Gel "Flocet": instructions for use, analogues and reviews

What is a Flocet gel? Photo of this drug, as well as instructions for its use, you can find in this article. gel of floccus

Composition, package of medicament

Gel "Flocet" goes on sale in tubes of 20 grams, packed in cardboard packs. The composition of this product includes extracts of calendula officinalis and chamomile, as well as a solution of acetotartrate Al, propylene glycol, purified water, carbomer, triethanolamine, polysorbate 80, propylparaben, methylparaben and sodium edetate.

It should also be noted that this drug has a child's form and is called "Floceti Baby".Gel for toddlers includes a liquid extract of camomile and a medicinal calendula, as well as virgin witch hazel. In addition, this composition includes such auxiliary ingredients as ethylhexyl glycerol, purified water, propylene glycol, glycerin, sodium edetate, tetrahydroxypropyl ethylenediamine, polysorbate 80 and carbomer.

We can not say that the children's gel "Flocet" does not contain phthalates, parabens, flavors and colorants. It is a transparent, colorless or yellowish tinge, which has a weak aroma of natural extracts. After application to the skin, this preparation dries quickly and leaves no traces.

Mechanism of action

How does the floccate preparation( gel) work? The instruction states that this agent is capable of exhibiting antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and astringent properties. Such pharmacological features this medicine acquired thanks to natural components in the form of extracts of marigold medicinal and chamomile pharmacies, which were obtained using an innovative method of exhaustive extraction in the microwave field, as well as Alt acetartartrate. flocetal gel instruction

How does the Flocet gel work? Applying this remedy to the skin removes the sensation of itching and burning, redness, and also reduces swelling and nicely coats the skin. It should also be noted that the extracts of natural herbs, which are part of this drug, take good care of the skin, making it very smooth and soft.

Difference between the "adult" gel and the "child"

What is the difference between the "Flocet" gel for adults and children? The latter includes a virgin nut extract, which contains antioxidant quercetin, glycoside hamamelitan, phytosterol, astringent tannins, essential oil and other biologically active substances. Due to this, this drug shows pronounced anti-edematous and antibacterial properties.

Tannins contained in the extract of virgin walnut have an antiexudative effect, and the glycoside hamamelithrin strengthens the capillary walls and facilitates the outflow of excess fluid from the vessels.

flocet baby baby gel

Indications for use

The preparation Flocet( gel), which is described further on, is a natural dermatological complex agent designed to eliminate inflammation and irritation of the skin, including those caused by the following:

  • insect bites;
  • depilation and shaving of sensitive skin;
  • household and sunburn;
  • occurrence of diaper rash and increased sweating;
  • with dermatitis of various etiologies;
  • burns from jellyfish and plants;
  • adverse environmental effects( eg, as a result of airing, overcooling);
  • are other factors that cause inflammation and irritation on the skin.

It should also be noted that this medication is used as compresses and lotions for edema that have occurred as a result of strokes and bruises.

Assignment to children

The preparation Flocet( gel), the instruction of which is indicated below, is prescribed to children for the purpose of prevention, as well as the elimination of diaper dermatitis, sweating and contact dermatitis, which arose due to irritation of the skin with urine. Also it can be used for light burns, including sunburns, for quick healing of small lesions, abrasions, various skin irritations, erythema from diapers and other injuries. flocetal gel reviews

Prohibitions for the use of

Are there any contraindications for the agent in question? The drug "Flocet" for adults and children can not be used only with hypersensitivity to its components.

Gel Flocet: instructions for use

This medication is used only externally. Adult patients gel applied to dry and clean skin with a small layer several times a day( at least 2 times).

With bruises and dislocations, this drug is used as a compress. On edematous places it is applied in a thick layer, and then a bandage is applied.

If necessary, this gel can be used for a long time.

As for the drug "Floceti Baby", it is used at the first signs of inflammation and irritation on the skin of the child. Apply this gel should only be on clean skin three times or more per day.

For the prevention of diaper dermatitis, the drug is applied a small layer directly to the skin of the perineum and buttocks. Do this every time you change diapers or diapers, always treating all skin folds. gel flocette instructions for use

Also for prevention, the gel is used before bedtime. It is applied to the baby's skin, which is covered by the diaper.

Side effects of

The gel of "Flocet" does not contain toxic substances, therefore in most cases it is tolerated by patients very well. With increased sensitivity of its elements, some people may experience local allergic reactions. In this case, the use of the drug is better to stop, especially with regard to young children.

Similar medications

There are practically no analogs to this agent. If necessary, it can be replaced with medicines such as "Bepanten" ointment or "Flocet" spray. Before using these funds for children should always consult a pediatrician.

Patients' feedback on

external gel What helps the Flocet gel? This question is asked by many people who have never encountered the drug. According to reviews of those who used this medication repeatedly, he copes well with various inflammations and irritations on the skin. At the same time the gel shows pronounced anti-edematous and antibacterial, as well as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and astringent properties. gel flocetate photo

As for the shortcomings of the drug in question, most often they include its high cost( about 320 rubles per tube) and inefficiency( very quickly ends).But due to the lack of direct analogues, this gel is used very often, including in relation to young children.