How to get rid of worms

Treatment of helminth infection sometimes becomes a difficult problem. A person takes medication with a prescription, the symptoms go away for a while, but then arise again. Therefore, before you get rid of worms, it is recommended to consider sanitary measures to prevent re-infection.

  1. Many types of helminths after death due to medical intervention become a powerful source of intoxication. That is why during the period of action of the drug you need to increase the amount of fluid consumed.
  2. Carry out a wet cleaning with the use of disinfectants. Now there is a large selection of cleaning agents in pharmacies and household chemistry stores. To process a quartz lamp soft parts of furniture, to hand over in the dry-cleaning large or expensive things. Disinfection in the apartment is carried out every week until the specified positive result of treatment.
  3. Sanitary treatment of underwear must be mandatory. Pants, sheets and duvet covers change every day. When washing, set the temperature regime to 90 degrees, and after drying, iron with steam.
  4. Choose the optimal diet according to the doctor's advice. As a rule, it is recommended to completely abandon alcohol at the time of treatment, to limit itself as much as possible in the consumption of flour, sweet, dairy products.

How to get rid of worms, folk medicine

  • Pomegranate cortex. Do not have breakfast. Garnish with a glass of plain water, peeled 1 pomegranate, cut into small pieces in advance. Cook until soft, insist to cool down. The order of reception: the resulting broth is divided into 3 parts. Drink one-third every half hour. Wait about 4 hours. Take a laxative. You can eat only after visiting the toilet.
  • Pumpkin tincture. Prepare a clean, dry jar. A third of the container is filled with a dry mixture. To do this, grind the herb wormwood grass and green pumpkin seeds in a ratio of one to one. Pour the medicinal formula with vodka to the neck of the can. Tincture ripens in a warm place for a week. To get rid of worms, the following order of reception: before dinner, before dinner( 2 times) to drink in half an hour 50 g of tincture of pumpkin seeds and wormwood. The course to continue until recovery( no longer than three weeks).
  • Treatment of worms in adults with cognac and castor oil. Prepare natural brandy of high quality. The more stars on the bottle, the more effective the treatment will be. Do not have breakfast, do not drink tea. In a glass, pour 50 g of cognac, add 50 g of castor oil. Do not snack. Wait. Helminthes will lose some motor and suction functions under the influence of natural cognac. Will be taken out in the stool during the diarrhea provoked by castor oil. You can eat only after visiting the toilet.
  • How to get rid of worms with sorrel. Buy or collect 1 kg of leaves of ordinary green sorrel. Prepare 1 liter of boiling water and pour the leaves. Put the dishes in a water bath. To simulate the whole 2 hours. At the indicated time - after 2 hours, pour 2 tablespoons of sugar( canteens).Tear until 1 cup of liquid is left. Procedure of reception: divide the received means into two or three parts. During the day, every time before eating, drink one piece.
  • How to get rid of worms medication. Before the start of the course, a couple of days are taken with vegetable oils( flax or pumpkin) to improve digestion. They launch a mechanism for the removal of toxic substances from the body by sorbents. If there is a successful laboratory analysis on hand with an accurate indication of parasitic species of helminths, then prescribe those drugs that have a narrow-directed anthelminthic effect. In the absence of a specified diagnosis, funds with a wide spectrum of action are used.

It is recommended to conduct in parallel a restorative therapy of some organs, whose functions were damaged by parasites. Often this is the liver, intestines, kidneys.