Insulin "Detemir": instructions for use, composition, action and analogy

Currently, the level of development of medicine allows even in the presence of serious health problems to maintain a normal rhythm of life. To help come modern medicines. The disturbance of glucose metabolism is now a frequent diagnosis, but even with diabetes it is possible to live and work normally. People suffering from type 1 and 2 disease can not do without an analogue of insulin. When physical activity and proper nutrition do not allow normalizing blood sugar levels, then insulin "Detemir" comes to the rescue. But before using this drug, a diabetic patient needs to understand important questions: how to correctly administer a hormone, when it can not be used categorically and what undesirable manifestations can it cause?

Insulin "Detemir": description of medicinal substance

The drug is issued in the form of a colorless transparent solution. In 1 ml of it contains the main component - insulin detemir 100 ED.In addition, there are additional components: glycerol, phenol, m-cresol, zinc acetate, sodium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, sodium chloride, hydrochloric acid q.s.or sodium hydroxide q.s., water for injection up to 1 ml.

insulin detemir

The drug is released in a syringe-pen, which contains 3 ml of solution, the equivalent of 300 units.1 unit of insulin contains 0.142 mg of salt-free insulin detemir.

How does "Detemir" work?

Insulin "Detemir"( trade name "Lewemir") is produced by the biotechnology of recombinant deoxyribonucleic acid( DNA) using a strain called Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Insulin is the main component of Leveemir Flexplep and is an analog of human hormone, which binds to receptors of peripheral cells and activates all biological processes. He has several actions on the body:

  • stimulates the use of glucose by peripheral tissues and cells;
  • controls glucose metabolism;
  • depresses gluconeogenesis;
  • increases the synthesis of proteins;
  • prevents lipolysis and proteolysis in fat cells.

It is through control over all these processes that blood sugar levels decrease. After the administration of the drug, its main effect begins 6-8 hours later. insulin detemir description of the medicinal product

If you enter it twice a day, then complete equilibrium of the sugar level can be achieved after two to three injections. The drug has the same effect on both women and men. Its average volume of distribution is in the range of 0.1 l / kg.

The half-life of insulin, which was injected under the skin, depends on the dose and is approximately 5-7 hours.

Features of the action of the drug "Detemir"

Insulin "Detemir"( "Levemir") works much wider than such insulin products as "Glargin" and "Isofan".Its long-term effect on the body is due to the bright self-association of molecular structures during their docking with the side fatty acid chain with albumin molecules. In comparison with other insulins, it disperses slowly through the body, but due to this, its absorption is greatly enhanced. Also, in comparison with other analogues, insulin "Detemir" is more predictable, and therefore it is much easier to control its effect. And this is due to several factors:

  • substance remains in a liquid state from the moment of being in the syringe-pen and before it is introduced into the body;
  • its particles bind to albumin molecules in the serum by the buffer method.

The drug less affects the rate of cell growth, which can not be said about other insulins. It does not have genotoxic and toxic effects on the body.

How to use "Detemir" correctly?

The dose of the drug is selected individually for each patient with diabetes. You can enter it once or twice a day, this is indicated by the instruction. Comments on the use of insulin "Detemir" argue that to optimize control of the level of glycemia, you need to do the injections twice a day: in the morning and in the evening, between the application should take at least 12 hours. detirim instruction reviews about the use of insulin

Elderly with diabetes and those who suffer from liver and kidney dysfunction, the dose is selected with extreme caution.

Insulin is injected subcutaneously into the shoulder, thigh and peripodal region. From the place where the drug will be administered, its intensity depends. If the injection is done in one area, then the puncture site can be changed, for example, if insulin is injected into the skin of the abdomen, then it should be done 5 cm from the navel and in a circle.

It is important to correctly inject. To do this, take a syringe pen with a preparation of room temperature, antiseptic and cotton wool.

And the procedure is as follows:

  • treat the puncture site with an antiseptic and allow the skin to dry;
  • skin is caught in a crease;
  • , the needle should be inserted at an angle, after which the piston is pulled back slightly, if there is blood, the vessel is damaged, the place of injection should be changed;
  • should be administered slowly and evenly, if the piston does not move very well, and the skin is inflated at the puncture site, then the needle should be inserted deeper;
  • after the injection of the drug should be delayed for another 5 seconds, after which the syringe is removed with a sharp movement, and the injection site is treated with an antiseptic.

In order for the injection to be painless, the needle should be as thin as possible, the skin fold should not be strongly squeezed, and the injection should be done with a confident hand without fear or doubt.

If the patient pricks several types of insulin, then first dialed short, and after - a long one.

What should I look for before introducing "Detemir"?

Before you do the injections, you need:

  • to carefully recheck the type of funds;
  • disinfect the membrane with antiseptic;
  • carefully check the integrity of the cartridge, if it is suddenly damaged or there are doubts about its suitability, then it is not necessary to use it, it is worth returning it back to the pharmacy. insulin detemir prescription in Latin

It is worth remembering that it is strictly forbidden to use frozen insulin "Detemir" or the one that was stored incorrectly. In the insulin pump, the drug is not used, it is important to follow several rules when injecting:

  • is administered only under the skin;
  • needle changes after each injection;The
  • does not refill the cartridge.

