What is a hookah portable?

Fans of the non-standard way of smoking, who are unable to part with their habit for a long time, may not worry, because now for these purposes there is a hookah portable. What is such a device and how does it differ from the usual models?

Detailed description of

The first person to solve a similar problem was the Chinese company Mitsuba. Established in 1997 in Guangzhou, the enterprise devoted much time to the development of different models of hookahs and all kinds of accessories to them. In addition to products intended for mass consumers, the company is engaged in the production of individual and even exclusive products. The latest novelty of the company was a hookah portable.

Hookah Portable

This device consists of the following main parts:

  1. Flask metal with lid. It simultaneously plays the role of a mine and a flask.
  2. Hose with a mouthpiece fixed on it.
  3. A tube that is located inside the jar.
  4. Bowl with gasket.
  5. Two protective caps. One of them is put on the bowl, and the other is on the flask itself.
  6. Carrying strap made of genuine leather.
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This hookah portable can safely take along on the road. The device is very convenient and practical. It can be easily moved from place to place and smoke even on the go.

Principle of operation

Hookah portable is very easy to handle. In order to smoke it, it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  1. Pour clean cool water into the jar.
  2. Lower the tube into it so that it is immersed in a liquid for a couple of centimeters.
  3. Install the seal and place the bowl on it. Individual parts must fit tightly together, leaving no gaps.
  4. Put the tobacco in the bowl, and then fasten the stand on which the coal will be placed.
  5. Cover the structure with a second cap. He will not allow the coals to fall during the movement.
  6. Top cover. It will not allow ash to fly out.
  7. Insert the hose into the special hole and fix the mouthpiece on it.

After that, it only remains to fasten the belt and put it on your shoulder. In this position the hookah can be worn without fear of any negative consequences. Being at the level of the hips, it absolutely does not interfere with walking and helps to feel comfortable in any situation.

Original addition

In recent years, many countries have raised the issue of reducing the level of danger for smokers. Therefore, a timely hookah tube appeared on time. In principle, this device is more like an additional element for cleaning the smoke. It is intended such a device for smoking shredded tobacco and even ordinary cigarettes.

portable hookah tube

Externally, the device is similar to the usual handset, but some of its components perform somewhat different functions. In a collapsible form, this hookah consists of two parts:

  1. A transparent plastic container with a lid in which a tube is inserted, simulating a hose with a mouthpiece. It also has a hole for filling the reservoir with liquid.
  2. A metal thimble with a thin section serving as a bowl. It is fixed to the container with a threaded connection.

The metal parts are made of brass and are completely ecological. In order for the device to start working, it is necessary: ​​

  1. Pour water into the tank.
  2. Attach a thimble to the cover.
  3. Put the tobacco inside and light it.

After this, you can drag on and continue to smoke, choosing a convenient place for yourself. In principle, the device works like a normal tube with only one difference. The smoke that the smoker inhales is further purified by water. In addition, instead of tobacco, a conventional cigarette can be inserted into the thimble.

Miniature device

Manufacturers from China do not leave hookah fans without attention. So, quite recently a quite interesting mini-hookah appeared on sale. A small portable unit is a plastic cylinder with a side opening.

hookah small portable

In its upper part there is a groove in which consumables are placed with special forceps. And to isolate them from the environment, a lid is provided. A silicone hose with a mouthpiece is inserted into the cylinder bore. The device is very compact. Its height does not exceed 20 centimeters. The length of the hose is about one meter. This allows you to freely hold it in your hand by placing the main structure in the car or on the table. Manufacturers offer different color solutions to the device so that the owner can feel as comfortable as possible during smoking. The device is externally simple, but it allows to solve one main problem - to smoke in any place and when you want.

Price of pleasure

Now many people want to buy a portable hookah. The purchase price will depend on which model the future owner chooses for himself. After all, most of the products offered are manufactured in China, so the producer country in this case does not play a role. The cost of such products also depends on the equipment. Some manufacturers implement only the basic device. All the rest the smoker should buy independently. The most expensive of all, of course, will cost the customers a hookah on the belt from the company Mitsuba.

portable hookah price

In stores, its minimum price is 2000 rubles. This is understandable, because such a device is more like the rest of the original model of a popular device. So, plastic cylinders "Mini Shisha" cost from 20 to 25 dollars. And more simplified models, provided they are not fully equipped, can cost only $ 2.5.This is quite a bit, considering the huge desire of the smoker to become the owner of the hookah.