Golden teeth. Dental Prosthetics

Gold is one of the very first metals to be used in medicine. It was with its use that prosthetics began in dentistry, gold teeth in ancient times were considered a luxury and symbolized the highest level of human well-being, its important position in society.

gold teeth

Application of gold in the dentistry

In modern dentistry, it is widely used in the manufacture of a variety of prosthetic designs:

  • cast-crowns;
  • of individual abutments;
  • cult and dental tabs;
  • braces;
  • prosthesis clasp and with telescopic locking system;
  • metal-ceramic crowns.

Properties of dental gold-bearing alloys

Prosthetics of teeth with gold have become widespread due to the unique properties of this noble metal:

  • The metal itself and its alloys are easy to polish, which is especially important in creating smooth and smooth edges of the prosthesis, allowing them to fit closely to the gums without the risk of damagesoft tissues and development of carious processes in places of contact with healthy teeth.
  • Gold teeth are not oxidized and do not stain, are resistant to corrosion.
  • This metal does not cause individual intolerance and galvanic effect.
  • Its use does not lead to plaque on the teeth.
  • Increased fluidity of gold-containing alloys allows to achieve high accuracy of manufacturing of prosthesis design.
  • When gold is used, the aesthetic appearance of the jaw is improved, it gives the ceramic structures a natural shade that does not differ from the color of healthy teeth.

Indications and contraindications

Implantation of teeth is necessary in the following cases:

  • when restoring their anatomical shape and function;
  • when correcting too much bite and the need to strengthen the tooth;
  • for aesthetics of the oral cavity;
  • for the restoration of chewing teeth;
  • in the presence of parafunctional habits - gnashing, strong clenching.

implantation of teeth

The prosthesis is not installed when:

  • diagnoses mental illness;
  • revealing periodontitis of chronic form;
  • during pregnancy;
  • the age of the patient is under 16 years.

Manufacture of crowns

The aesthetic properties of such prostheses have increased significantly thanks to the use of ceramic materials. If the gold crowns are to be installed on the front teeth, then the framework of the precious metal-containing alloy should be lined with a ceramic mass to enhance the aesthetic properties. Translated through the cold whiteness of ceramics, gold gives the tooth a warm and yellowish shade, creating a lively and natural look.

When casting crowns, gold in its pure form is not used. To impart the required strength to the prosthesis, palladium and platinum are added to the alloy in a small amount. Such crowns can last a long time without losing their properties.

prosthetics of teeth in gold

Recently, huge popularity was acquired by crowns decorated with precious stones or gold figures, as well as their removable structures, which are new in dentistry. Prosthesis with removable-type crowns is caused, rather, by the whim of the patient, rather than by necessity. Such designs are installed on a healthy tooth, so they have a relatively small thickness.

Advantages of

gold prosthesis The installation of teeth and crowns from gold has its undeniable advantages over other materials also used in dental prosthetics:

  • full compatibility with soft tissues of the oral cavity, which excludes the occurrence of allergies and irritations;
  • absence of even the slightest impurities of any carcinogenic compounds;
  • high strength alloy, because of which gold teeth are almost impossible to break or damage;
  • due to the softness of metal teeth-antagonists are not subject to destruction, as both the prosthesis and the surrounding natural teeth are erased almost simultaneously;
  • coefficient of thermal expansion of metal and dentine completely coincides, there is almost complete "survival" of the prosthesis and tooth.

Some scientists are inclined to ascribe antibacterial properties to gold, although there is no scientific evidence for this, however, as well as refutations.

Deficiencies of precious metal prostheses

In addition to the significant advantages, implantation of teeth from gold has also tangible disadvantages:

  • is quite fast abradable;
  • high cost of material and installation of dentures;
  • changed the idea of ​​the aesthetics of prosthetics with gold.

gold teeth price

Modern ideas about the beauty and aesthetics of the oral cavity suggest the installation of gold teeth only in the depth of the mouth. It is believed that in the teeth visible during a smile or conversation, this metal looks vulgar and unnatural.

Teeth and crown care

Gold teeth do not require any special care, but some requirements are still available:

  • Clean them at least twice a day with a regular toothbrush and paste.
  • To prevent the occurrence of tartar deposits, leading to diseases of the gums and caries, it is recommended to use a dental thread to clean the junction of the gums and crown.
  • It is necessary to avoid eating solid foods, seeds and nuts, as well as not gnaw nails.
  • It is strictly forbidden to strongly clench your teeth and creak them. If this happens involuntarily in a dream, then at night it is recommended to wear protective devices.

gold crowns

What determines the cost of gold teeth?

Nowadays implant placement is an excellent option for people who decided to regain their old smart smile and avoid problems with chewing food.

How much does it cost to install gold teeth? Their price depends simultaneously on a variety of factors, both individual for each person, and common to all, and can range from 7 to 55 thousand Russian rubles.

If to speak about the procedure of prosthetics, then its cost depends on:

  • the complexity of conducting a surgical operation for installation;
  • of the cost of the prosthesis itself. It should be understood that the price of a gram of gold is about 65 euros, ceramics and components included in the alloy are also not cheap;
  • individual features of the structure of the tooth on which the crown or prosthesis is made - its size, shape and, therefore, mass.

There are also a considerable influence on the cost of installing gold teeth and additional factors, such as:

  • status and prestige of the dental clinic, its location;
  • level of doctor's qualification;
  • is the country of origin for the manufacture of prosthetic materials and their quality. Geography is wide enough - from Germany or Israel to Korea and the United States, there are even Russian manufacturers.

new in dentistry prosthetics

Only with all these factors in mind, it is possible to approximate the cost of manufacturing and installing gold teeth or crowns. It would be superfluous to know that the installation of only one tooth can be quite expensive, and when ordering several or all of the teeth at once, you can get a fairly substantial discount on both the materials and the work of the doctor.

In any case, before making a decision, you must know in advance the prices in several clinics and, comparing the terms, cost and qualification of a specialist, make a choice in favor of one of them.