In what cases is the drug contraindicated?

It is very important before using Detemir to find out when it is absolutely contraindicated:

  • if the patient has an individual sensitivity to the components of the medication, because of it allergies may develop, some reactions can even lead to death;
  • for children under the age of 6 years, this drug is not recommended to use, to check its effect on the kids failed, so it is impossible to predict how it will affect them.

In addition, there are also such categories of patients who are allowed to use the drug in treatment, but with special care and under constant supervision. This is indicated by the instructions for use. Insulin "Detemir " in these patients with such pathologies requires correction of dosage:

  • Disorders in the functioning of the liver. If those were described in the patient's history, the effect of the main component can be distorted, so the dose needs to be adjusted.
  • Kidney malfunction. With such pathologies, the principle of action of the drug can be changed, but the problem can be solved if the patient is constantly monitored.
  • Older people. At the age of 65 years in the body there is a mass of all kinds of changes that can be very difficult to track. In old age, the organs function not so actively as in the young, so it is important for them to choose the right dosage so that it helps to normalize the level of glucose, rather than do harm. insulin detemir user

If you take into account all these recommendations, then the risk of negative consequences can be reduced.

"Detemir" during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Thanks to the conducted research on the topic, whether the use of insulin "Detemir " to a pregnant woman and her fetus will not be harmful, it has been proved that the remedy does not affect the development of the baby. But to say that it is completely safe, it is impossible, because during pregnancy in a woman's body there are hormonal changes, and how the drug behaves in a particular case can not be predicted. That is why doctors, before appointing him during pregnancy, assess the risks. insulin demirmir levemir

During treatment, it is necessary to constantly monitor the glucose level. Indicators can change drastically, so timely monitoring and dose adjustment is necessary.

It is impossible to say exactly whether a drug penetrates into breast milk, but even if it enters, it is considered that it will not cause harm.

Special instructions for use

Insulin instruction "Detemir" warns that the use of the drug requires special precautions. To ensure that the therapy yielded the desired result and was safe, it is necessary to comply with such rules:

  • do not use the drug in treating children under 6 years of age;
  • not to skip meals, there is a risk of developing hypoglycemia;
  • not to abuse physical loads;
  • must take into account that, because of the development of infection, the body will need more insulin;
  • do not administer the drug intravenously;
  • to remember that the reaction rate and attention impairment can change if hyper and hypoglycemia develops.

In order for the treatment to proceed properly, every diabetic who uses insulin should be aware of the rules. The attending physician must necessarily conduct a conversation, explaining not only how to do injections and measure blood sugar, but also talking about changes in lifestyle, diet.

Interaction with other drugs

The action of "Detemir" can be distorted due to sharing with other drugs. Most often, doctors try to avoid such combinations of drugs, but sometimes they can not do without them when the patient has other chronic pathologies. In such cases, the risk can be reduced if the dosage is changed. The dose will increase if diabetics are prescribed such drugs:

  • sympathomimetics;
  • glucocorticosteroids;
  • diuretics;
  • contraceptives;
  • antidepressants.

They reduce the effect of insulin.

And here it is necessary to reduce the dosage, if such medications are recommended:

  • tetracyclines;
  • inhibitors of carbonic anhydrase, ACE, MAO;
  • hypoglycemic drugs;
  • anabolic;
  • beta-blockers;
  • alcohol-containing tinctures.

If the dose is not corrected, taking these medicines may provoke hypoglycemia.

Analogues of the preparation

Some patients have to look for insulin analogues "Detemir" with a composition of other components. For example, diabetics who have a particular sensitivity to the components of this drug. There are many analogues of "Detemir", among them "Insuran", "Rinsulin", "Protafan" and others. insulin detemir analogues

But it is worth remembering that the doctor and his dosage should be selected by the doctor in each individual case. This applies to any medication, especially with such serious pathologies.

The cost of the drug

The price for insulin "Detemir" of Danish production varies between 1300-3000 rubles. But it is worth remembering that you can get it for free, but in this case you should definitely have a prescription written in Latin by the endocrinologist. Insulin "Detemir" is an effective drug for the treatment of type 1 and 2 diabetes, the main thing is to follow all the recommendations, and it will only benefit diabetics.

Reviews about insulin

Diabetics and doctors respond about the preparation of "Detemir" positively. It helps to lower high blood sugar, has a minimum of contraindications and undesirable manifestations. The only thing to consider is the correctness of its introduction and compliance with all recommendations if, in addition to insulin, the patient is recommended other drugs.

Diabetes mellitus is not currently a sentence, although the disease was thought to be almost fatal until the synthetic insulin was obtained. Following the recommendations of the doctor and regularly monitoring the level of glucose in the blood, you can maintain a normal lifestyle.