Dentistry № 4( Marxist street, Moscow): information, services and reviews

A beautiful healthy smile will beautify anyone. But to visit a regular dentist is necessary not only for aesthetic reasons, often tooth disease leads to the deviation of the work of other body systems. In the first place, the gastrointestinal tract suffers. To avoid trouble, it is only necessary to visit the doctor regularly. Any problems can be solved at an early stage.

A lot of positive feedback from the residents of the capital and not only you can hear about dentistry number 4.Here the whole range of services related to dental treatment is provided. Pleases patients value for money. Services are provided only by qualified specialists.

Basic information about the medical institution

The medical and prophylactic institution of the dental department was founded back in 1967.More than 50 years of work the clinic has won the trust of patients. To date, only the real professionals of the business are working in the staff of the medical institution: they are dentists of various orientations( surgeons, therapists, orthopedists, implantologists, prosthetists and others).You can get an appointment with the chosen doctor from 8:00 to 20:00 every day. Dentistry 4( Marxist street) does not work only on Sundays.

dentistry 4 Marxist

The medical facility is in a place with a well-developed infrastructure. Address: st. Marxist, house 3, building 2. The shopping center "Taganskiy" can serve as an orientation. In close proximity to the medical facility there are metro stations "Marxist" and "Taganskaya".

Organization of medical care at a high level. Services are provided for a fee. Therefore, specialists are interested in ensuring that people are satisfied and recommend the clinic to their friends and acquaintances. Many people have first-hand knowledge of dentistry 4( Marxist).The doctors' comments show that some patients come from other cities to get to this medical facility.

During the operation, the dental clinic was able to accumulate a wealth of experience with various problems associated with the oral cavity. Today, dentists use modern equipment, apply the latest methods of restoration of the dentition.

Specialists of the

clinic Dentistry number 4( Marxist street) is famous for its employees. Real professionals are working here, even candidates of sciences are taking part. A lot of positive feedback can be heard about Burenin Oleg Alexandrovich. This is a dental surgeon with more than 15 years of experience. Patients note that the doctor delicately performs any surgical intervention. Extraction of teeth is completely painless. The specialist in his work uses modern anesthetic drugs, which do not cause the development of side effects.

Dentistry 4( Marxist street) is also known for its therapists. You can hear a lot of good things about such specialists as Bushuyeva Kristina Alexandrovna, Zhukova Alla Vladislavovna, Ilchenko Lilia Mikhailovna, Kazinskaya Lyubov Yurievna, Mironovsky Anatoly Abramovich. Doctors of different categories interact with each other, which allows choosing the most effective treatment regimen for serious dental diseases.

The website of the medical institution shows the schedule of each of the specialists. On reception it is necessary to enter in advance. Out of turn, only patients with acute pain are admitted.

Teeth treatment

Dentistry 4( Marxist street) guarantees painless dental treatment for both children and adults. In this case, all procedures are carried out with minimal harm to the body. Experts work as delicately as possible. This allows the use of pain medication only in extreme cases. Together with this, the reviews show that if the patient insists on anesthesia, he will be offered several options.

dentistry 4 Marxist reviews

Many people associate a dental office with the unpleasant sound of a drill and the smell of medicines. Some adults still do not hurry to visit the dentist, because they are afraid. In fact, a lot has changed in the last few years. Dentistry 4( Marxist street) - a place where the usual ideas about dental treatment are collapsing. Doctors treat attentively to their patients. Every specialist is a part of a psychologist who can support and dispel fear.

JSC "Dentistry 4"( Marxist street) is a polyclinic where modern medical equipment is used. The reviews show that the technique of contactless dentistry is practiced in a medical institution. The therapy is carried out without using a habitual drill. Cleaning the carious cavity is carried out with a laser. This technique is also applicable in pediatric dentistry. Babies who visit a specialist here, in the future, stop being afraid of doctors. After all, the treatment is completely painless.

dentistry 4 Marxist record

Qualitative treatment of carious cavity - a pledge of dental health. The specialists of the clinic conduct a thorough examination of the diseased area and decide on the expediency of removing the pulp. If possible, every doctor tries to keep the tooth alive. Further thorough cleaning of the carious cavity and, if necessary, root canals is carried out. Sealing is carried out using modern polymeric materials, which in color are no different from teeth. Aesthetics are also important.

Treatment of gums

Improper nutrition and lower immunity results in bleeding gums. A harmless, at first glance, inflammatory process can provoke serious consequences, even to the loss of healthy teeth. If there are unpleasant sensations in the oral cavity, when brushing the teeth, notice the blood, it is advisable to consult a specialist. CJSC "Stomatology number 4"( Marxist street) offers modern methods of treatment of diseases associated with gums. Leading therapists will be able to identify the cause of the disease and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Gum disease can often be associated with improper oral hygiene. Poor-quality cleaning of teeth can lead to the fact that dental plaque accumulates in plaque pockets. Disease-causing bacteria multiply, a purulent infection may appear. Therefore, first of all, the specialists of the clinic perform a hardware cleaning of teeth, remove the old plaque and dental stones. The doctor tells you how to properly carry out hygiene in the future.

Special attention is paid to women during pregnancy. The problem is that at this time, not all medications can be used. But against the background of a decrease in immunity, the soreness of the gums can be significantly increased. Provides its services primarily to future mothers dentistry 4( Marxist).The reviews show that specialists will find a solution in any situation. Pregnant women are selected with delicate methods of treatment, which exclude the development of complications for the fetus.

