in genyantritis? Reviews of consumers report that taking the medicine is not very convenient. All because you need to use the composition three times a day. In this case, the droplets contain ethanol. Consequently, the liquid form of the drug is not suitable for drivers and persons who are engaged in responsible work.

The dosage of the drug depends on the age of the patient. Children after 16 years and adults are shown 2 drops or 50 drops of medication three times a day. Children from 6 to 16 put 25 drops or 1 tablet. Babies after two to six years of medication is given only in liquid form. Dosage - 15 drops three times a day.

Before using the drug, you must shake the vial. If you take pills, they can not be chewed or crushed. The effect of saliva on the components of the drug may reduce its effectiveness. Reception of drops should be accompanied by their preliminary cultivation. If you give the medicine to a child, you must always drink it with water. The duration of therapy can last from 7 to 14 days. If necessary, the doctor can extend the period of use of the drug. However, if the maxillary sinusitis does not pass within one week, doctors try to prescribe antibacterial drugs and additional symptomatic preparations without delay.

sinupret forte with genyantritis reviews

Future mothers

Potential mums are also prescribed the drug "Sinupret" for sinusitis. Reviews( tablets of a pregnant woman prescribed, only by correlating all possible risks) about this drug from the ladies in the position are different. The bulk of women are satisfied with the result.

Doctors report that the medicine is of purely vegetable origin. In the period of bearing a child, it can not do any harm. The exception will be only those cases when the future mother has an increased sensitivity to the components. A remedy for the treatment of sinusitis of this category of patients is prescribed in tablets, since the liquid form contains ethanol, which is unacceptable during pregnancy. Medics report that the Sinupret medication is much safer than many antibacterial drugs that women who suffer from sinusitis have to take. However, in the first trimester it is necessary to refrain from using such a composition.

sinupret tablets reviews for genyantema

Negative opinions developed by consumers

The preparation "Sinupret Forte" with genyantritis reviews also has negative. Many people take this medication in the usual way. However, the presence of the word "Forte" in the name of the drug suggests that the drug has an enhanced effect. Use this compound in a lower dosage. If you use large portions, then there is a high probability of developing side effects. It is on them that consumers complain during treatment.

The most common adverse reactions are allergies. It can manifest as a rash, itching, reddening of the skin. There is also the possibility of developing dyspepsia, abdominal pain, diarrhea. The instructions clearly indicate the diseases in which the drug Sinupret( droplets) is prescribed:

  • antritis( feedback on the use of this medication is given in this article);
  • creeping rhinitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • purulent otitis media of medium severity.

It is also unequivocally stated that, in case of any ailments, it is prohibited to exceed the dosage, as this often causes nausea and vomiting. Subsequently, the victim is diagnosed: "poisoning with ethanol."

Sinupret with genyantritis reviews of doctors

"Sinupret" with genyantritis: reviews

The medicine leaves a good impression on itself. Consumers always pay attention to the composition of the drug. In this case, it includes exclusively natural components, which is important when used in pediatrics and in pregnant women.

"Sinupret"( tablets) reviews in genyantritis is mostly positive: this drug in most cases is quite effective. It dilutes the accumulated mucus and successfully removes it from the nasal sinuses. At the same time, many consumers note a too escalated divergence of the secret, considering this a significant drawback. However, in another way the mucus can not go away. Doctors advise you to wash your nasal passages more often during treatment. Patients report that the implementation of the drug can be noticed after a day of regular use.

sinupret drops of sinusitis reviews

Summing up

The medicine "Sinupret" is an excellent tool for the treatment of sinusitis. However, in most cases it requires an antibacterial combination. This approach to treatment shows good results in a few days. Do not interrupt therapy at a time when you feel better. Be sure to complete the full course of treatment recommended by your doctor. Strong to you health and perfect state of health!