"Infagel": reviews about the effectiveness of the drug. The use of "Infagel" in children

One of the popular and often prescribed drugs has recently become "Infagel".Reviews about him can be heard different. However, they are more positive. Consumers talk about the high effectiveness of the drug. What exactly is the medicine "Infagel" reviews - this article will tell you. Also, you will learn about the use of medicines for children.

infagel reviews

The word for pediatricians

Why is the drug "Infagel" so often given to children? The doctors' comments indicate that the drug has a fairly simple method of use. However, this does not reduce its effectiveness. Also, the medication is used for treatment and for prevention purposes. Pediatricians claim that the "Infagel" testimonial has only positive results. This is an affordable and fairly effective drug.

Doctors say that before using this composition, as well as any other medicine, it is worth consulting with a doctor. Otherwise, you may encounter unexpected reactions from the child's body. We will find out how to properly give Infagel to children. Reviews about the drug will be presented to your attention further.

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Indications for use in children of different ages

The medication "Infagel"( ointment) is prescribed for the treatment of pathological conditions or for the prevention. Among children, the medication is widely used to prevent diseases that are transmitted by air or by drip. Also, the drug is often recommended for adaptation in a pre-school educational institution.

In children, the drug can be used for facial herpes or shingles. It is often recommended in complex therapy for the treatment of damaged skin and mucous membranes.

Contraindications to the use of the drug "Infagel" and limitations

The instruction says that you should not use the drug "Infagel" during pregnancy and subsequent lactation. However, sometimes a medication is prescribed by a doctor. The risk of adverse reactions is always specified.

infagel children reviews

Do not use if the child or adult patient is likely to have an allergic reaction to any constituent substance. Also, the instruction limits the appointment to those people who are hypersensitive to one of the components.

Method of application of medicinal composition in children

As you already know, the drug "Infagel" during pregnancy is applied only when the benefits of treatment will be higher than the harm from taking. However, the medicine is allowed to use from the very first days of the baby's life. This is because in the latter case the drug has a local effect and is not practically absorbed into the blood. How is this medicine used in children?

For medicinal purposes

Medication "Infagel" from herpes is prescribed for adults and children. This disease can affect a person at almost any age. In this case, children often become infected during the passage through the mother's birth canal. To cure herpetic eruptions, it is necessary to apply the drug with the thinnest layer on the affected areas. After this, allow the composition to dry completely. It takes 5 to 15 minutes. The drug "Infagel" from herpes is used until the full recovery and disappearance of ulcers.

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If the skin and mucous membranes are damaged, the medication is applied for five days. Extend the course of treatment can only specialist. Apply the medicine regularly, with a break at 12 o'clock. When processing mucous areas, you must first clean and dry the surface. Take care not to get the medicine in the eyes.

Preventative measures

The drug can be used for the prevention. In this case, the composition is applied to the inner surface of the nasal passages with a finger or a cotton swab. Follow the procedure after cleansing the nose, before going out to the street.

If the toddler is to contact with the infected person, then use the drug in the same way 30 minutes before communication. Remember that such prevention should not continue without interruption. After seven days of use, stop using the medication for one week. After that, you can repeat the scheme.

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Special instructions in the use of medicines in children of different ages

If the child suddenly has fever or worsens during use, the doctor should be consulted. Also it is worth to visit a medical institution when an allergic reaction occurs. If the baby complains of dryness in the nose, burning or pain during the prophylactic measures, it is necessary to cancel this correction. Visit a pediatrician for an alternative appointment.

The drug "Infagel": reviews, price

What do consumers think about this medication? Patients talk about the availability of this remedy. The average cost of a package containing 3 grams of the drug is not more than 100 rubles. In this case, the consumer can acquire a larger or smaller volume of the "Infagel".

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Despite the low cost, the medicine is very effective. This is evidenced by the reviews. Let's consider the basic opinions which have developed at people who have used a medicine "Infagel".

Is the drug effective? What do consumers of

think about this? What medicines does Infagel have? Most consumers talk about the undoubted effectiveness of the tool. However, there is one caveat. The drug will indeed be useful to the patient only if the specified use regimen is observed. It is worth mentioning that an overdose of a medicine may be more dangerous than a shortage of the said portion of the drug.

The drug has positive feedback among parents of small children. Most mothers and fathers, on the recommendation of pediatricians, use this tool in the period of epidemics and the cold season. This prophylaxis helps to minimize viral diseases. It is worth noting that the drug "Infagel" has no cumulative effect. It begins to act immediately after application. In the nasal passages a thin film forms, which protects the mucous membranes from the penetration of viruses and microbes into them.

To treat damage to the skin and mucous surfaces, the medication is used very often. Its effectiveness is undeniable. Consumers say that the improvement of the condition comes after two days of regular use of the drug. When applied to the skin, the drug forms a film. The medication damages the structure of the envelope of the virus and blocks its multiplication. Also, the drug prevents subsequent damage to neighboring healthy tissues. Ease of use means that it does not need to be applied several times a day. It is enough to apply "Infagel" in the morning and in the evening. The duration of such treatment is rather short in comparison with similar formulations. Partial recovery is already on the third day. Patients may continue to use the drug for up to five days. Usually by this time comes the maximum effect of treatment.

infagel from herpes reviews

Pharmacists note that in recent years, drugs containing interferon have become most popular. To such medications belongs and "Infagel".

Summing up the article

Now you know how the children use the medicine "Infagel"( from herpes).Comments of consumers and doctors about this composition are also presented to your attention. Despite all the positive things, do not use the medicine yourself. It is especially dangerous to put experiments on kids. If you need treatment or prevention, contact your doctor. The pediatrician will select the necessary scheme and method of treatment. Sometimes correction requires the use of additional medicines. Be healthy!