Tooth replacement

Tooth integrity is important not only from an aesthetic point of view, the absence of one or more teeth leads to problems with chewing. As a result, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract develop. Offers modern methods of prosthetics dentistry 4( Marxist).Recording on a visit to a specialist should be done in advance. The prosthetist will conduct a primary examination and tell you how to restore the integrity of the dentition.

dentistry number 4, Marxist

In the clinic, doctors offer different types of prosthetics, which differ for the price. It is advisable to think about restoring the tooth immediately after its removal. The earlier the prosthesis will be installed, the cheaper the treatment will cost.

The most popular, if you believe the reviews, today are cermet crowns. If there are several adjacent teeth standing, the specialist can recommend the installation of a bridge prosthesis. Restoration of the series is carried out in several visits.

Implantation of teeth is a modern technique, which is gaining popularity. It is possible to restore the molar without harm to neighboring teeth. In the gum implant implanted, which mimics the root of the tooth. After a while, a metal-ceramic crown is put on the pin. This technology allows you to restore the dentition for a longer period. But the cost of implantation is more expensive than bridge prosthetics.

Complex diagnosis of teeth

It often happens that it is not possible to determine the focus of pain in the mouth. If the infection is in one tooth, unpleasant sensations can also give to the neighboring ones. At the same time, timely diagnostics, which dentistry offers, is important. 4. The city( Marxist street) is visited by many people only for the purpose of conducting a thorough examination of the oral cavity. Some come to the clinic from other regions of the Russian Federation.

dentistry number 4, Marxist

The problem is that the dentist can only superficially determine the condition of the teeth. It often happens that the disease is related to the roots. This externally healthy painter can bring considerable concern. The dental clinic uses high-quality X-ray equipment, which allows you to see the state of the patient's teeth as clearly as possible. In the pictures, a specialist may notice a focus of inflammation, which will help determine the treatment regimen.

Get a picture of the dentition allows also computerized tomography. With the help of such equipment, it is possible to detect the presence of granulomas and cysts, which can, in general, not cause anxiety to the patient. However, these diseases should be treated timely to avoid the development of complications. The cyst is the focus of infection. If you do not fix the problem, then you will have to remove a healthy tooth.

Resection of the tooth root

In the recent past, if root problems were identified, a whole tooth had to be removed. Many modern clinics offer techniques to keep the molar alive. One such institution is dentistry number 4 on Marxist street. Resection of the tooth root allows to keep the dentition whole. Operative intervention is performed under local anesthesia in one step. Experts at the same time work as delicately as possible.

Resection is also indicated in advanced cases of benign gum disease. Why can such a pathology arise? Untreated timely caries leads to the fact that the infection reaches the root of the tooth. Disease-causing bacteria multiply, forming a half in the basal area. If you do not remove the diseased root together with the cyst, the infection can spread to healthy teeth.

Offers delicate surgical dentistry 4( Marxist).Specialists work with quality anesthetics. This means the patient will not feel pain. Before the intervention, hygienic cleaning of the area of ​​the aching tooth is performed, caries is treated, the canals are sealed. Immediately before the operation, the patient is given a referral to the X-ray. Resection of the root is a technology that allows to keep the dentition at a minimal cost.

Teeth restoration

A beautiful smile certainly attracts attention. But even healthy teeth can not always meet the usual aesthetic requirements. Incorrect arrangement of molars in the dentition, darkening of the depulled teeth, extensive caries - all these problems can be easily solved. If necessary, a bad tooth can be removed, and an implant in its place will be installed. Will help to find a healthy smile dentistry 4 on the Marxist.

Nikolay Vladimirovich Grigoriev is a surgical dentist who will conduct competent consultation and will tell you how best to restore the dentition.

for dentistry 4 Marxist

The most prolonged and costly is the restoration of the dentition. To put the molars in place, the expert can recommend using a bracket system. Restoration will be carried out for several years. The result is a beautiful and even dentition.

Teeth Whitening

A natural shade of teeth does not seem attractive to everyone. Get a Hollywood smile offers dentistry 4( Marxist).Services are provided daily from 8:00 to 20:00.All you need to do is to make an appointment beforehand.

Teeth whitening is popular with the Air Flow device. The device makes a deep cleaning of the enamel from the plaque. Due to this, the teeth get rid of the pigmentation obtained from the use of coffee, tea, wine, cigarettes. Technology allows you to get a natural shade of enamel, which a person had at birth.

Who wants to whiten teeth even more intensively, it's worth using Opalescence technology. Enamel is applied a special gel, which brightens the teeth in several shades. The agent does not increase the sensitivity of molars. The procedure in the clinic is absolutely painless. There are only recommendations for oral care after bleaching. For several days it is advisable not to eat foods with a bright coloring pigment( juices, coffee, black tea, wine).

Reviews about the clinic

It is famous for the whole complex of services dentistry 4( Marxist street.) Moscow. Any problems related to the oral cavity can be solved here for a reward. Patients claim that the "price-quality" principle works here. Services are not provided free of charge, but doctors are also working at a high level. Specialists are interested in ensuring that people remain satisfied with the work of the clinic.

dentistry 4 city, Marxist Service is available at reasonable prices. Patients claim that for the initial reception will have to pay only 100 rubles. On any day of the week, except for Sunday, dentistry 4( Marxist) provides its services. The reception is recorded at +7( 495) 255 11 42.

Treatment of caries in the clinic can also not be called costly. The cost of anesthesia is only 250 rubles. For a seal it is necessary to pay from 1300 to 2700 rubles. The cost of removing a simple tooth is 2000 rubles. It is considered more expensive to work with a wisdom tooth. Complex surgical intervention will cost 5,000 rubles.

At low prices dentures are performed. The calculation is made individually. Pensioners are given an additional discount, the size of which can be clarified at the first consultation of the prosthetist.